Got a thing or two to say? scribble it up on our chalk board.

Give me a go
Number 1 place for our family functions looking forward to having my mothers 70th there in December... love the food love the service deffinatly a local for special occasions
Kayla W
We always love to dine in at Lone Star been celebrating our family birthdays there for years! You know what your going to get us YUM!!
Wansbroughs W
Had a birthday dinner last Mon for my 8 year old in Rotorua,great service,birthday pudding with candle in it,yummy food,thanks
joanna J
One word. Amazing. Absolutely topnotch!
Hannah B
WOW!! cant fault our meals!! and we keep going back to enjoy it all over again way too often!!! thanks Loan Star you rock
Katy U
Cant wait to come back again!
Maya W
Consistently great food! A guaranteed great meal each time.
Victoria M
The Ribs are why we son LOVES them and I love everything else.
Rachel L
As a connoisseur of the lassoo of hog I was shocked to find that it could taste even better at the Manukau restaurant!
Aaron N
Been there, & coming back cheers Hic
Brian S
Dropped in last night for a birthday dinner with my parents. The Cajun Chicken and the Milky Bar Pud was the best meal i have had in a long time. Will be coming back soon.
Tom N
On New Years eve while visiting our daughter and boyfriend in Lower Hutt we had dinner at Petone restaurant. Our waitress, Paris was awesome and very attentive. Great meal
Mark C
Lonestar ribs are amazing! Screw the salads, this girl picks the ribs everytime!
Olivia S
The best restaurant in NZ for meat lovers. We have our family tradition- every year on our wedding anniversary we are going to Lone Star.
Luba B
Lonestar you have the best ribs in the country. And your kids meals are the best value for money! Keep up the awesome work team!
Odette T
I love your guys food it is so divine especially the shanks and milky bar dessert. I would come dine with you every night you guys are so amazing love love love your food *****
our friends invited us to a meal at the Lonestar so they could use their birthday voucher. We had a wonderful time. Great food and service. Huge portions :) can't wait to go again.
Chrissy j
Lone star themed christmas day! My fave place to go and best tops ever! Couldn't have planned it better! Xo
Lisa B
Finger kicking good Best nibbles and ribs EVER .....I'll be back
Gabrielle K
"I ain't aLONE, and I ain't a STAR... but I sure am hungry so I'm heading to LONESTAR!!!"
Marion L
Best ribs in town :)
Kaituu K
Best place to socialize with family and friends and eat yummy food. Feeling hungry now!
Kyla M
We visit Newmarket Lone Star.Family/friends visit us 4 overseas,Lone Star New market is must.When I visited Invercargill Lone Star it was exceptionally good.U guys R superb.
Abir D
Couldn't decide between dixie chicken & apache fish so the chef made me a mini dish of the fish for free to go with my dixie main. Choosing was already hard enough! Love Waitakere Lone Star!
Melissa T
The radio ad is working - I have been in twice for Dixie Chicken from hearing it on the radio! MY favourite!
Jayne T
Staff are so lovely! Had a half an hour wait so the manager shouted us a garlic bread and also gave us a T-shirt and wrist band free! Would defiantly come back :) great experience:)
Ashleigh G
Definitely isn't a miSTEAK going to Lone Star hahaha it's pretty tasty though
Amanda L
Are you open for Christmas Lunch? Because our family would love loan star for Christmas !
Olivia G
Our first time last nyt and in the middle of our dinner, we are already planning when to go back! Amazing food and staff!
Zon C
I know that I can always count on Lone Star for a delicious meal. Even though I eat the same meal EVERY time, I am NEVER disappointed. Thank you Lone Star for bringing my family and friends together.
Sharin S
Amazing meals! And the milky bar dessert was to die for! Our lovely waitress Kayleigh was amazing & took great care of us! Will definitely be going back there again! Thanks heaps guys!
Amber M
Had a lovely evening with my daughter at lone star. New owners were fabulous, friendly and welcoming They weren't worried at all when we arrived at 9 for dinner. You guys rock
Dianne C
Loving weekend lunch in Dunedin; makes the weekends even better!
Desirée A
The chicken was AMAZING, trying out the albany store tonight! Lone star is definitely my all time favourite restraunt
Monique W
fabulous food every time, great wait staff, perfect atmosphere and man-sized meals for the is the ideal place for our important celebrations
Kay G
Great place for a family night out. The staff on Tory street, Wellington were fantastic and really added to the night. Thanks guys!
Amanda R
I love my local loney! Always make you feel welcome, amazing service, great people and outstanding food!!! Definately the date night fav for hubby and I ☺
Natalie B
Absolutely thrilled Lone Star Dunedin is now doing weekend lunches; best idea ever!! Heading there soon for the greatest meals that can be found!! :-)
Desirée A
Soooo looking forward to our Staff Xmas dinner at Lone Star Papanui!!!!! Have never had a bad night yet at Lone Star!!!! Bring it on!!!
Debbie H
Love Lone Star! But not as much as my other half who demolished the ribs in record time. Thanks for awesome service and food. A date night fave. Xxx
Amy D
Lonestar has the best service and food then anywhere i have ever been in my life
porscha r
love the steak. best steak ever. #lonestar steak
marie w
You guys are amaze! My fave place to go for dinner, great atmosphere and even better food. Nom Nom
Emma M
Awesome meals for both adults and kids. Best place to bring the kids along for a meal out. Thanks Rototuna we will be back again!
Michelle H
Went to Lonestar with the fam-bam, and we loved it! Great food, Great service, great atmosphere! Will be back! Thanks for an amazing night! :)
Lauren G
The size of the meal was great! Keep up the hard work!
Greg D
I love the John Lee Pettimore drink so much, it inspired me to make my own! Now it's my favourite drink! Love it :)
melanie g
Just moved around the corner and decided to pick a good place to celebrate. Guess who won? LONE STAR! Excellent meal and superb service. Will tie my old horse up here a few times more.
Amazing Halloween night at Palmerston North Lone star. All staff were dressed up and the decorations were fantastic. Themed chocolates for the diners as well! Thanks Palmy L.S!
Lisa B
Pork the Line. PLEASE add this to the menu! This was divine, hands down best meal I have ever had in any restaurant ever. Your chefs done good coming up with this one :)
Christabel K
What a place,since moving from the uk its the only place you get decent portions of good grub 👍👏👊👌
Ian W
Lone Star Grab a Meal is fantastic. I have used a voucher for my last four visits!! Recommend it to everyone... Thanks Lone Star
hayley s
Ask Mr 8 where he wants to go for a mummy and son date and he says "Lone Star, cause the ribs are yum as!" So Lone Star it is for our date nite. xx
Olivia W
Happy Parenting! dad & Mom excited to see you Baby Skyler. 11 weeks to go baby. This is the best history of our life and to celebrate it with the best food found at LONE STAR.
Miracle B
A brand new miracle to call our own! 11 weeks to go we gonna meet our first baby. Just to celebrate it today with the delicious food of LONE STAR!
Daniel B
amazin bn every yr 4 last 5yrs 4 bday nd bday thre this weekend can't wait to hav my chkn Salad hopefully will b able 2 mke it dessert LOVE LONE STAR u rock
Amy S
LONE STAR NEWMARKET best baby back ribs since aaaaaages ago! #illbeback #allblackeverything
Marcelle P
I really recommend Lone Star for team lunch. Fast service, nice food and friendly staff
leo i
No better place to watch the RWC Final! Up the ABs
Kat K
Happy 12th birthday Ella- looking forward to taking you and your friends to Lone Star for birthday dinner :-)
Kerri J
My husband and I LOVE Lone Star. It's his birthday on the 10th of November, and our 1 year wedding anniversary on the 14th of Nov. I would love to surprise him with a meal!!!
Christy W
would be the perfect gift for my other halfs birthday,love lonestar!
emma w
Having my 21st at Lone star tonight in the Taranaki room why because I love the varity of food and every time I order the Dixie Chicken as it is so yum !!!
elise g
WE are coming to the Petone Lone Star first time always been in the Wellington city one Celebrating our 60 years for my friend and my 68th this year
Kamala P
I've been dreaming about Dixie Chicken all week. Tonight it will happen!
Candice J
the meal is great .
may h
Napier staff are always friendly, food is always great, i come here for dinner with my daughter, and sometimes we just come for dessert and drinks =]
Merie K
Great service after a shaky start~ we ordered chicken enchiladas but got beef. The staff solved the problem quickly and with a smile!
Gina M
Had an amazing meal at lone star last week with my 2 daughters. The service was great, the food was stunning and we had a lovely evening.!!!!!
Paulette B
John B
a big thanks to the team at lone star for hosting my 17th birthday it was an amazing night, amazing food and service, me and the family have been dining here for years and always will
shontelle B
"I just don't want to look back and think... I could've eaten that"
Anna F
Great news Napier opening for lunch now Friday, Saturday & Sunday! Summer is definitely here in the Bay and what better way to enjoy a leisurely lunch than at Lone Star...Yummy :)
Trish O
Bringing my tamariki in for dindinz as a treat for them to celebrate the last term of school...luv the kai esp JOHNNY CASH...ummm ummm!
Erny W
Amazing staff and great value for money!! The desserts were heaven on a plate, we had the Longburn Cheesecake and the Jack Daniels Chocolate Fudge Pudding!!! Definitely recomended to everyone! :)
Letitia R
My new favourite restaurant by far! Beyond amazing. My mother and I enjoyed our fabulous meal very much and would like to come again for my birthday early November.
Jorjar W
No pressure guys but so looking forward to having our 16th wedding anniversary dinner with you. Looks like a great place to start our night and can't wait to get into the menu! Cheers
Dan Z
LoneStar Masterton always has the best ribs in town!
Angela M
Best food in town.. Kids love the ribs.. Adults dig the Dixie chicken.. Great service.. Great atmosphere.. Always leave satisfied..
Angela L
Last year I was having a baby on mine and my partners birthday this year we are having a 1st birthday party :). A voucher would be bliss 💜
Sarah B
My best friends bday on the 10 Oct, Laura Campbell from Balbriggan Ireland. She's such an amazing, mother, wife, sister, friend! She deserves it! Love her to bits!
Trish S
Lonestar is love lone star is life
Andre S
I never feel like a loner but always a star at the Lone Star in Tauranga :) Thanks for the great hospitality and the amazing food is just out of this world. My family are Lone Star Riders.
lynette m
When I go to heaven I wish to be surrounded by Lone Star ribs and banoffie pie. Straight up nothing better in the world!
Abi T
My special meal in lone star is the Maverick Fillet with the salad on the side.
David M
hello i have three birthdays in november my 2 daughters and my son,is this a good place to come to celebrate
helen s
carmela l
I think this is a great idea. Your meals are great and this just makes people want to come more. Great idea!!!!
Lucy J
insanity is hereditary, I caught it from my kids!!
Colin B
It's my birthday today and I feel like my favourite Johnny Cash Stash to celebrate! :D
Sarah H
Hoping the wife sees this scribble to remind her where I want to go for birthday dinner later this month.
Chris M
Top notch food + Top notch staff = Happy visitors! Thanks Lone Star
Anna T
coming down to palmy in october,so giving myself and the the man a treat. hoping to order the hog meal. have had it before and it was devine.yum yum
Margaret B
Yummy food. Great choice on Menu. Excellent services. Took my wonderful man there on our date night. Shar
Sharlayne H
We love dining at Lone Star & always been satisfied with their generous meals..!!!
Bryan T
hi there, we came to wanaka lone star, bringing in toe 3 kids.. it was so great the kids ask evey night are we going to the lone star! they even coloured in pics for the amazing staff there,
larissa p
I will never be alone @ "LONE" Im always made to feel a "STAR" Thanks always for the best culinary experience guys...:)
angela r
My 8 year old son has done an amazing job at school lately, he is a big fan of the Milky way dessert at Lonestar, a dinner here would be a perfect reward for him! :)
Kat T
I love the ribs they are the best in new zealand and i also like the drinks you sell and the waitresses are so nice thanks lone star for your great food and service love you guys xx Genevieve!
Genevieve E
We used to come over from the mount for these orgasmic size meals and now we've moved here and are having dinner tonight with friends.... totes love this place!!!
Donna G
Had my mans 50th at Manchester. Awesome stuff, great room, great service (thanks Richard), great food. Can't beat that and then a great night hanging in the bar.
Kaz F
My favourite flavoursome food in the whole wideworld is the Lone Star Pork Ribs which Mum wants to surprise me with for my 17th birthday. Love Lone Star!!!
Johnnie A
Hi, i'm lookin for a place to dine out with my SteakMan!! beau and Wala! since I his Queen will be footin the bill Grrrrh.. Lol he so deserves this as he works his rump off!! hehe.
pat c
pat c
What can one say about the crew at Mancester Street Lone Star , great service , great food and we had a fantastic time , thanks heaps you are the best see soon . Jeremy
Jeremy C
First night out after having a baby and the food was beautiful; what a way to celebrate! Thanks!
Amore C
My wife and youngest loved Taka visit so much on Sunday; they are bookin for my birthday on Tuesday! Lookin fwd to those Shanks . Man I wish they were all ya can eat!
Andy M
My 8 year old Son has chosen Lonestar Manchester St to have his family communion dinner this weekend! he had the pick of any restaurant in Chch but has been excited to try lonestar for ages!
Laura C
I've Always enjoyed dining at lonestar.always go would be good to have group deals or to put a drinks menu on line too
nick r
Lone Star food is the BOMB! love going here for dinner. Bring on the ribs this weekend!! WOOP WOOP
Brittany H
Wee Doggie-This Lonestar sure beats Granny's viddles, and its a place Jethro will full his belly...Jed
Tann T
Lone Star is the bees knees!
katie b
Love dining at Lonestar and think weekday specials would be great- Wednesday rib night, Thursday free dessert with mains night etc.
Cari E
Just got home from having a lovely time at Lonestar. Ribs to die for, great portion sizes, kids were entertained colouring in also. Cant wait to come back. Thanks
Dylan H
Just moved here from the US - missing good ribs so going to try yours tonight - hope they measure up!!
vanessa h
Cant go past the ribs...i can never eat them all but struggle to order anything else...if i do i always get food envy!! Soooo messy but Soooo good@!!
pip w
Love the ribs, can't go wrong, and they taste the exact same every lonestar you go to. YUMMMMM! I want a job here just for them sticky little morsels...
Kat S
Love the service, food & atmosphere. Top notch Masterton Lonestar!
Coralie M
tried Lone Star for the first time on my Birthday. LOVED IT. service was great and food was bomb! YUM coming back ASAP
Stevie S
Thinking about having my 21st at Lone Star just because I absolutely love the dixie chicken.
Elise G
You can't beat Lonestar Ribs! Can't wait for our next visit!
Tegan D
Love lone star - haven't been for a while, will bring my friends!
Aaron G
Went to Lone Star for the first time on my mom's birthday. Since then, I've been addicted! Love your menu!
Clarice A
Loan star New Plymouth, always great food. Excited to go next month for my partners birthday. We always look forward to it! Keep it up.
jae w
I've never been to Lone star:) I look forward to my debut of Lone star☆
kyuyeon n
Thanks so Herbie @ New Lynn for your great customer service when our family celebrated my husband's bday with dinner last Tues night! Awesome service to match the great food!
Annette P
Rototuna lonestar "rocks"
steve d
We can't go wrong dining at Lone Star, keeps the whole family happy!
Theresa M
Eddie (5) and Elsie (7) both say CHEERS for their meal vouchers - they LOVED receiving the letters in the post! Dad says NICE ONE - THANKS FOR MAKING KIDS' DAY!
Darren M
The Dixie Chichen was so delicious,can't wait to come back and try it again. YUMMY.
Julie d
going to Lone Star Rotorua tonight. cannot wait!!! please think about bringing Lone star to Whakatane though. would love it if you did!!!
Sarah M
Hubby and I dined at Palmy Lone star Wens night & tried the Venison & sticky date, both were amazing and we'll be back in Aug to get both again. Love Palmy Lone star. Fantastic team of staff there!
Lisa B
Wiil be @ Lonestar tonight for surprise dinner date for my wife's birthday.
Ravi L
nothing like a hot sticky pud in the winter,nice comfort food for the taking.
Karen T
Love that we get so many variations of gluten Free options!! So good for my two kiddies x
Bronwyn s
I'll be dining @ Lonestar for my 40th Birthday! So Let's make it a "YeeHah" of a Night!
Leslie H
Would love it if we had a Lone Star restaurant in Whakatane - please think about coming over this way. Love, love, love your meals!
Brenda D
The Prawn Star always makes you feel good inside ;)
Zara P
Celebrating my husband's Birthday today at Lonestar New Lynn! I bet he can't wait for his Bday Steak! Yum!
Nell R
Perfectly cooked meat, large meals and the best coleslaw ever! Great time at Lone Star. My little cousins especially loved the colouring competitions and the kids meals!
Lisa Z
Happy birthday to my Mummy(Lynn Dock), we are coming for a birthday dinner yum yum
Julie T
Met my partner at the Bush Bar in 2010. Coming back to the refurbished Lone Star for our anniversary 4 years later! Looking forward to it!
Hayley H
Dating advice: Don't order ribs if you want to look sexy.
Matt G
Yummy waiting for dinner with my 2 special girls @ loanstar Rototuna entree then pork overload :)
greg s
Arielle at Manukau was awesome! Thanks for being so cheerful and for making a dinner date so special.
Tasula T
Love the GrabaMeal Deal ! Coming to Lone Star tonight to use my Free Loaf Voucher :)
Leena W
My bf wants to eat at LS for his bday celebration! (first in 6 years) but he recently got into financial hardship. All rest of us attending can pay. Maybe a $50 voucher would help him to celebrate :-)
Emma R
Brought a friend with me who owns stagecoach Hotel in Sth Island. He also does western shows, dresses like a cowboy 24/7... He remarked " That was the best steak I ever had" He knows Beef
Bruce C
Albany Lonestar, I was so excited to hear that you are opening for lunch now. See you tomorrow for my sister's birthday celebration!!! Can't wait to come!
Saehee J
I said to everybody "where should we eat". The chant started, "Lone Star, Lone Star"
Paul N
Thanks Gisborne Lone Star, we had our sons 25 birthday with you last night. It was a great night, the food was YUM.
Wendy M
Birthday time tomorrow = Lone Star Kiwi Joker with the misses!! Cant wait!
Gaudam A
Every time i go there we get the most spectacular service. The birthday parties we have had there were AMAZING and they have be never forgotten!
Trinity P
Am heading to the Lone Star with the extended family to celebrate a couple of birthdays - including mine!!!
Liam G
Always so nice, taking my husband for his Birthday dinner tonight... So looking forward to it, skipping lunch to ensure I have room, the meals are so big.
Dianne M
Heard Food is great booking in tonight, Looking forward to the ribs :)
karen h
I just love how you can go to any Lone Star across the country and the meals and great and consistent at all the restaurants.
Jesse A
Best food ever! Need I say more? Looking forward to visiting this weekend :)
Keryn S
Ribs for entree ('cause I just have to have them) then Comanche Chick, delicious! I'm so full but it was so good!
Melissa H
I haven't been to a Lone Star for ages but I love how the menu stays basically the same so you always know that your going to get the same great food!
Justin D
'Why did the chicken cross the road?' Because it was Chicken Cross The Road day!' Lone star rocks, from Arlo age 7
Arlo F
Your JACK DANIELS CHOCOLATE FUDGE PUDDING is the best dessert I have ever had at a restaurant!!
Alice A
Recently dined at Lone Star for my Birthday...another legendary meal thanks! But I would love you to bring back Timaru Sue!!! Olive
Olive P
Your MILKY BAR PUD is to die for! i die everytime i demolish one! SOOOOOO good!
Stephanie G
Its my birthday this month, and i wish to celebrate my 24th with my 2 year old son here at my favorite restaurant!
mmatia m
My Birthday is landing next week, and i am planning on dinning here... :)
Cat S
Forever my FAV. Keep doing you LONE STAR you the real MVP :)
james f
We'll be riding in on the 23rd July.
Robert P
I love LONE STAR! I haven't been there in years but id love to come with my partner :) To show off the awesome environment & "to die for food"! <3
Latoya Y
It's my birthday tomorrow. Wow! to win a Lone Star home cooked style meal would be a fab pressie.yum !!!
Carol D
I love coming to Lone Star with my partner! I always get the Burrito Ranchero and he gets the Stir crazy sirloin. I can never finish my meal so he happily gobbles up the rest :)
Sarah H
Looking forward to taking all the family this weekend for our daughters 4th birthday! will be the first time her grandparents have been there!
marissa h
My birthday next weekend and our family are all going to try out the Tauranga Lone Star for the first time (we have just moved here) - can't wait!!
Joanne E
Hi, Am going into hospital next month too get kidney out so want to come and have a meal at lone star as a treat for my wife as she has been an angel and deserves it
gerad w
Wonderful meal last night, terrific environment and we know the food is always hearty and fresh! Loved the service - Thanks guys! Anna
Anna S
I'm really looking forward to celebrating my wedding anniversary with my family at Lone Star tommorrow!
Louana M
Looking forward to my partners birthday dinner here! I have only been able to afford lonestar twice in my life and both times were amazing! ! ! Very worth saving the pennys for :p see you this month
Maxine S
I love good food & looking at your menu my tummy is screaming with excitement... hope to come there for my wedding anniversary this weekend :)
Rohita N
Look forward to taking my partner and daughter to Lone Star tomorrow night for my partner's 40th Birthday dinner.
Peter T
dawggonnit! mamma's apple pie y'all... a little piece of heaven with a wild side!
Aimee Jean T
The secret to enjoying a good wine! 1. Open the bottle and allow it to breathe. 2. If it does not look like it's breathing... give it mouth-to-mouth - Love Lonestar, should be there soon :P
Rachel S
sometimes dining out with my family is embarrassing.....
Nic C
We went through a stage of going to Lonestar weekly, however moved over to Blenheim. Drive over at least monthly for our meal of choice 'Johnny Cash Stash', off to Lonestar tonight!
Rachel G
Looking foward to celebrating my 21st with the lone star crew!
Michaela F
Been celebrating my birthday (with friends) @ Lone Star for 6 yrs. My parents are very pickie where they dine & wish to bring them to Lone Star. I'm confident they will love this place.
After drowning my long day working with a few cold ones from the bar, then moving to the restaurant to indulge, I couldn't be happier. Thanks for your service! Always friendly.
Stan M
there are no lone stars at your restaurant, they are all real stars, whats brilliant service. thanks for a great night. x
kate s
The best tasting ribs I've ever had in my life! Thanks Lone Star for the amazing meal!
Justin B
Whatever the occasion Only 1 place we go Lonestar is best This we do know I'm addicted to dixie chicken Tried to make it at home too But I'll leave it to the pros And be coming back to you!
Pamela K
I just love the garlic loaf starter, and I have to get it every time I go to lonestar :P
Amy T
If your looking for a great night out, go to Lone Star, it's awesome :)
Chrissy J
My love is pregnant at the moment and craves steak all the time! She LOVES the Kiwi Joker the best. Wish yous had a buy 1 get 1 free night. We'd be there every week lol
Neihana S
Never wanted to go to LONESTAR, thought it would be large plates of greasy food, how wrong can you be? My chicken meal was cooked to perfection, light and full of flavour, can't wait to go back!
Linda M
The Maginot Sphere needed defending, it was done. Lone Star ribs need eating, it will be done.
Offensive Bias 0
I've spent my entire University exam period craving a Jack Daniels chocolate fudge pudding!
Anna B
Went to Lone Star for the first time (only been in NZ for 6 months) and LOVED it. Definitely my new BESTEST restaurant.
Helen B
Something attracts me to Lonestar one day. The name first draws my attention. I am hoping one day soon, I will dine or eat at Lonestar with my family. Maybe on my birthday .
Sonelau C
太好吃了..........lovely people there too, love u all
sandra S
The only thing more beautiful than seeing your new born child for the first time, is eating at lonestar
Caelyn H
The Big bird was one of the best things I have had to eat at any restaurant. When combined with great service, great atmosphere, great garlic bread, you have a truly enjoyable night out.
Simon F
Lush O 4 owesome Naughty Enormous Succulent Tasty Aromatic Ribs
Annalise B
Having dinner there before the NZ vs USA soccer game. Looking forward to it. Miss A
Anita Y
Always a treat dinning out at Lone star! It's our 3 year anniversary and we'd love to spend it devouring pork ribs, mussels, rockin' ribeye and the cash stash. Our favorites!! ♡ Yummy!
Jillian H
I can't wait to bring my birthday dinner to Lone Star Palmerston North in July
Eileen J
We love Lone Star because great food with reasonable price. Great place for your function too
Elvi E
Our family loves Lone Star Newmarket because warm atmosphere and friendly staff. Great food as well
leo i
Pregnant and NEED the ribs!
Vicky H
I've been coming Lone Star once a month. Has become a regular place for my partner nd I. So see you again on queens birthday !!
Nehul G
Fambam dinner at Lonestar.. . . will be the best birthday gift ever.
lance c
Had awesome time with big family get together at Tauranga lone star. Our waitress was amazing , very down to earth . Lovely food, lovely atmosphere .going back tonight for my hubby's birthday .
Karen d
I travel a lot and Lonestar is my preferred dining anywhere in the country. Standards are amazing and no matter where I go, my meal will never be a let down. Thank you Lonestar, you are amazing!!
Magdalena U
The kids and I are super excited to be coming for dinner on Sunday night after we watch FIFA U20 at Waikato Stadium.
Heather T
I'm hanging out for Lone Star RIBS. So I'm making a special trip from Whakatane to Tauranga to get my fix. Can't wait!
Lisa H
I think I saw a shooting Lonestar in the sky last night!
Anna M
Hurrah! A menu that delights the whole family! See you Sat to celebrate wedding anniversary and bubba number 2 looking healthy and strong. First timers and very excited!
Zenah A
Had the most amazing meal at Lonestar Newmarket! Even though it was busy as hell, the customer service was spot on! Thanks Lonestar crew xx
Shay F
"Hi-Yo, Silver! Away!"
Rob A
Heya, I'm heading to Lonestar Nelson next Friday for a birthday party. Can't wait for some yummy main and hope I can fit in a slice of that delish cheesecake too (somehow) Oh yeah!
Andrea H
So excited for Saturday night! Should be a blast! Can't wait to spend my friends birthday at lonestar! Definitely with out question was my first choice!
Emma G
First impressions - You are placed in a Prime Spot and I just love the look! Looking forward to a relaxing evening of great food and wine. Eraina
Eraina M
I can't get enough of your menu and swanky decor. I've started bringing the whole family, we all enjoy our night out at Lonestar :-)
Radhika P
Love coming to lone star with our family. Would love to see a lone star burger on the menu as i know everyone would love it. Our daughter asked this
Carole H
BRING BACK THE SIZZLING FAJITA PLATTER! Hands down the best thing on the menu. Perfect for a weekly date night.
Sophie B
Looking for a venue for my birthday ... I think Lonestar just might be it 😉
Ailean N
So many restaurants that are supposedly 'Good', but we always return to Lonestar for a brilliant meal.
Marthijn O
Looking forward to taking the family for a yummy Lone Star meal tonight. Excitement all round.
Eric M
Bringing the family group (about 17 of us) with me to have my birthday dinner at Lonestar. I'll use my birthday wish to try to win the $50 voucher so I can visit again! Yum :o)
Farrah T
Lone Star in the sky tonight Wish I could Wish I might Share a little light make the night start right.. A table for 8 if it's not too late We'll leave with a smile & make room for a mate:)
Nina g
Thanks so much for a great meal and for the great company (the Chiefs were sitting right behind us)
Charl E
Newly married and back to our home town... looking forward to coming to Palmy for a real feed at our fab as #1 restaurant
Justine M
The food was so good our conversation devolved into celebrations of its deliciousness:'I want this Dixie Chicken become a person so I can take it to Las Vegas and marry it.”
Janine b
Lonestar is amazing It fills your tummy Lonestar makes you want to come back It's so darn yummy Awesome as service Thanks to our waiter Max Yummy comanche salad Lonestar, we got your backs!
Kellie K
Im vegetarian and always jealous of the meat dishes! They have more veg, are larger and look much tastier! PLEASE add a veg spag-bowl w parmesan and garlic bread to your menu –that would be fabulous!
al b
I wouldnt complain if i had a night off from cooking for my house of boys 😁
Katarina p
Such a busy night last night but service and food was excellent. Thanks to Laura and Atul. We'll be back
melanie f
finally get to take my family to dine at lonestar on mothers day,looking forward to it ,herd nothing but great things ,every day a mother should be treated like its mothers day not just sunday
marty m
Me and the Mr are planning to have our One Year Anniversary here! I've never been but he always says Lone Star is really good & loves the food. Can't wait to celebrate here
Olivia Breeze L
I would love to dine in with my mum on Mother's Day very much. Please & Thank you :)
Nikki T
“Come unto me, all ye that labor in the stomach, and I will restore you”
Josh C
Cant wait to dine here on Mothers day :)
Delisha T
Been to 6 different lonestar restaurants in NZ now and every single location my Cajun chicken was amazing my favourite chicken meal ever! Thanks :)
Terri G
I'm not going to lie I've entered this more than once. Happy Mother's Day mum. Love you old lass.
Jurnee S
Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderfull mothers out there, I would like to thank mine especially as she is the the most amazingly beautiful thing that's ever happened, thank you loanstar!
Jurnee S
I would love to have dinner with my wee family at Lone star. Pleeeeaasssseeeee :)
Paula H
The older I get! The better I was and the hungrier I am! please feed us.
Nathan G
The only restaurant i dont mind revisiting over and over and over again! LOOOOOVE LONESTAR! :D
Kimberly O
Please shout us a voucher for my partners birthday!! #POORSTUDENTS #FEEDTHEFUTURE
Nikita P
Sometimes later at night i head down to Lone Star and pick up takeaway Banoffee pies for me and my man. #thebest
Kate G
Amazing, incredible food and delivered in speedy time. Based on the experience I had last night, I've chosen the venue for my daughter's 18th! Highly recommended to all for birthday functions!
Kristin S
hey.please hook me up for mothers its my bday on the 8th and mothers day on the close to.I hardly get to do much these days.being a mother&all. Please spoil me x
taalo h
my girlfriend and i are saving up and planning to have an amazing night at lone star for our one year anniversary on tuesday night!
chayse r
The redneck ribs are one of the most delicious things I have ever eaten
Yvette C
Hi Lonestar, hook me up with the voucher so I can come there for my birthday :)
Shahney T
Best meal that I had, had in a long time definitely recommend to any tourists or if you have been to the lone star before, the Dixie chicken and the mousse is delicious!
Nicole N
My Birthday wish this year is to celebrate at Lone Star, please help me to make this reality :-D
Tegan D
Never been to lone star but it certainly wont be lonely :)
Vanessa p
starve your distractions, feed yourself through lone star'
rajnesh c
My first time at Lone Star, it was amazing especially them ribs, it was so mouth watering, the first bit i took was just heavenly. Writing about it now, i really want some omg!
nga D
Planning on dinning out with the in-laws to celebrate their joint 65th & 70th Birthdays. The families first time @ LoneStar should be a memorable one for sure!
Leon W
Loved the Albany Lonestar! The service, food and atmosphere was awesome!! I have now booked to have my dads 60th birthday there too! This is exactly what the North Shore needed! Thanks guys
Charmaine C
LOOVED the Kahluia Cheesecake so much I ordered an extra one to takeaway BUT unfortunately everyone else had cottoned on to how good it was as they had run out :(
Roimata W
Man i love your guys service, and food great enviroment . . . i love love love love love you . . . can i have a voucher please lol
jason m
Can't fault anything at the Lone Star been to a few around the country. Always good food and great service, Good on ya Lone Star keep doing what you're doing as it clearly works!
Aimee P
Stressed is desserts spelled backwards #LSMousse
Katie B
Heading up to Lone star for the first time this week for my bday!! I hope it's as good as everyone says it is :)
Kellie L
When I go for a meal Lone Star is top of the list! Waitresses are lovely and the food is fantastic :) Thank you Johnny Cash for opening a branch in Masterton.
Chrissy J
You win some, you lose some. The key is in realising when they’ve been lost. - Author N.J.Mauchline
Nicola M
Time for lonestar round up the kids.
Orion K
Only been to lone star once by chance and loved it! Hoping to come back once again as a birthday treat with my sister who has never been to convert her! Keep up the good work and quality guys!
marlanda m
Just had a lovely meal. 4 my birthday.and my daughters birthday on the 12th April.staff were very helpful will come back again.
Bev L
Heading out to Lonestar, Hamilton on Saturday night:) we live over an hour away!!! So worth travelling that far though!!!...mmm..."kiwi joker and cheescake"...still got love for yah LS Hamilton xox
Bonnie W
Plans to kidnap Lonestar chef ...!! food is too awesome to let this one go by....mmmmmwwwwahahahahahah!!!!!
Vish D
Pl-e-a-s-e ! Dont ever change, anything! -love the coleslaw, love the ribs, love the desserts, love it all!! Bringing the fam tonite, cant wait!!!
Susannah C
Only treat I want for Easter is to go to Lonestar !!!!
Sue F
I enjoy Lonestar but my partner is yet to try. A free voucher would get him in the door and with a bit of luck he will be become a regular (with me in tow of course).
Pam H
Looking forward to a delicious meal tonight and an awesome catch up with BFF Deb
Cheryl F
I've never been to Lonestar but have heard great things so I'm treating myself for my birthday this year. See you soon, can't wait!! :)
Jodie A
"Laughter is brightest where food is Best"
Alina P
Lone Star is ABSOLUTELY amazing! It is our favourite restaurant by far!!! Amazing meals and very friendly staff! :)
Kate B
No matter what you decide to eat the staff make the place.
Barry S
Best meals in town!
Zoey y
Nothing beats your Dixie Chicken, garlic loaf and a glass of wine! always value for money and I can never finish the whole meal :)
Julie L
Love the Shank Williams....the best lamb shank in town....AWESOME. Hubby and I keep coming back for this...
Kritishma K
Thanks for making my husband a STAR at Lone Star. He was so surprised with the birthday song and cake. Smiling all the way back home. Thanks for the joyous day, you AMAZING people.
Irene T
The low lighting is both calming like yoga and romantic like a blind date
Geoffrey W
Thank you to the staff and chef on lunch time service 15-03-15 for going out of your way for making my wife's birthday lunch a special one, We will be back.
Warren B
Me every time I eat at Lone Star: "Oh no, I'm getting full, but it's so good I don't want to stop eating!"
Kathleen N
Lone Stars Ribs are THE BEST they just melt in your mouth Oh My Gosh!!!👍
Oscar H
Years since I have been. Just checked out your menu before I go back again tonight.. Looks like I may have to go more than once since there are to many good looking dishes to pick from!
Shelley G
We love Lonestar! Went there the night we got engaged, went on our honeymoon, now looking forward to taking our daughter there!
Rochelle R
I have been to 3 locations across the country Dunedin, Queenstown and P. North so Manukau Lone Star watch out I hope your standards are just as great..!! Pic of my girls before the sons wedding yuss..
Pania P
Had THE BEST chocolate pudding of my life on Wednesday- highly recommend the Jack Daniels Chocolate Fudge Pudding!
Alexandra N
Lone star is a great place to bring the whole family!
Nathan S
Dam your ribs are good!!! I have them on every one of my birthdays and never come away disappointed. Hayden
Hayden S
Consistently high standard of food and lovely staff every time. We will be celebrating our son's graduation at The Lone Star, a firm family favourite. Tina
Tina H
Fist time dinning at a Loan Star and highly recommend to others !! its hard to find a place these days with such quality food :)
Ashlyn R
Have never had Lone Star before but am looking forward to having my birthday dinner there
Maria M
It's my 4th Wedding Anniversary March 15th and all I want is a meal at Lone Star in Hamilton.The best service, great food and a warm family environment!!! Love it so much at Lone Star Hamilton!!! :)
Bonnie W
Awesome Meal Art Deco weekend Fri night Napier Place was just Buzzing......Cheers Guys Well Done !!!!
Lindsey F
Manukau lonestar is da spot 2nite with some friends frm Aussie Gonna hit da pork and try do some ribs as well WHT a greddy guy lol
Frank W
Love the Wagon Wheel platter...such a nice treat for a spontaneous date night :) Plus helps having the awesome staff in the bar :)
Jonny L
always an awesome experience! friendly staff who always make you feel welcome, fantastic food, best lone star in NZ by far :)
anna m
I love your meals sooo much!!!!
Luke S
Had an awesome meal @ Rototuna for a friend's birthday! Garlic Bread was to die for, and the Johnny Cash Stash was awesome. Thanks for a great meal, will definitely cooking again! :-)
Marc D
I am on a mission to find the best ribs in chch! I hear that lone star is a great contender.... Looking foward to judging them next week :)
Leanne B
'BOOM'!!.....was delish :)
tina h
I wasn't LONEly -cracked my RIBS chowing down with the STARs at my favourite restaurant.
Simonne G
Birthday dinner at the Lonestar, I think so! - See you on the 27th!
Dax I
Lookin forward to a hoe down feed in a half this comin Friday night.....Yee Haa!
lois H
Nice that there's still casual-eating steak bar like LONESTAR that serves a decent feed with great service and a classy menu. All the best for 2015!
Can I just say, my tummy has NEVER been happier, than after my visit to Lone Star. A hundred million thumbs up!
Jen J
Happy Valentines Day
shane k
Happy Valentines Day
shane k
K-Ching,k-Ching, me and my partners are gonna mosey down to the new Lone Star in Albany. Heard there's a great new watering hole there! Whoa Silver wait till I'm in the saddle first!
Julianne I
Awesome food at Lonestar every visit, the prawns are to die for.
Tina P
Best big tasty meals. Friendly staff. Fun drawing entertaining for kids. Thank you . We will be back agian !!!!
Natthaya C
There's never a dull moment at Lonestar! I am always so excited to come here. Heaps of awesome meals to choose from. Have been regularly dining here for years and intend to for many more!
Jezza P
Dining here on Saturday for the 1st time! I have heard all things good. Can't wait!
Shivagni K
The heartiest meals that are almost demonic, and service by Angels that are simply platonic.... What more can I say? Except..... Lone Star is the best.
Kaylene H
Great food Great Place AWESOME staff!!!
Charlene O
Wow! Talk about great sized meals, amazingly attentive and happy smiley staff and fantastic environment. This is the best tasting food I've ever had. I am very impressed! Thanks Lone Star.
Nigel B
I absolutely love your honky tonk chicken... that cranberry salsa, OMG i could die!! cant wait to go back and order again :)
Shauna k
I have been eating ribs from Lone Star going on 15 years and Nelson doesn't disappoint! Lone Star, thanks for the memories, the many loosened belts and the grubby rib face :) Love your work!
Craig B
Player of the day
Mari w
Queenstown is full of adventure and excitement. And even going to LS is part of it- every meal is an excitement for the senses and the atmosphere is nothing short of an adventure!
Lisa F
Lone Star Napier has the best service, the staff are lovely, the food is amazing and you definitely get your money's worth. The atmosphere is so enjoyable, I have highly recommended you to ppl.
Samantha T
Absolutely love Lonestar Hamilton, Best service, friendly staff and food always cooked to perfection and well presented. Hamilton Lonestar Rocks
Doreen M
Amazing Place To Dine, Lovely Friendly Staff, Delicious Meals & Scrummy Drinks, Served with A Smile Every Dinning Experience Here. Orsome Team
Came here for the first time for my birthday dinner and was SO happy with the service we had! Thank you Tia & the Palmy Lone Star Team for your service and my free dessert & T-shirt! I will be back!
Rebecca M
Ribs on Ribs on Ribs...
Thiem L
Finest meal in town at Timaru's Lone Star!
Jessica D
My first time at lone star , best service and best food ever 👍👍
Vaasa S
I've lived in two countries and Lone Star has the best lamb shanks and ribs by far! Its my birthday next week and I would love to come and celebrate with friends at Lone Star! XXX
Sharleen D
Lone Star Dunedin is our only restaurant to be. Pleeassee bring back 'Blackfoot Fish' to your menu, sooo missing it...sob..
Louise C
I'm a cowboy, on a steel horse I ride I'm wanted (wanted) dead or alive Wanted (wanted) dead or alive
Jeff E
We love lone star, we have a 15 Yr old Japanese boy staying with us, we want to show him some real Kiwiana, where else, Loan Star
meredith g
Had a great night and fantastic meal at Lonestar Palmerston North.
Heather S
Roses are Red, Violets are blue, I so love the meals at Lone Star oh yes I do !!!
Julie f
It's my boyfriends bday today and I completely forgot. Please save me! Love your food & beverage options. Set up of the place is lovely and always great service.
Dyani R
Had a fantastic night last night out at Lone Star Palmy! Always a favourite with my family!
Daz H
5 years ago, we had our anniversary dinner at LS. Great food; great service! Would love to come back next week when we celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary! Let's make it a tradition:)
Verona R
I love the RIBS, theyre perfectly cooked, tender, and the sauce tastes just right! I think we'll be coming tomorrow to get more of those!!
sungwoo b
First time lonestar virgin wish I had popped my cherry sooner great place great food great people
jolene d
Last night was @ LS was impeccable ! Best meal I've had in many a month.month. Jared your wait service was superb! Awesome place to be. Thanks LS
Max M
Ya just can't beat the lonestar for a hearty meal at a great price and excellent down to earth, welcoming service! Yeeha!
penny h
Lovin the new Lone Star Tauranga. Awesome food as always, great staff, and wonderful location. Perfect place to hang out over summer, will be back soon for sure :-)
Amy B
Going to LS for dinner as one of the last outings My partner MIke and I will have before the birth of our first baby Girl.Then it will be three for dinner at LS ! :)
Sarah O
jelly beans on the counter are a winner!
amanda b
Heading out for birthday celebrations tomorrow....where am I going?...lone star of course:) where else?
Tim S
I have never eaten at the lone star before....I love eating out but find it hard as I'm gluten and dairy intolerant. would love a voucher to come try yas out :)
Melanie W
We don't have a Lone Star in Whangarei :-( But I'm going to Palmerston North soon and looking forward to dinning out at Lone Star!
Leeann H
dont let tomorrows cloud spoil todays sun
lynette w
5 stars to Lone Star! By far the BEST place to heal your taste buds. Dixie chicken and the hog dish are our mist have dishes when we dine in.
Dani B
Y'all need to listen up! Being married to a man from the Lone Star State I can confirm the LoneStar CHCH City is the best steak house this side of Texas!
Paula P
Its my birthday and my moko's 1st birthday today so off across the road to Lone Star Rototuna for dinner.. Yay!!!
Kushla A
Took some visitors from Hong Kong to experience the Lone Star Dunedin. The team was amazing and food as always was superb! Thanks Lone Star Dunners, 10/10 🌟🌟
Dale C
Love Lone Star best place to go always a must for my family and everyone leaves full which is hard with boys
Sian C
It's my birthday today...I'm so looking forward to taking my family to the Rototuna Lonestar tonight!! Yeehaa !! Lol
Karyn H
lone star definitely meats my expectations :~)
Abigail D
Love eating at lone star as I have pork allergies and I still have a great range to choose from
samantha n
Lone star has always been my favourite! I love the delicious meals and the generous portions :) I'm going to Lonestar for dessert tonight on new years eve with my Man, can't wait!
Kayla R
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Please bring back the oreo cheesecake :-)
Rachel B
if you want a good place to go to with friendly staff and great food. go to loan star you will be impressed
serena s
We go here every year for my and my partner's birthday and anniversary because it's Delicious!!
Charles G
Thank you Lone Star ... We had a small group of children come to lone Star in Dunedin a few weeks ago... It was so cool. That is what you call service with a smile! Thanks
Makeila G
Lone Star in the 'Tuna...bliss!
Vicky N
Superb service and very nice ribs
guolun c
My family and I love dining at the New Plymouth Lone Star for my birthday eve!
Anita T
Great family-friendly option, where kids and adults alike are guaranteed a great night out - cheers Lone Star!!
James T
Masterton Lone Star is amazing! Such a beautiful restaurant and bar with delicious meals, I recommend the salmon :-)
hazel o
Been eyeing the place( every time I come to hamilton) ever since building started. Was excited when we found out it was a Lone Star. Haven't got there yet. Hoping to get to try you soon!!
karen b
Best in the west. Awesome place to dineout either with family or friends. Thanks lonestar
shahina f
When deciding on where to have our Christmas work function my immediate thoughts went to "LONE STAR" great value for money, atmosphere and staff. Can't wait for our feed tonight. :)
Sue C
We come to Lone Star for our anniversaries, started ourselves a tradition, see you tonight :)
Harriet M
My husband and I are celebrating 10 years in New Zealand next week and we still have not been to a Lone Star!! Think it will have to be a New Years resolution to come and visit :)
Nickie M
I've been living overseas for the last 5 months and the first thing I want to do when I get back next week is take my girlfriend out for a great meal!
Cameron E
My boyfriend & I are celebrating our 7 year anniversary. I would love to take him out to the same place as our first date, but I am a poor student. Some help would be much appreciated.
Morgan G
Love the food! #lonestar
Whaiora P
Laso off hog can hog tie me every time I am at lonestar
Delia C
Great food, great service, great atmosphere...everytime! Thanks guys! Armstrong Clan
Ella A
Our family loves your restaurant!! We have 3 birthdays in Jan & we plan on having every celebration at Lone Star! Bring on the Dixie Chicken & Ribs along with my Jack Daniels can't wait!!!!
Christel M
Sooo Looking forward to trying the Dunedin Lone Star on Sunday. I've heard good things :-)
Kathryn W
You guys seem really nice and this restaurant looks amazing. However I have not had the chance to visit this restaurant... I would really love to get to try your food
Olivia V
I won a $40 meal voucher, It was like christmas has come early!! super excited to come and get my usual bean dip, Johnny Cash Stash and cheesecake!! YUM!!!
Aimee G
Darren C
My partners favorite place and I still haven't managed to take him to dinner for his favorite ribs! definitely worth a night out!
Emily L
The lonestar meal always gets threw yee haa.pony express
dean t
Found you on a website. That's amazing. Lovely food and dining place. I can't wait to have a meal in your place.
Chung Wei L
well there is so many compliments we could post up about Lone star Masterton but would run out of room we have been twice since the opened and the atmosphere is outstanding ,the customer service 200%,
tony d
Thought for the day: "If you wouldn't write it and sign it, then don't say it". I am writing it, LoneStar is great and will be celebrating son's graduation there. Yeah Ha.
Joanne K
Have been on a 12 week challenge to lose weight! After I lost my 20kgs this was the first place to treat myself at!!!! Redneck ribs and Milkyway Kid pudding mmmmmm :) worth it!
Terryana t
Couldn't of asked for better service and better food on my night out to Waitakere.. Was such a pleasent experience and can't wait to visit again!!
Brooke R
Turning 40!!! Where else would I go! The Lone Start has the best atmoshpere and the fajitas are not comparable to anywhere else! See you soon!~
Nancy O
First time visit to your website and just printed off off a grabameal voucher. Super impressed that you have these!!! Thanks!!
Raewyn B
When I took a bite of Lone Stars 'Lassoo of hog' I swear I died and went to heaven, stayed in a food coma and woke up in love. It's crazy what this does to your taste buds ;)
Rebecca P
John Wayne said “Life's hard. It's even harder when you're stupid.” I'd add "... and don't go to Lonestar".
Tanya C
Lone Star is our number one choice for DATE NIGHT.... But since we are now trying to save for our wedding, we haven't been able to enjoy your great food for awhile.
Jaimee M
some sayings: let's kill two birds with one stone; you got to "take the bull by it's horns" and take control of the situation, 'line your ducks up hand in hand'
oz r
Great food and great atmosphere :)
Rchelle P
Just writing about the food makes me think of it and get hungry for some amazinggg garlic loaf, Cajun chicken and fudge's 9am ha CHOOSE ME PLEASE :)
Katie W
Grandson turns 4 next Monday, first and only choice for Birthday dinner is Lonestar - great family fare
Eileen O
Got me a Redneck. Haha. My not at all rednecked hubby watched me eat the lot. He be like, huni are u gona share, I be like. no. lol. Maybe this time he can get him one.
Jessie S
Your Dixie Chicken Sauce is flippin' amazing! If only i could dine out every night i craved it, i'd be dining with you guys 7 days a week!
Emma L
My local knows my order before I sit down, I go to lonestar quite often because I love the food & service :) Not to expensive either. PICK MEEE ;)
Samantha G
My baby girl is turning 20 on the 13th November and she wants to come party at lone star yum yum can't wait.... :)
Julie T
"Hey, sheriff, you forgot your pants." But really, I got a birthday coming up and need somewhere to celebrate, folks.
Tony N
the service began we were shown to our table and then introduced to Hannah. Beef ribs tender awesome husband had the chicken salad ...old favorite of mine Creme burlee... Thank you Lone Star⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Sonya & Matt R
Best service and food in Town! The only thing is I never know hat to choose of the Menu because everything is sooo dam good!!
Olivia W
A BIG 2 day weekend of sport last weekend... an even BIGGER week at ready for the BIGGEST relaxation - dinner at Lone Star Masterton tonight! Cant wait!! Ali
Alison W
Nom nom nom nom. Me love Lone Star.
Stacey L
Good food and even better service : only at LONE STAR!
Arati S
Loan Star Masterton, one of the best meals I've had, great service and that was their opening night! Can't wait to get back for more.
Kris T
Come here so often and never disappointed! Always get a steak and its always perfect!
Bridgette K
Sixteen years this week, November, of marriage, sixteen years of lonestar for our wedding anniversary, please we deserve 16 more.....!!!!!
wayne h
Always have a great time at the Lone Star, on my birthday this year my now fiancée proposed at the Lone Star! We're going next weekend to celebrate our 3 year anniversary. Thanks for the memories :)
Olivia C
The dixie chicken is to die for. YUUMM!!
Mayc M
Ribs all day long !!
julian m
Off to Manukau Lone Start tonight to celebrate my 10 year wedding anniversary and my daughter's academic EXCITED!! Looking forward to celebrating with my husband and daughter :-)
Michelle L
Date night with the wife tonight ... woohoo!
Neil J
U.K fam were w us in Palmerston Nth. 1st & only choice for tea, Lone Star. Staff so welcoming. Loved the food & ev night drinks there! Thanku for making our fam feel at home at Palmy Lone Star
Lisa B
Just found Lone Star can't wait to get a deal
Jan A
We LOOOOOVE dining at Lonestar, and are so happy one is now closer to home - am looking forward to trying the Albany store some time!
Joelee T
Going to Lone Star this Friday, can't wait. Meeting up with my sister and her family for a lovely meal to enjoy my nieces birthday. Looking Forward to it.. Cow Girl Rach xxx
Rachel P
The margaritas are a fantastic addition to a meal
Rebekah R
Looking forward to trying out the new Lonestar in Masterton, should be great if all the reviews I'm hearing are correct!
Elise S
its my birthday next week so i get a special treat as a student and decided i want to go to Lonestar for the amazing Dixie chicken ! It is my all time favourite meal ! :))))
Melissa T
it's gota bee ribs evry time u hear mē~evry time~yor ribs are too dye four~mmm mmm!!!
kylie b
cant wait for the ribs Saturday night its been sooo long bring it ooonnn
anne b
I absolutely love Red Neck ribs! By far my absolute fave meal! I Have always loved lone star since I was really little! My Favorite T-Shirt was a lone star one :)
Georgia J
Lone Star you have ruined me, don't think I can eat chicken anywhere else, Johnny Cash Stash the most amazing chicken EVER Soooo Good!!!! Thanks for coming to the Wairarapa!
Johanna V
1st time lone star diners 10 out of 10 for food & hospitality thoroughly recommend yee ha!!!! anne,
anne a
If you want a mind blowing experience try the Longhorn Cheesecake! One mouthful and it was to die for! Thanks Lonestar! Love Ya! Sue & Marni : )
Sue M
Can't think of a better place to meet up with friends and family and enjoy the awesome meals than Lone Star!
Jessy O
Had an amazing dinner nite .......flavours just bursting with every a good meal at yours......alwaiz enuf to take some home even.........😍😍🌠🌠🌠
James R
Lonestar is just a slice of heaven we could just eat everyday lol devine food & great service!! woop
Bronx L
As we do not have the pleasure of a Lone Star here in the North - we will have to get our fix when we visit Auckland next week !!
Bernice C
I <3 Ribs more than Glassons!
Toni R
Recently visited Rotorua & had a great night at their LONESTAR :-)
Leah W
Those delicious ribs are to die for !!
Idalene A
The food was: Luscious Original Nice Enjoyable Scrumptious Tasty Appetizing Ridiculously good
Aroha L
You guys are simply the best, we only go to lone star when we go out and you are a 40 minute drive away! Thats how much we love you all and your food!!!
Shelley P
The Johnny Cash stash got me into mushrooms, before i tried that i hated them
Meleanie W
Best way to spend your Birthday! At Lone star with your crew!
Nick C
Lone Star makes the perfect date night. Choose me so I can shout my lovely lady!
Tony N
Awesome ribs! Simply da BEST!
Jason L
Group of 40 of us descended on LoneStar Petone one night. Received prompt, friendly service and enjoyed a few laughs with the bar crew! Will be back again!
Donella R
Lone Star..come to Whangarei..we need you :)
andrea c
... Never had to look at your Menu again since discovering the AWESOME *Maverick Steak* ..... in fact: the staff sees me come in and just places the order !!! ... now THAT's service ! ..... x
Christine C
Nothing feels more satisfying than indulging myself with great food at Lone Star. You the bomb ;) see ya!!!
james f
LONE STAR! Thanks for the copious plates of delicious ribs I have delved into over the years & the excuse to act a little less like a lady & not use a knife and fork! Can't wait to see you again!
Penny G
Happy Birthday Babe - hope you enjoyed waking up with your mistress!!! (new golf bag) LOL Your loving wife & children xoxo
Jacqueline T
Go hard or go home! Get the classic size meal and enjoyy, food is YUM...Cajun chicken is delicious!!! :)
Katie W
Looking forward to my first time going to Lonestar in Timaru tomorrow night sounds like a great place to get my Birthday meal done :)
Adele K
Delicious (big) meals and excellent, friendly and attentive service from our waitress Brya. Great addition to the Wairarapa. Thumbs up from all eight of us, we'll be back!
Natascha V
Thanks the wonderful dinner ,Lone Star Takapuna! Our boy Daniel, had a amazing 5th birthday dinner! The staffs were very friendly and helpful! The food is super yummy! Thank you thank you!!
Joanne Z
Wether it's been an intimate dinner for two or large group booking with the whanau,the staff at Palmy never surpass me on how excellent service they provide, No1 dining experience for us.
Margaret C
lovely people and a nice way to celebrate birthday dinners :)
Nicky P
Taking my daughter out and she really wants to go to lonestar for our first time. Not going to see my baby for 3 weeks so lonestar here we come :)
Fiona B
Yipee Ki Yay! Big portions, tasty eats!
Stacey L
My boys ALWAYS want to come to Lone Star.....they love the food and the staff!!!
Donna A
lone star is the best place EVER
Nadine K
Coming in for my birthday dinner this weekend! Question: "where do you want to go for your Birthday dinner?" Answer: "LONESTAR!!!" Best place to eat in Wellywood!! Cant wait x
Shari L
This Friday is the end of a 30 day cleanse for my partner and I. LONESTAR here we come!!!
Richard M
Fantastic evening! Congrats to you guys in Masterton!!
Wyn m
Lovin the new loyalty cards, cheap drinks yay!
alexandra w
One of the best school holiday treats - Lone Star dinner!
Saoirse K
3 days to go till I get to go to Lone star for my early birthday dinner. Can't wait we always have an awesome time :)
Julie T
I can't wait to come and celebrate my best friends birthday at your wonderful place!
Sarah C
Love ya work guys keep it up x cj
Chloe J
My first date with my now hubby was at lone star eating ur delicious ribs. I was a hot sticky mess, had ur amazing rib sauce all over my face. Love to relive it
Jo M
My niece got her full licence today. Out to Lone Star Albany to celebrate. Great expectations, hope it delivers!
Lisa C
whenever our performance teams travel, we dine 1 night at the LS of the town we are staying in.Palmerston Nth in October. pretty clothes for this occasion. Thanks Lonestar for being there !
Chris H
ill be going there for my 18th! love the new plymouth store :) can't wait to try there cocktails :)
Selene W
Wow, Lonestar! You guys go above and beyond for people with little ones along. The wait staff were so cheerful and polite, loved it! Can't wait to come back.. And have another Milky Bar dessert!
Emma Katherine D
Lone star Dixie Chicken is the stuff legends are made of.. That magic sauce with soft flavours and chicken that melts in the mouth... Why go anywhere else ?
Hellie S
Love LoneStar!! can't wait to go back, staff and food are awesome. :) our New Lynn store on the preferred store list though
Jared L
Tauranga's new Lone Star is AMAZING!!!! <3
Leah A
The Banoffee pie is to die for. Every time i go to lonestar i order it, stuff trying the other deserts, this one is a winner :p
Sarah-Marie D
Taking my man out for his first ribs experience this weekend I hope he enjoys them otherwise it's all over hahha ... O to be a 'hot, sticky mess " great first date material :)
Jenn C
I can't wait for tomorrow! It's my birthday and it is the only time of year I can get my husband to not be stingy and take me out to Lone Star. My mouth is watering just thinking about my ribs!!!
Ariana M
Dixie Chicken is the best meal, love it!
Erin K
My Dad, the cowboy. When "Yee-Haw!" is yelled, he’s giving his grandkids a horsey ride. He doesn't use ‘saddles'. He IS the saddle (or Grandaddle). Poor suburbanized man. He needs a little indulgence.
Jessica T
On a mission to find the best ribs in town and Lone Star has been nominated - can't wait to be the judge of that!! Yum :)
Leanne B
Our family goes there for every birthday of each member and it only gets better every time we go!!!! ain't no other place I would rather go for a birthday celebration no matter where we are!
sheena P
Went to Lonestar for the first time a couple weeks back. Yum food, great service, something for everyone. Definitely going to be our 'go to' place for special occasions :)
Pamela H
I am wanting to treat my Husband with his favourite meal, your divine ribs, for his Birthday and Fathers Day.
Tegan D
Its my birthday soon and would love to dine in for the night. Ill bring my 10 flat mates with me for dinner :)
Katie J
The only place you can take your adult sons out to dinner and they can eat the size meal they used to eat at home as growing teenager! MASSIVE! Jen N
Jeni N
Introduced our daughter charli to our fav restaurant- she's hooked!!!
Teressa C
Student nurse needing money to take friends to Lone Star for my birthday on Saturday evening. LOVE YOUR FOOD AND VIBE Turning 20
Megan P
First visit to Lonestar Albany last night, & it was Hummin'. Obviously I wasn't the only person having a great evening!
Karen A
I used to have trouble making up my mind, but now I'm not so sure.
Pauline H
great food,coming from a chef with 15 yrs exp. great atmosphere!.hands down best in the west!!.
ajai n
Had Lonestar for dinz Saturday ordered the same meal i order EVERY time i go as it is soo yuuum - Johnny Cash Stash .. I think I need to win a voucher to try something new hehe :)
Jodie M
I need a voucher so I can head down there and talk to all the singles girls hanging out... feel my jacket.. that's right.. marriage material..
Andrew F
Most amazing customer service I have experienced.
hana k
Tried my first Lonestar 10 years ago on a holiday here. And now I've moved to NZ just for this reason! (Well, that and work, and to get away from the UK, but we won't count that...)
Vikki J
My kids are totally excited to bring there daddy in on Father's Day for a well deserved yummy meal:)
Ana T
Your ribs are the best ribs i have ever tasted at a restaurant!!!!!!☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺
Rodney V
my first born is turning sixteen to not bring him to lone star would be mean your meals are so scrummy I'll hand you my money and the best part ,no dishes to clean !
Sarah R
i would love for my mum and dad to take me to manakau lonestar when we come up in september.please mum and dad!!!!!
jodyn r
Looking forward to a mean meal tonight with my son who is 7 and can't wait to enjoy his hero burger!
Megan H
Jonny Cash Stash can never go wrong! Is always great to top the night off with a free birthday passionfruit pavlova while the staff sing happy birthday to you! Great way to spend a 21st birthday :)
Holly C
Lonestar spelt backwards is Ratsenol. I would totally buy that at the chemist. Mmmm Dixie Chicken flavoured cough syrup.
Dylan H
I would almost pay for a meal as your food is so great.
phil f
When a woman says do whatever you NOT do whatever you want I'm not lazy i"m just on my energy saving mode
Jodi E
Lonestar Nelson takes me back to my home country every time we dine there.. Thanks guys.. You rock!!
Belinda d
I am the world's biggest fan of Lonestar ribs. Barney's ribs. You go lonestar!!! Lonestar Nelson rocks!!!!
Kaylin d
Redneck Ribs are my favourite! They are also my Dad's! If I win this I am going to take him out to Lonestar and give him a dinner he deserves!
Emma C
We try dining with you guys at least once a month for date night! Absolutely top notch service with gorgeous meals! Hands down my favourite place to eat! Thanks guys x
Hailey B
Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday to you! Happy 25th birthday to Lone Star staff & families & thanks for serving us deliciously yummy food for 25 years
Maria P
Lone Star is the best I loved having my birthday
Felicity H
I like going to Lone Star with my Mum and Dad ,it has Real Yummy food and lots of it and I get to wear my cow girl boots ,I love having the Burgers and the mashed potatoes .
summah k
Yeeha ...don't I luv Lone star Let me count the ways 1. Food 2. Food 3. Fooooooooooooooooood
Pam C
So glad Lone Star has come to ALBANY! I have dined at Tauranga, Hamilton and Takapuna ... now there is one just down the road! YUMM
Jade P
I would love to win a voucher for fathers day to take my dad out he has had a hard year battling prostate cancer. We love your food. He is the best koro, father in law and father in the world
Liz C
Papanui Rocks
Gracie L
I love going to Lonestar! We haven't been for a long time, and missing it hurts my heart!!
Lestat M
Always yum, always filling and always good service!
We enjoy celebrating our birthdays with you, we've dinned at Taupo, Hamilton & Rototuna. Thanks for a great family dinning experience :)
Kahu T
Lone Star Dixie Chicken has my heart!
Eilish T
congratulations on a fantastic new restaurant! great place and great food!
Ewa F
The place to go if you want a tasty big meal
Katrina C
Always great, quick service at Taupo Lonestar! Every need catered to, every time. Never leave without a happy, full to the brim belly!
Cody M
Lone Star is the place to go when your'e feeling Really hungry. You'll just have to find out yourself if you haven't been yet! charmi
Charmaine B
we eat somewhere differnt , paid the earth and sat there yet again saying why didnt we go to lonestar?
Ria P
Love service and atomsphere! Myself and friends always enjoy our Meal/evening at Loany! Best Ribs in town and always have to fit in kahlua & mars bar cheesecake......mmmmmmm!!!
laura c
A big shout out to LoneStar New Plymouth. The service and food is always outstanding. My whole family is addicted. You guys are amazing. Yum, yum!! See you Friday:)
Tess R
We visited lone star for the first time and we where beyond impressed !! We loved all the food we relieved and our wait or was so friendly and made the evening easy and fun so thankyou very much !!!
Courtney M
Every time I come to Lonestar I can never decide on what I want to eat as everything on the Menu sounds so good. Love Lonestar best place ever!
Livi W
It's time to take a mate out for dinner and what better place that the Lone Star!
geoff t
My son has been give the choice of going anywhere he wants for tea next week he said "the lone star mum so i can colour in". Havnt been in years. sarah
sarah r
We love the morro bar cheesecake sooooo.... much we pop down and get takeaway when we get the munchies Buttttt...... last time we did that :-(
Jo M
We love Lone Star. The Rocking Ribeye melts in your mouth - seriously! Juice Newtons were fabulous too. I recommend this to any Kiss Army and rock fans across the globe
John B
My first visit Saturday 9 August...omg...had the best steak ever!! and the juice newtons are fabulous!!! Intend to book for my twins 23rd birthdays on 21st August :) Awesome service too!!
Why W
Looking forward to lunch with the kids at our nephews' local Lone Star. Watch out Palmy!
Bridget C
Looking forward to celebrating my husband's birthday at the new Lone Star in Albany. YaaHOO!
Michelle W
We might own our own restaurant , but you guessed it right!! My partner wants TOO AWESOME Lassoo of Hog for his birthday dinner in August lol
kirsti t
We eat Lonestar WAY more than we should. But just can't stop. Those redneck ribs are what dreams are made of. We don't even look at the menu anymore, we know what we want as soon as we sit down!
Shannon B
Looking forward to our first family meal at Lone Star this Friday to celebrate my Husbands birthday.....we are expecting a great meal!!!!
Jenny H
Yay!! Its my 12th birthday this Sunday.. Dinner for the fams at the new flash Lone Star Tauranga.. Bring it on :)
Katene W
It's been too long since I was there. Went back and wished I had never left.
Craig T
Watching Pale Rider, all I could thinking about was tucking in at LS. "Do you imbibe?"
Tony N
You serve it like my mum served it. Hot, yummy and with lot of love
Menaka M
Lasso Of Hog FTW!!!
Ben B
The very first time I went to Lone Star, impressed I was. VERY impressed. Would love to come again!!
Brandon W
riccarton best lone star beautiful meals and service .
kevin p
The dixie chicken is all I crave every time I leave lone star. The sauces are to die for, the chicken is cooked perfectly. I wanna come back ASAP!
Emilly T
"Rarrrrrrrrggghhhhhh!!!" - it means I LOVE LONESTAR in dinosaur!
Brylee J
Rototuna tonight , hope you impress us
Hearing that it's good makes my uncontrollable urge to eat kick in!
Brandon W
"When the waitress asked if I wanted my pizza cut into four or eight slices, I said, 'Four. I don’t think I can eat eight.'" ...Go the Blues!
Matthew F
Everything about lonestar is amazing. Who knew that getting the bill at the end of the night with jelly beans could be so exciting.
Julia M
I hadn't been to the Lone Star for year's. But the Dixie Chicken is still as good as it always was!
Jodee A
Without fail EVERY TIME great service and amazing food. Newmarket Lonestar never lets you down. :)
melita e
I cannot stop thinking about the Beef Burrito I had last visit - new favourite meal!
Angie S
Dad was 52 at Lone Star 10th July (photo of us) I am 8 tomorrow, convinced Mum its a good plan to come for yummy bread, bringing Mum & Dad tomorrow night - woo hoo, cheerio! MAX
Max C
Amazing atmosphere, great friendly staff and amazing food. I haven't been in half a year and I'm dying to go back!
Amber C
Just the pub and grub place I have been waiting for. Welcoming and cozy. Good on you.
LONESTAR: You'll never feel aLONE and you're always the STAR
Wow food is amazing. The staff are very pleasant. Nice an cosy. Definately will come again!!!!
Tania M
Lone Star Pukekohe - the envy of all other restaurants in town... food, staff & atmosphere is outstanding x
Heather W
Lone Star is a great Restruntant .
Annabelle G
I will bring the sheriff tonight, see if she can shoot a hole in my wallet. happy birthday dining.
Bert v
What can I say everyone else has said all my thoughts but what I will say is we are all so damn right. Lone Star is the best at delivering all the things we need and want in dining out. Keep it up.
Jud L
After waking up at 5am to cat pissing on my bed, I am on strike - will have to take the family to Lone Star - best place to dine in Palmerston North with the kiddies - the day can only get better!!
Amy G
great food isn't just about the taste, it's about where and with whom you eat it. My family and I love Lonestar, it has always been a family favorite and will continue to be
April V
Lonestar Is Amazing. would recommend to alot if people ❤️
Grace-Eva K
The early bird gets the worm but the second mouse gets the cheese.... mmmmm cheese
Blade B
Discovered Lone Star in Dunedin and fell in LOVE! Now we're SO excited to have Lone Star in Albany!
Jennifer L
Great friends, great food, great service, awesome night! Thanks Lone Star! Great memories of evenings at Lone Star Hamilton, looking forward to checking out Rototuna in the next few weeks.
Laura N
Happy 25th Lonestar!! Just as you celebrate your success/Birthday, it would be a treat for me to celebrate my 34th with you on 24/08, like every other year :) Regards, Tania
Lonestar welcomes people in like someone welcomes you into their home.My husband even played improv guitar at Taupo's safe to say we feel part of the family & are left with full bellys.
Sarah W
Can not wait to dine with you tomorrow night! BEST food, funky atmosphere and the jazziest crew, never a dull time!!
Rach F
The best meals in town!
Rachel F
Feed me up Them ribs baby!! MMMMMMMM
Natasha M
after eating your ribs for 5 years, i still order it every time.
guolun c
Love Love Love Lone Star. Yummy Food. Big Serving. Great Atmosphere. My favourite dessert is JACK DANIELS CHOCOLATE FUDGE PUDDING. It is melted in your mouth. Try to believe it.
elvi e
Great Food Great Staff.My favourite is the ROCKIN' RIBEYE. The best rib in town.Great sauce and tender
leo i
carl w
Lonestar is a "Wow look at the size of this meal" restaurant. Unlike some other places which are "nice plate.. Where's the rest of the food?"
Jolene H
Lonestar lonstare your are a star, great place to take kids where ever you are!
Karen W
Go big or go home! You never go hungry at Lone Star and the Lone Star Loaf is the best thing since sliced bread lol
Jennifer B
Haven't been to Lone Star in years and loved it every time we went, would be a great family night out.
Alexis R
Hubby, the family have missed you while you've been in OZ, lonely without you. Our twins birthdays coming up decided on Lone Star for 12th birthday, yum. Can't wait to see you. Love from your wife X
Nicola T
Just love the Lone Star. Great food and place to go. Looking forward to dining there on Friday!!!
Kimberley D
I've never been to a Lone Star but heard it's worth going. Family night out.
Heather W
Had an awesome night with my gal pals at Lonestar last Friday. Love how I get ribs and get to take some of the leftovers home to the sulking husband who had to stay home and watch the kids ;)
Shelley C
OMG! I can't wait to go to Lone Star for my birthday because last time I had such an awesome dinner!!!!!
Hayley T
Lone Star is my fav restaurant and I have dixie chicken every single time - love it that much!!!
Rachel B
Great place to shut ya kids up while you enjoy not cooking yourself .hat making and brilliant food that the kids eat with asking whats in that!! :) LoneStar is my sanity break :)
Vicki M
Great place to take the family on each of our birthdays. My wife's is next Monday 28th July. See you then Lonestar!
Rangi W
Lonestar is amazing would loveto have our first family dinner out there. Amazing food and amazing staff.
amanda g
Allecia C
Always guaranteed a great feed at Lone Star. No matter what I order, I always go home contented, with a full belly - just what you need on a cold winters day
Michelle T
My BF and I love Lonestar. We went there on our first date almost three years ago and go there every year for our anniversary stack of ribs. Bring on the ribs this September! :D
Lennie G
LOVE all you food but i am totally in love with your coleslaw, iv even tried to copy it with huge fail ha! mmmmm yum now all i want is your coleslaw right now!!
vanessa n
Can't wait for this Friday night, July 18th. First time at Lone Star, Rototuna, Hamilton heard incredible things about their food and service. Now its my turn to experience this. Jo-Ann A
Jo-Ann A
Looking forward to experiencing Lone star Rototuna, Hamilton, I have heard rave things about it and now its my turn to be one of the in crowd this Friday night.
Jo-Ann A
I love Lone Star just wish u would bring one to whangarei. It would be my number 1 place to go.. :-)
Lisa M
Great food last time I went. Wouldn't mind another steak meal from there to treat my kids.
Amanda G
Love the music, atmosphere and food. My favourite restaurant any day!
Siobhan H
I need a date night with my hubby before baby #2 arrives!
Janelle R
You guys simply rock, love to take my wee boy there, atmosphere 100%, friendly people and the best food, would love to be able to come again. My wee boy loves you! x
Helen M
Lone star - on nom nom - that is all :)
Aimee O
GREAT food GREAT prices, GREAT staff GREAT time had by all
Linda H
my son loves the t shirts and colourings to do while we are there
Tami G
I'd love to give my sister a voucher to say thanks for having my 4 kids these holidays ... then i'd plead that she take me with her, nothing like a Johnny Cash stash to refuel during the school hols
jenny r
my friends and i meet up heaps at the Northlands Lone Star..We have a meal and vinos, and for every $30 spent you get a movie pass for Hoyts for $6.50.Love the dixie chicken..trudy
trudy l
Most amazing meals ever! Just love the dixie chicken.(real good size chicken breast) Nicest coleslaw have ever tasted.Making me hungry writing about it
Sue F
Lonestar rotorua is the best restaurant we have been to by far! Friendly staff make you feel so comfortable and welcome. We recommend you to all our friends. And will be back to visit soon!
Anna M
Fabulous Ribs, served by great attentive staff, in a warm cosy environment. Only 5 minutes away from the Motel on Riccarton Road Riccarton . This is why it Si so popular.
Bob P
Our favourite when visiting Queenstown ... Guaranteed to get great service & scrumptious feed. You guys rock!
Lara B
Going out for dinner... Hands down Lone Star. Great food, great atmosphere and always amazing service! :D
Tessa C
Drove past the new Lone Star Manchester St, looks awesome! And so good to see an iconic restaurant rebuilt in the same spot.
Belinda C
Lovely atmosphere Overwhelmingly tasty meals Nutritious salads Enourmas desserts Scrumptious sides Tantalising drinks Amazing kids menu Really top staff:)
Paula W
I have been loving your Classic Cajun Chicken with buffalo chips and finish with your Longhorn cheesecake; a fantastic night at the Lone Star Café and Bar! :-)
Desirée A
Lone Star is Simply the best, better than all the rest, better than anything, anything I ever eat!! I'm stuck on your ribs, I love to nibble them all day, Your simply the best!!
stevie v
Great value for money, love seeing a plate FULL of food.. Awesome for the kids too :)
Frances T
Go on an empty tummy, you'll walk out more than satisfied and that's without dessert
Sophie G
Thanks for Ma's yum birthday dinner. Kids left their thoughts on the colouring page provided, Paige 9 liked "the ribs", Blake,11 liked "service" and Cole, 6 liked "the ladies". LOL Enjoyed by all :-)
Rachel T
Best place EVER to take kids! Great service, amazing food, love all the little extras for the kids - makes dining out with the family easy! Thanks Lone Star.
Stacey M
5 years in NZ today AND Ethan's 11th Birthday! Off to Lone Star Newmarket tonight to celebrate!!!
Darren H
Love your steaks , and the great decor along with awesome service.
craig s
We used to come so many times a week we almost couldn't pay the bills! Talk about addictive... And all I'd order was those magnificent ribs!
Yosef S
Bestest ever part about the ribs is the kids absolutely adore them and we get a "doggybag" so they get to have them cold in their lunches the next day - we LOVE Lone Star xx
Di H
Lone star is our favourite FAMILY destination, birthdays anniversary, friends gathering or just a treat :-) and the kids love it
Gaynor M
i always enjoy my visits , the staff are awesome and the foods pretty darn good too
Howard H
it's great being able to go somewhere with great food that I can take my son and it's fantastic that I can take a quick snap and send it to my sister who gets jealous as there is no lonestar near her
Alana P
Roses are red Violets are blue Nothing but Lone Star Is good enough for you! The food is delicious The staff are just great You'll never wanna leave there Without licking your plate!!
Rachel P
The Lone Star menu is to die for!! The Jack Daniels dessert is divine, the cocktails are always spot on and the staff are friendly & helpful. I'd recommend to all!
Shani M
My partner and I always go to lonestar when we have no kids this our place to go. The food is always delicious!
Renee R
Haven't been out to dinner since our 3rd child was born over a year ago. I'm STILL raving about the pork belly and the cheesecake!
Tracey D
Have never had the chance to visit lonestar but I hear it is a fantastic place to dine with scummy yummy meals. Will definately be visiting in the near future
Sharon M
Love Lonestar Palmy! Staff are always awesome never disappointed. Kids love it and hate it when I go without them but mama needs her girl time! GO THE DIXIE!!!!!! ★★★
Sonya B
Wish I had a birthday every month then I could come and have tea at the best place in Dunedin to eat ask anyone that no's me if I can go out and eat its always the lonestar :)
Karla B
Great place to relax and enjoy amazing food! Something for everyone to enjoy .... even those fussy ones :-)
Shelley C
Lone Star is always our first choice where to eat and spend time with family and friends to celebrate our birthdays. Great atmosphere, yummy food and fantastic friendly staff :-)
MIchelle M
We just love the lonestar Awesome food, awesome service, awesome everything. We go there quite often and have never had a bad meal.
Tracey M
yummy yummy yummy in my tummy!!!!
nicolle b
We love lonestar!! we can relax and have a meal while the kids do their colouring in! Thanks Lonestar you are just wonderful
sarah w
Go to the Lone Star, firstly visit the Bar Then have the ribs cause there will be no moans because the only thing left on the plates are BONES.......
Ana P
lone star has yummy food i recommend it to every one all family and friends
paige s
Lone Star is simply the best , the food is great the service is awesome this has to be one of the best restaurants in the world
georgie m
Love the new look for the Tauranga branch looks amazing and the food is still amazing as always.
Que ann L
Love love love loanstar ! Amazing food, huge meals, and always in great locations!
Magi G
I have always loved going to Lone Star to Dine when we are having big dinner parties as the staff are always amazing and well accomodating with no hassles!! Just as good as when me and my partner go!
Melissa W
No cowboys and better than Indians! First visit to Albany tonight very friendly, brilliant service and exceptional food, thank you we will be visiting again - the kids loved it too!
Mick S
Love going to Lone Star Dunedin always so accommodating and informative helped me with my food allergies heading back tonight again. Love your work guys keep it up :)
Outstanding service and food! Amazing atmosphere. My favourite place to dine!!
Kirk P
Yummy, Yummy, Yummy, I've got love in my tummy!!!! :0) JEM
Janey M
Went to Lone Star Tga for a girls night out and it was great! Delish food...especially the chocolate mousse dessert!...amazing!
I have been to many a Lonestar around NZ - simply because I always know that the food and service are always excellent. I love the meals, the atmosphere, the friendly staff, and the margaritas! :)
Stephanie H
Loving the warm and friendly staff. Very efficient with services and will be coming back with my family again. ;-D well done
Tracy J
i came for my works 3rd birthday! and it was lovely, the outside by the fire i cold just curl up with a wine and live there! but i wont dw.. haha great place!!
Braxton E
Had a fantastic birthday dinner and came back the following Saturday night. Great staff, delicious food, yummy drinks. Couldn't ask for more and will go back again soon. :D
Greta W
Whenever our family goes on holiday, I make sure there is a Lone Star restaurant before we go to that place, because I love it. When I turned 8 this year, I got a t-shirt that I wear all the time!
Aidan R
We only dine with L S Hamilton, great warm friendly staff, who cater for the whole family, big meals, you always leave feeling full and Kids are very happy too.
Yvette J
Told my wife that I would look at taking her to the newly opened Lone Star in Albany - very excited! With 3 young kids it's a challenge to go out!!
Rhys W
A big shout out for Lone Star, Wanaka. We're getting saddled up and can't wait to return to our favourite spot on the range! Mel
Mel W
Just made my husband's day...telling him we will be going to Lone Star for his birthday dinner in a few weeks! He's salivating already :)
Melanie F
Anna T
I would want my last meal on earth to be Dixie Chicken from Lone Star. It's my third true love (after my husband and the kids).
Jessie L
Last night after a feed at the Lone Star, I lay in bed looking up at the stars in the sky and I thought to myself, where the hell is the ceiling!
Brett P
What can I say?? I LOVE LOVE LOOOOOVE Loanstar wish I could get it every day keep up the great work guys! Mainly you guys at Petone!!
Crystal B
My fiancé and I came in on our 1 year anniversary. The service was superb, the staff super friendly and the meals, omg the meals were AMAZING!!!!!
Tracey K
LOVE going to the lone star my hubby loves the ribs and steak - so no listening to him complaining always great atmosphere and great service
sandra g
Hi Would love to come and have a triple celebration- my birthday,daughter graduated and son and partner are expecting twin boys so Lone Star make a perfect celebration occasion!
Lynda J
Hubby took me to Lonestar for a meal.First time ever there, wot an awsum experience. The hospitality there was excellant, and the food was fabulous!! Wud definetely go there again.
Farina M
fabulous food makes my mouth water every time i hear the word lonestar
Derrin S
Lone Star is the perfect place to relax with friends. Lone Star Dunedin-you guys are epic and super friendly :)
Alana M
Thanks for treating us like family. We always feel like we are coming home for a fantastic meal!!!
Christine Y
If the Lone Star was a person, he would be Jesus
Grace B
Johnny cash would be proud of this place absolutely beautiful food made from us amazing unique kiwis !!
Paula W
Coming from a girl that has travelled the world- who would've thought that delicious Spanish margaritas and classic US ribs could be served this marvelously at a place so far from home!
Franzie D
Not a-Lone anymore - Lone Star's coming to Albany - hee-haa!! Tracy duP
Tracy d
Always trust that the food is gluten free when i come and delicious!! It's always consistently great every time.
Chelsea t
One Time @ Lone Star .......
Evelyn R
The best ribs ever!
Tony W
Its my birthday soon =) on the 22nd even tehe would love a voucher to have some yummy ribs for my 25th =) woop woop paaarrrtttyy 🎁
Hailey W
more food than you can shake a stick at!!!!
kirsten h
My sisters and I went in casual wear - a lecturer, a teacher, a manager and a dental nurse and we were treated like royalty. What an awesome team! You should be very proud New Lynn Lonestar..
Christina L
went there for the 1st time was really awesome we will be back again :)
Catherine Marie L
To Lonestar, Victoria Street in Hamilton, two weeks ago while on business, was my first experience dining out and it was the best dining I could have asked for!!!
Bonnie W
I used to live in Christchurch and go to the loan star now I'm living close to Hamilton I look forward to going to lonestar Hamilton.
Veronica D
My children love your food, particularly the ribs and dixie chicken. Thanks also for remembering my son's upcoming birthday, he was very impressed!!! You made his day.
Delwyn S
DEEEELISH! Everytime, which for us is alot! :)
Nicole H
We were in Taupo with the kids and decided to dine at Lone Star there. The staff were fantastic, meal was fantastic & was impressed with the way that the staff related to the young kids.
Louie P
Really, really looking forward to Lone Star opening in Masterton.
Vanessa-Jayne H
Heard about Lone Star opening in Albany within walking distance. I've been waiting ages for some amazing steak. I'll be first in the door when you open. Okay maybe second.
Dustin P
My sis in law came all the way from Scotland to get married and where did we take her for her wedding dinner, you got it Lone Star, wedding dress and all
Alan M
I just can't get enough of those chips...
Richard O
Great place, great food, great company
Sophie A
Best restaurant ever would love a voucher to go towards our meal when we head to duners to watch the steel😘
Rebecca F
Go ahead, make my day...with a Lone Star voucher! xx
Claire S
Lone Star Loaf...nom nom nom carb loading!
Tiffany C
Girls luncheon in June - watch out!
Marie L
Lone Star takeaways for tea tonight... yum! Bringing my dad in for his 82nd birthday in a couple of weeks... we're all looking forward to it
Tracey R
We absolutely love your food, and we like to come most months for a romantic dinner. She graduates next week, maybe chance you can shoot me a special deal so i can surprise her?
Vivian N
Eating at Lone Star reminds me of "the end of Big Joe and Phantom 309". Can you name the legendary country western artist?
Tony N
i still dream about those chicken fajitas that used to be on the menu they were my all time favourite. my mouth is watering now just thinking about them. BRING THEM BACK
aeejay l
My family love Lone Star! We especially love to Lassoo a Hog and Rock the Boat ! SHANK you Lone Star- you'll always be the Honky Tonk to our chicken!
Krystina I
Can't wait to celebrate my 10 year wedding anniversary dinner at the new lonestar timaru!!!
kirstin s
Waitakere Lone Star, your food and service rocks. We enjoy our dining experience there all the time ... Well done!
GREAT FOOD you just wanna keep coming back for!
Petrina G
The meals... Oooohhhhhhhh Yeeeaaaahhhhh!!! Now thas what I'm chalkin' bout =)
Moana W
Your portions remind me that "everything is bigger in Texas!" Eating at Lone Star is always a treat!
Tony N
Fantastic Ambience for any Event. Great evening out on the deck; and how spoilt! Warm night with glowing fireplace. Cheers
Leeann G
I just came home from my sons Auckland camp! Guess where we had dinner? Lonestar - it was awesome, the food was hot and on time (44 of us!) Well Done Lonestar - A mammoth task and you aced it!
karen f
Prawn Star. OMG I die. So good. Best food coma ever.
Grace S
Nothing better when you are wanting a hearty meal! Hits the spot every time :D
Madison B
We love you sooo much LoneStar... Your Gluten Free menu makes it sooo much easier for me to take my girl (who has Coeliacs) out for a beautiful dinner...
Samantha C
ĹöńĕşťäŘ maīņıäč§!!!! Come over and enjoy your fævőüřīťə meals made by the genius çhēf§ of ŁoneŠtař....Ënjöý:-):O
Fauzia K
Staff great with kids, kids love going there. Lone star is 1 of the very few restaurants everyone in the extended family agrees on! hoping to be back for mothers day! Yum, cant wait!
Mandy B
That moment when you really want to try something else but you can't because the Dixie Chicken and Coleslaw is so amazing!
Ella R
Love the dunedin lone star..such a great top food...
Maureen C
A nice ambience dining place to go to with good service and with excellent consistency of food quality.
Sharon P
'Mum and Dad said if we can both hide in this bag, they can sneak us into LoneStar for a giant feed!'
Trevor L
You don't need to be a 'Loner' or a 'Star' to enjoy a great meal at Lone Star.
Trevor L
First time back on Saturday night since I finished working there. Food was amazing as always :)
Odessa E
That moment when you crave Lonestar but cant decide, and just want it all including Kahlua & moro cheesecake yummm
Ria P
My absolute favorite restaurant!! The Manchester St one is the best (:
Kalia W
Always a pleasureable dining experience, staff are fantastic no matter what one I've been to and Dixie Chicken. All I can say about that is OMG. You rock! :)
Megan M
Try Wellington's Burrito. They are the best!
Tracey M
the one we can go and never be disappointed great time every time we go aww some lone star
debbie b
Just tried Manukau Lonestar and was blown away by the excellent service and food. Celebrating our 4 year olds birthday and received complimentary pavlova and candle so sweet
Loretta B
whats up lone star people
george p
Lone Star Manx, your food and service quality is five star! We love you
Rhea M
Elizabeth W
Love the food & atmosphere at Lone Star!! :)
Katie R
i have been to lone star countless times with my boyfriend and every time the meal was just perfect. my recent lonestar meal was in invercargill. they never get anything wrong x
monita n
Had the best meal at Lone Star Dunedin, all the staff are so kind, helpful and welcoming, and the food was perfect! Will be back next month for my birthday! Best restaurant in Dunedin! xoxo
Sam S
Went to lone star last night with my sister - YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMM. Great food and amazing staff. thanks Lonestar
Elsa C
You make my day Lone Star, your Dixie Chicken is to die for. Well done
Sandra F
Coming to Rotorua Lone Star end of May for my girlfriends birthday trip. Fingers crossed she likes it :D
James H
I do not have a dishwasher. I dont want to do dishes on Mothers Day.
Carleen M
My husband & I love the lone star! Fantastic food every time :D
Rina L
You're Honky Tonk is YEE-HA! Can't wait to Saturday night!!
Hayley A
I <3 LONESTAR! Deff coming back for my bday!
Sam B
My wife and I went to Lone star for our Wedding Anniversary dinner.Perfect meal to finish a perfect day.
peter w
Haven't gone out in 'for-heifer'!So glad my friends 'steered' me here!We were all 'hoofing' a great time 'shearing' desserts and some 'tails' to go along with them.Thanks Lone Star! Moo.
Marissa H
Love the new Pukekohe Lone Star! Sat in the outdoor area, so perfect and warm. Vegetarian Nacho's, delish! Can't wait to go again :)
Meaghan L
The Sister Jane's Ginger Pud is sensational, just like Mum used to make.
Sue S
Lone Star Devonport is our go-to restaurant and we are never disappointed! Red-neck ribs & the Lone star loaf are my all time favourites :) so excited for the opening of the Albany restaurant!
Katherine M
Lonestar you make the best ribs. Ever. In the world. Amen.
Katie D
We Love Lone Star!!!
Gina H
Rene & Doug H
Loved being at Lone Star Petone on Saturday night, AWESOME FOOD AND AWESOME SERVICE. The wait was totally worth it. Thanks everyone! Be back again soon :):):):)
Stephanie D
Can't WAIT to be eating at the Lone Star in Wellington this Friday night. Guaranteed amazing food! :)
Stephanie D
Friends post on fb how great you guys are but i have never been before. I am definitely going 2 have 2 head in & try next time we go out 4 dinner as a family. The kids menu looks fantastic.
Anthea D
Eating at Lone star Gisborne is such a nice experience. The meals are always of the highest standard and the staff are great. In fact, I will be eating dinner there again tonight.
Chris M
Jayde W
LOVE our palmy restaurant, fab food, amazing service and always a great night out - see ya soon xx - Go the Dixie!!!!
Sonya B
The special meal for our family occasions are always at Lone Star, Always excellent and satisfying. Thanks to all staff for the great meals and night out. Karen and whanau xx
Karen T
Dear Lonestar. This Sunday will be my first dining experience. I wonder what delights you will have for me? Please be gentle. Sincerely, Nervous&excited. #hotlikejalapenos #hungryfordatsteakdoe
Danielle d
Best place EVER!!!!!!!!
Jean A
Loved the staff and food!! Great service and delicious meals!! Will be going back soon!!! For my second visit soon!!
Emma J
Great stuff Lone Star!
Dave J
The cocktails are amazing !!!!
Olivia S
Looking forward to FRI birthday munchies on @@ LONEStar #whanau
Jess H
OMG love love love Im in love with Prawnstar see you tonight!!!
joanne b
Excited as .... our first trip to Lone Star tonight ! eeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Melissa R
I loved the rump steak at the restaurant. Looking forward to coming back for more meaty logs :)
Hugh J
Mmm miss lone star, must pop in for a meal again soon :-)
Rachel B
they are friendly people and helpful every time we go there.
tania b
The day we got engaged we celebrated at lone star! Thanks for the good meal and the strong drinks and the killer stairs! (Nearly broke my neck) Topped off an amazing day! :)
Charlotte T
I just saw your "Fit for a King" pic on Facebook and am wondering how much that particular meal is please? My wedding anniversary is just around the corner and if I can afford to come for a meal.
Tracey W
Just had the best ribs ever. The staff are always so friendly and the food hits the spot eveytime.
Tony L
Looking forward to finally dragging the husband along this week for his birthday.....he is a rib freak!!!
Hayley V
The King Salmon dish is to die for and the Redneck Ribs, my daughters favourite meal at Lonestar was delicious. Cheesecake the best ever ..well done Gizzy Lonestar for such an awesome evening!!
marcia d
Lone Star is always my go to when a night out is needed! Love the food, the staff are fantastic, and my goodness the meals are enormous! Just thinking about it makes me want to head there right now!
Sarah P
When Mum asks where I'd like to go for dinner - I always pick Lone Star
Shay J
Always great service and a great meal never come away wondering "so what's for dinner" AJ
Alannah J
What an awesome place to eat. Great food, beautiful environment and excellent service. Recommended highly...A+++...THANKS GUYS!
Jasmine G
Favorite Restaurant! Cajun Chicken and Redneck Ribs are to die for :)
David O
Saveth P
Will be so hungry after dancing the nights/days away at WOMAD.Will definately need to refuel.What better place than LONESTAR!See you soon or sooner if the weather packs up
Sue F
love New Plymouth Loan Star staff, they are friendly and always have a smile, good on you all
meredith g
Looking forward to the opening of Albany....:)
Jenny H
So glad Pukekohe now has Lone Star! The staff are lovely and super friendly and its a warm, great, family orientated place. My kids love it!! LOVE the creme brûlée and oh yum yum the iced coffee!!
Keli T
Thanks to the great waitress that made our daughter have a really great birthday meal on the 26th of feb. she really is a star
Dave H
Let me know the date of the Albany Lonestar openning and i'll be there with bells on!
Harriet H
So excited to finally be moving to a town that has Lone Star... :)
Kate K
Let me have those chunky chips and fill my glass with a great beer. When I have finished I know I will be fed and watered. Where better to go, than my local Lone Star establishment.
Gary M
GREAT night out with the girls! A must do again. Thanx guys!!
Ev B
Lone* where r u 2night This feeling Im trying to fight dark,down in my tummy So hungry not funny! How far u r I just dont know distance Im willing to go the closest to me my local Lone* Petone!
Bex D
Nom I <3 lone star cheesecakes mmmmmmmmm
Rachel B
In town from Australia and LOVED our first Lone Star experience! Couldn't fault our meals. We'll be visiting again before we leave NZ
Jessica I
Mum said "I'm not cooking tonight". 4 hungry kids+staving hubbie = dinner @ Lone Star! Fabo family night out!
Nikki S
Time to ditch the husbands and the children, girls night out, dinner and a movie, love that Lone Star Papanui do this deal. Always amazing food
Sarah H
Hi, I'm only twelve and I haven't been to lone star yet. I live in Timaru and I always have school. Tonight I get to choose what we have for tea, and I choose........... LONE STAR!
Peta O
Dixie Chicken is my craving, 20 weeks pregnant and needing 2 servings a week. I might just name the baby 'Dixie' ....even talking about it gets me wanting....
karen f
You should have the $10 medium grab a meals all the time , good business and more customers ^_^ yahhooo
Mercemilane M
Its my birthday and I'll eat all of LoneStar's menu if I want to! Especially if I have a $50 voucher .. hint hint nudge nudge! :P
Rachael M
Daniel L
I want 'all you can eat' BBQ ribs, Pork Ribs...RIBS RIBS NIGHT...who's up for this??
Raj N
10 Year Anniversary, Loanstar was our choice. No babysitters, our two year old came too. Tantrums came next. Ended up eating dinner on couch! Sitter now visiting. Please let us re-do our anniversary.
Natasha M
Heading to yours tonight for my father-in-law's bday. A roast and three-veg type of guy, it will be good to spice it up with your rad menu. Hope it's a winner with him because you have already won us!
Caralise T
Juice Newton should be bottled and sold!
Kim P
My friends and I are heading your way tonight. We have all been arguing over the menu and what to get. All your meals are amazing so we are having a lot of difficulty choosing. So much fun. ;)
Verity D
oops did a lonestar grab a loaf didn't know had to use today? Hope someone else gets to enjoy the food today! G
Gaylene W
Martin S
My Birthdays comin up so I'll see you again very soon, bringing the whole family so should be filling and amazing once again, hard to get this place of my brain.
Shane G
Helen J
coming to lone star tonight cant wait
Kathryn S
We couldnt celebrate without Lone Star, the ribs, pork,chicken and even the bar, make our birthdays what they are. So much Id love to say, but i'll end with saying I wish it was my birthday EVERYDAY
Aimee M
The meal was fantastic and the cocktails we were like desert in your mouth. Great size meal we will be dining out thanks to you guys a lot more in the near future A+++++ absolutely brilliant
susan y
Coming out for dinner tonight at Lone Star to celebrate my brother's 21st! His favourite place to go!
Shannen L
Argh! We moved to Blenheim and there is NO Lone Star here, what are we going to do?? Looks like a few trips to Nelson are in order, hope they are just as good as the Christchurch ones!!
Alison P
Yee Ha! LS are making Love and not War! If I had not been sitting in my chair, I would have fallen to my knees over the Johnny Cash Stash! Indeed a tender loving experience! Viva La LS!
Debbie P
Whenever I dine at the Petone Lonestar there is always outstanding service and an awesome vibe as soon as you walk through the door. The food is delicious and I always look forward to coming back.
Sinead C
Always leave here with happy bellies and a giant smiles on our faces! Can't fault a thing!
Michelle H
First time to Lone Star Gisborne ...Great service and food! Great night!! Definitely will be back for more.
Morgan N
I took my man here on his birthday last year, he loved it.Tuesday 21st, it is our 2 year anniversary and i've already booked a table for us there. so excited! p.s WE LOVE YOUR REDNECK RIBS x
Macaela G
Lone Star you have the best food I have ever tasted ,The Kids food is just FABULOUS and GREAT ! value . Wrap star is definitely my favourite and I will keep coming always. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!
Georgia m
had dinner at Dunedin lone star and the sevice and food was excellent very friendly helpful staff even shared our birthday cake with them thankyou so much
Andrea B
My partner has never had the pleasure of dining at the Lone Star.... can't wait to be able to treat him. I know he will love, love, love it
Sharee b
pukekohe lone star is da bomb
steven g
. I have recently finished my degree and I promised my children that with my first pay check I will take them to the Lone Star. Shouldn't be too long now!
Natalie H
Becoming a vegetarian at Lonestar is a huge.. missed steak!!!
Dan J
Each year I take my family to Lone Star on my birthday...and I pay...seems to be a full house each year on my birthday too! Thanks Lone Star!
Rangi W
Best. Cocktails. Ever!
Linsey D
Awesome way to celebrate my 40th.....Get the V.I.P room!!!!
Tracey B
The best dine out i have ever being ...with the qty of meal wow and taste is out of the world must importantly very good services. i will recommend everyone to feel lone star
Ajesh S
Totes def amaze balls. . . Cant wait to return with all my friends again soon.
Jessica o
Timaru is the best LoneStar
Jamie S
Hi lone star I love your spare ribs yummmmmmmmmmm
Kenza T
Thank you for an amazing meal, and the service, faultless!!!
Mel p
I love the food! It's the most amazing food I have ever had! i also love how you give out great deals everyday!!! you guys are so cool!
yuko d
Taking Jon there for his Birthday. Just don't mention his age... he doesn't want to know lol. Toni S
Toni S
Neat place to dine quick service lovely meals
Nina M
Awesome place to celebrate a 40th !!!
barb j
Wots not ta like Meat - great Spuds - great Slaw - great Chase it down with a cold bevy followed by a sweet treat to set your taste bud rolling!
carol m
Poor me, never been to a Lonestar!! I wanna go.....
Shannon H
I love Lone Star delicious, classy, beautiful food best restaurant ever! Get your money's worth yeah buddy!
Agnes L
Gotta wear your elastic pants when you go to Lone Star! Its too good!!
stevie v
Num num!
Bryce M
I come from a family where gravy is considered a beverage.
nick s
Divine & Delicious..... I've been to Dixie Chicken and back!
Jared B
love lone star, best food ever, finally has come to Timaru. Can't wait to go again!!!!!!
Emily J
just sent out invites for bestiez bday dinner at her FAV LONESTAR xx
Kiri I
My Daughter turned 16 and what was her first choice ?? LONESTAR with a group of friends of course!!! YUMMY FOOD AND LOTS OF LAUGHS - what a sweet 16th party xx :)
Kim-Marie C
thanks for grabameal voucher g
Jeen H
Dear Lone Star, You complete me. Forever yours, Stomach.
Jo F
Wickedly good, mighty good food and great atmosphere. Highly recommended to all.
Maxine S
THANK YOU! Lone Star has proved the girls and I the opportunity to catch up once again. Awesome atmosphere that captures the western spirit felt nowhere else in NZ and even greater food. YeeHah!
jessica H
Lone Star -Timaruuuuu has been waiting for youuuu and we are not disappointed!Welcome ,good to have you here :)
Jo m
my 12yr has wanted 2 celebrate his birthday @LoneStar 4 2yrs, closest being 1hr away it still hasn't happened, I'm hoping next big 13th I can treat him & his sister out, he definitely deserves a treat
Kirsty S
I'm loving the Lone Star Dunedin and enjoyed using a grab a meal voucher for your divine Lone Star loaf with dinner Friday night. Thanks and yum. :-)
Desirée A
dam mighty fine ribs ,it set me up for a hard nights work ahead of me ,keep it up lonestar yeehaaa
Mike H
Had a great anniversary dinner tonight at Lone Star. The team were amazing and the food excellent. Kept my daughter happy and distracted too :)
Rachel O
Had your Ribs last week...mmmmm yum SO GOOD!
charlotte e
Ribs I miss you! Its been a little while but I'm wondering if you want 2 meet up on Sat night? it could be just the 2 of us? or better yet we could make it a group thing? I promise not 2 get 2 messy!
jacob d
Best coffee I've had in for AGES at Lone Star Petone tonight.... And steak and buffalo chips and coleslaw.... And coffee!!
Emma W
Another year has rolled by and I am almost officially another year older so I can't wait to get my hands on that big ole plate of ribs mmmmmmm!!!
Daniel S
Saddled up and decided to hoof it along to Lone Star. Filled the nosebag, AND the saddlebags, then waddled home, tail swishing. The grass sure is greener over at Lone Star! YEEHAA!
Clare S
love this place good food good people
mika k
Best chicken meal I have ever tasted! Hubby devoured his steak with relished delight, he's turning 40 shortly and has requested Loan Star for dinner yay Deidre & Shane
Deidre I
Best service best value meal can't wait for Lone Star to open in Timaru.
Sandi F
Good value meals for the price
cheryl c
Lone Star Dunedin - you rock!! Thanks Davey & the team. Was there for my birthday tea. Mmmm Dixie Chicken with mash & extra sauce ... Thx Dale xox
Dale C
The food and service was great . I would definitely recommend This eatery to all mmmmm the lamb was to die forv
Evelyn R
I see heaps of stars but just one Shiny star. That's not so far.I Love to be there & smack my lips... A shiny Star thats not so Far, Its my Favorite LONE STAR.....
nidhi s
Best place in town,wife N I decided to make another visit or two or three, then I registered as I would like to share all this with my mates and family.
Sam M
Great meal,great time, and Hayley was great. Can you put a button on your cash register so that I could add a tip to my bill. Using my credit card is easier for the accountant
Stuart L
school holiday madness... arrrggghhhh so much noise, so much to do, so many fights, so much fun, so little time, lovin it
Jenny r
Amazing food, amazing restaurant, amazing service. Awesome massive meals, best meal this student has had in a long time that's for sure!
Emily D
Had the best waiter last night in New Plymouth he was fantastic should of got his name so could do a proper shout out
Shelley W
NEW Lone Star is the same mint standards as the old one, familiar faces i served many moons ago at Rockpool! You guys Rock at what ya do, so keep doing doing it! PS,fall in love, not in line
Tasha K
Bring back jalapeño poppers ... spicy, creamy, crispy goodness!
Tania M
Best ever feast for when i'm feeling like a hungry beast. 10/10 everytime. Great service too!
Stacey W
It was awesome food and portions..Had a gala time..would love to join you guys again... :)
Mandy S
had the best night out at Northlands lone star in August! Awesome people and place thanks team!
bridgit v
I have been to the Lone Star twice in the last month and have had outstanding food and service on both occasions. Well Done!!
Alison P
Hi at Lone Star Hamilton 18th September Happy 9th Birthday Tullio love always Mum & Dad Farmer Jones xoxo
pauletta J
"Lone Star Loaf Enough said"
Robyn H
I have really missed Lonestar Manchester. Lif e has sucked since the earthquake but this, to me, is a sign that things are finally on the up! Love Kim
Kim M
Rode in on the Nor-wester Blast,Lassooed a Hog, quenched my thirst with a Mango Margy, would have enjoyed a couple of Amigos but alas my boots were full. Always the best Saloon Stop:)
Janine A
Haven't been to Lone Star since I was 18 (now 23) and I am so impressed by your website even!! Haha really cool guys. Thank you for the grabameal! Up here for thinking! highly recommend you!
Amanda N
Lovely o 4 oarsome night out eristible so delicious tasty amazing ridiculously yum cant wait till Thursday
Waimarie A
Here we Come again! Great place with great value meals. Friends and family can save their recommendations cs we know where we wana go!
Olivia W
Took Dad to the lonestar for his first him $10 he wouldn't finish his entire meal after he told me how hungry he was! Easiest $10 ever made - he had left overs for lunch x
Rachel G
Our family is having a Tri-Birthday celebration at Manukau Lone Star tonite! Dads 61st, my Hubbys 34th & Sisters 18th!! Always an enjoyable experience... Yee Haa
natalie t
Taking my darling out to Lone Star in Dunedin for his birthday. It's certain to be a manly feast. :-)
Tania K
Taking my dad to Pukekohe Lone Star tomorrow night for his 66th birthday, he loves old western movies so I think he is really going to enjoy the decor and dish names :) Happy birthday Miguel x
Katie P
#mmm #yum #filling #tasty #nz #delicious #dessert #perfection #happy #memories #moments #friends #family #:)
Janine W
Can't wait for a feed of Dixie Chicken on Friday night - Lana's big 40 b'day to celebrate yeeha
Maggie M
Yehaah! Hope to see you see all Saturday evenin' in Pukekohe, the boys are bringing Dad into town for Dinner. She is coming too!! CU there Dad.
Dad B
I was here for Valentines Day.I was still eating my Chicken Caesar Salad the next day lol.Huge meals, awesome service and now I want to shout ma 3 friends who so derserve it, PLZ HELP.
Paula P
dining there tonight but I wont be the 'Lone Star" as i'm taking 10 friends with me. Thanx Lone Star, you're a fab place for a good meal out. Hugs to all who work there. fab peeps.
annetta s
Lov'n the new Lonestar in Christchurch after the re-build! Its Fantastic!
jill W
Can't wait to try out the new Lonestar in Puke tomorrow night for mine and hubbys 11 yr wedding annivesary!
Stacey H
YE HA!!! Lone star is finally in Pukekohe and open!! You all Rock! See you again Next week lol!
June C
Our first date was at the Lonestar Manchester Street and we're coming up to our 8th wedding anniversary now! Thanks guys!
Dal S
Looking forward to dining in tonight for dinner ! Hope it's as good as everyone says :)
Memory R
Bring back the Fajitas PLEASE. Especially the Fajita platter for two.
Allen T
lonestar pukekohe, the biggest and brightest star coming to pukekohe, so heres a golden star for you LONESTAR PUKEKOHE
petro l
Lonestar ribs - perfect test for a first date. Any man that can't handle a lady demolishing ribs isn't worth having!
Andrea C
Can not wait to dine at the new Lonestar in Pukekohe this week. It looks great and I've heard nothing but good things about the service, venue and most importantly FOOD! Much welcome asset to Puke.
Tarina H
We had our daughter wedding breakfast at Dunedin Lone Star 4 years ago...Was fantastic!! Can't wait for the Timaru one to open!
Sonya B
Wow Lonestar we loved the cool kids drinks, the staff are lovely and the meals are enormous and deserts are wonderful ,plenty of value for money :)
Caroline G
OMG! The Redneck Ribs are amazing! Combined with the legendary hoisin, orange and sesame seed sauce, nothing in town comes even close to this food sensation. I'm never disappointed.
Nigel B
Traveling from Thames to Dunedin to have my Birthday Dinner with friends and Family in the Lone Star Dunedin.
Rosie T
Oh. my. word. The yummiest, most scrumptious, delicious, tastiest, everything meal ever. T h a n k y o u L o n e s t ar! See you again soon ;)
Katy C
YeeHaa!! Im coming to the LoneStar for an amazing Dixie Chicken Meal with my friends for my birthday next week can't wait!!!
Casey L
Love your movie meal deal at the Papanui restaurant!! The service was amazingly fast too. our meals arrived within 5 minutes!!
Lucinda N
Am taking my family out tonight to Petone restaurant. looking forward to dining tonight.
tiana m
Finally going home, on my 21st back to the original christchurch location of the redneck large stack. Best meal i've ever had!!
Jaydn H
Can't wait to take hubby to the new restaurant in CHCH city. Missed it being there
Sharon B
Yum, love lone star, just diagnosed gluten free.... do you have gluten free options?
Janine G
Fear is never a reason for quitting, it is only an excuse. Forget about your makeup and get stuck into those redneck ribs. You won't regret it.
alana w
finally going to try the menu at lone star excited much see ya tonight :)
tash c
I've been here for 6 years and am homesick,alone and depressed.This is the only restaurant I'll go to as it's the only one that reminds me of home-Texas.Lone Star has saved my sanity in an odd way.
Raven S
Welcome back, you have been missed. No other pub has the same feeling and your drinks and food always tastes the best.
Brian G
Lone Star is the best place to have dinner with friends, fun and well worth the money!
Vanessa V
Sooooo happy that you are open again tonight!!!! Will be attending and wrapping my lips around your gorgeous much missed food!
Lynn W
Lone Star has the best jugs... Margaritas all round!
Sophie M
Heading to Lone Star next week - showing my Aussie Uncle and Aunty how Lone Star Cafe can beat any Aussie Cafe - hands down. Just like the All Blacks are going to beat the Wallabies!!
Miranda G
Been coming for god knows how many years and the damn food just keeps getting better. See you very doon damn you !!!
brendan b
Great nachos in Taupo over the holidays - thanks!
Thomas S
Our group of 30+ came and celebrated over the weekend, I must say. Service was on point! Loved the food! And the atmosphere was great! Price damage was well worth it. Thank you lone star - Newmarket!
Antoinette T
Lovely meals, reasonable prices, kind staff, children friendly and a nice 'n' cosy room!!
Nicola A
I had a lovely meal at the Lone Star Dunedin last Thursday night. It was divine!! :-)
Desirée A
its so nice to pop out for a meal and get a decent size like you would at home, love knowing i never leave your place with and empty tummy wanting more, the petone team are my ANGELS,
Amy B
when my frd away from oversea, the first thing she said to me, " i really miss to foody ay Lonestar...." this place and food has something special that make people wanna come back!
Anna K
Thank you Dunedin Lonestar!! Visited today and was VERY impressed! Lovely food,lovely atmosphere & awesome staff!! Will definitely be back again soon! Two thumbs up!! :)
helen r
we enjoyed a fantastic meal of prawns for entree and fillet steak for main. Both cooked to perfection! Served up hot and flavourfull.Service was great too!. Thanks Lonestar New Plymouth
Darrell W
Visited Papanui Lone Star with work mates tonight~The atmosphere was awesome, the food a delight! Can't wait for next time!
liz O
Super good food at LoneStar!! Love it each time me & the family go!!
Roxanne R
just great evening with my was top class.would definitely go back
sanjay s
tonight was my first night @ LONE STAR, and I love every moment of it all. definitely will be coming back to try out a different main meal. #I#love#every#minute#of#it#
You guys make me and my family feel like we are in some cowboy town here in NZ which is cool and the big hearty meals are just great and filling just like real cowboy food
Cameron S
No matter where you go Lone Star staff make you feel welcome and the service is just fantastic. Have several preferred Lone Stars but Papanui is our nearest. Thank you for great nights out.
Raewyn M
Going to papanui Lonestar on friday for my b'day, gonna be awesome. DIXIE CHICK yummy :) we moved so I missed getting a b'day voucher but I don't care its gonna be worth it yeeeehaaaaaa :)
John H
Cant wait to use my birthday voucher you guys sent me next week and enjoy a dixie chicken yummmmo
Kcee G
I have absolutely loved the Lone Star loaf in the cold days of Dunedin recently and I am looking forward to it at dinner tomorrow or maybe Friday if I can wait that long! Its so nice and hot! Yum! :-)
Desirée A
Had the best night at Lonestar Riccarton on Saturday. Had a function, with great people. But honestly it was topped off by the amazing staff and amazing Food! Thanks Lonestar!!
Amy H
Just smashed back one of the best Prawn Stars in Hamilton. Jessie gave the best service and dinner was on the table within minutes. Epic experience for business trips.
Shaun J
Lone Star is the best - we always go here for our family birthday dinners - we so look forward to the next birthday, so we can come back and more yummy food.
Susan S
*The Lone Star* *A* *~Perfect Place~* *For* ~Starting That~ *Perfect* *~Relationship~*
Sasha H
Finally kicked cancers ass! Guess where i'll be having my celebratory dinner??? Been hanging out for lone star! Drooooooooool!!!!
Clare G
I love the ribs at Lone Star, i loved dining there with my late husband Gordon.
audrey w
partner and i are regulars at the Invercargill Lone Star - they have the best staff, but now if they would only give me the mushroom sauce receipe......
Janine R
Looking forward to Lone Star opening in Timaru - somewhere a bit closer for us.
Melissa M
I spent lots of time at the Lone star Dunedin my dad and his friends were regulars for years they even had their own beer mugs :) Had a lot of yummy meals
Louisa W
Just found my lone star T-Shirt from when I was little! I use to sit in the big wooden chair at the entrance, & every time a customer would come to the door, I'd jump up and open it for them! #toocute
Sophie W
Puhlease puhlease (begging here!) do lamb ribs for those of us who don't eat pork
Leigh-Anne P
i love lone star you make fab meals i wish you were open for lunch though we would be there all the time
sharon z
My son reminds me of when he was 7, his nan had passd & a song was playin in the back round remind him of her &he got upset,ur staff gav him a free top to cheer him up, made his day, Priceless :)
Bex H
Sure looking forward to having me some redneck ribs tonight. Happy 4th of July USA!
Steph K
I Love your menu! I had the Honkey Tonk Chicken last week we will deff be coming back :)
Amy s
Its my birthday this week-end and it would be a great birthday present to win to make my day a lot more special when I have a delux meal at Lone Star.
Renae G
Lone Stars menu makes me dribble!
Christina C
Johnny Cash Stash is amazing !!!!
Katie W
oh WOW yummy or son won player of the day @ under-9 rugby he was stoked with the voucher from Lonestar then when we got there he got treated like a real star it was so cool thank you
shelley m
Can still remember being a kid an being more stoked on my birthday with some good looking girl giving me my Lone star Tee than anything else, Childhood Memories Lone star Childhood memories,
Josh P
My boyfriend and I came here on our first date and have been regulars since, our friends think its a great joke that its the only place we go! We're moving abroad soon and will miss Lone Star a LOT!
Sarah P
My Lone Star experince was amazing, the vibe & the food was 2 die 4 and i would list it as #1 resturant that i will visit again. Thanks for such an amazing night & the best experince.
cherine m
When will the legend die?.... Never! Lone Star, still going strong.
Belinda C
Coming to Lone Star for my daughters 6th birthday in a couple of weeks - keeps her happy and the ribs will keep my husband happy too!
Nicola P
Redneck ribs rule, really!
Brad B
Rack em up! Love me some ribs boy!LoneStar... Your awesomeness amazes me!
Matthew H
Here with the family celebrating my uncle & Jen coming back to NZ
javan H
Me and my partner LOVE the lone star! but don't often get to go because we are poor uni students :( BUT we will love to come and have a delicious meal at you restaurant for our anniversary! ;)
Shana C
Happy Birthday to my PAPA for this Saturday as we will be there for his birthday dinner.
Irene W
.........16 more days & counting to my next lone star experience......bring it on, can't wait. The food is Amazing (but we all know that)!
Geraldine K
Can't wait and are so looking forward to going with friends to the LONESTAR this saturday night for a yummy meal!.....And kids get a babysitter this time! Lonestar family LOL
Amanda C
hi lonestar my message is my partner an i would love to have a meal with yous this thursay for my partners birthday, he loves the place an i have never been!
karla b
Our wee family is celebrating my husband's 50th at Lone Star this week woohoo can't wait for a great night out
Catherine W
Best place for dinner and chat. We have 2 uni attending children and when they are home for the holidays we make a point of going to LONESTAR to enjoy the great food, service, and atmosphere.
Richard S
Lone star Lone star Lonestar, where do I even begin? meals are amazing. consistent, enviroment fabulous, staff attentive, cheesecake to die for. Ribs mouthwatering!!!
Julia M
I Fully Love Lone Star, My family and i always dine there. Their food and respect for all customers is excellent. Great and enjoyable food. Can not wait for the Lone Star in Pukekohe Auckland NZ
Kayla G
First night out in Christchurch without kids since we migrated for rebuild. Heading to Lone Star as we have heard the food is great. Really looking forward to it
Anne O
Lonestar Papanui NEVER disappoints. It's our go-to place for all celebrations and every time we want great food and even better service. Love you guys!
Sarah C
Yet anotha delicious meal enjoyd by us! So pleazed to hv a lonestar in taupo. Its sucha treat! Yummo, thanku :)
Brianna A
Love lone star it's the best ribs ever and love the atmosphere , best family dining ever
Paula W
There is a great waiter here in Queenstown, He is out going hard case and has an amazing ability to remember orders. His service along with the food makes a great night out.
Lucy C
Awesome food, people & atmosphere any day of the week! Lone Star is the one restaurant I can never get sick of :)
Ashleigh H
Feeling hungry..go to Lone Star where you get good food for your buck!!
Marcia D
We come everytime my children have their birthday's. Meals are great value for money and a lovely warm restaurant that is child friendly. Way to go Lonestar!
Susan M
the best meals in town....always compare Lone Star restaurants when I go overseas... any Lone Star overseas????
victoria m
they always say prefer quality than quantity but with lone star restaurants in anywhere in new Zealand they both serve best quality and quantity....
victoria m
Richard B
Straight shooting, good size, good quality, good taste, good price, what more could you wish for.
Terry B
I cant wait till Lonestar opens in Pukekohe! its the best place to go for dinner you get a huge meal which is awesome,best service ever Being a student, i dont get to go much tho!
Kim W
Lone Star! NO lots of them, but the brightest is about to shine again on the original in Manchester Street! I can't wait!
Carolyn B
just drove past the construction site that will soon be the new Lonestar Manchester Street in Christchurch and I cant stop smiling. Can't wait to see the original back in its rightfull place! 😀 Jo
Jo K
I think the fact that sooo many people were devastated by the closure of the Christchurch city restaurant due to the earthquakes says so much. Can't wait for the reopening, and I know I'm not alone!!!
Belinda C
Lonestar is one restaurant hubby and I always agree on. He loves the Kiwi Joker steak and I cant resist the dixie chicken. Get hungry just thinking about it!
Sue F
Life's not about finding out who you are, it's about creating who you are. It also about finding a great restaurant. Done :-)
Colin P
Always love to go to the Lone Star for a meal. It has by far the best meals ever, I especially love in the winter months coming in for your awesome lamb shanks. Ness
Vanessa S is open 7 days a week! Jim and I need a break, A lonestar feed would be just the ticket! I need an excuse to put my make up on and take my dusty coating off!
Allison D
Been going to the Qtown LoneStar since it opened now go to the brand new Dunedin site amazing.Best feed in town the Ribs&a couple of Steiny Classics&always leave a little room for the amazing desserts
Bryce H
In the words of the other Lonestar: "no cure, I don't want one, Oh, Lone Star, this must be love!" Okay, they don't say Lone Star, but If they had eaten there, they would have!
Lisa W
Every time I LoneStar dine, The Cajun Chicken is devine! I've ordered other things to try out, But that's my favourite, without a doubt!! :)
Lauretta H
Absolutely love Lone Star!!! Always the first choice for the family's birthday dinners!!!! Will be there in a couple weeks for my daughter's birthday, can't wait!!!! :)
Cacey W
Its my Dad's birthday and I want to bring him for dinner. Mum said I don't have enough pocket money. We love the ribs and my Dad loves your beers. Pick me so I can surprise him. From Maxwell
Maxwell T
Awesome food awesome staff awesome drinks so adds up to awesome nite out! Also grab a meal deals awesome!
Trish T
I love the dixie chicken! But it has to be with mashpotato's.
cheryl j
No matter how full we are from our awesome mains (to die for ribs!), we can never leave our date night without sharing Kaluha and Moro Bar Cheesecake.. makes date night much more indulgent!
Catherine T
Students love free stuff and good deals! This is why 'grab a meal' = love, and your portion sizes are enough to make anyone happy! Lonestar leftovers, anyone? Yes please! :)
Kimmie W
Hello Dixie Chicken...we meet again! LOVE Lonestar!
Jaye E
Love the new Lone Star in Dunedin. A-Mazing!! Cant wait for Lone Star to open in Timaru! Give me a another good reason to head home more often! Craving some buffalo chips NomNomNom
Lone Star rates TOPS for me. I have never ever been disappointed with the meals or the service.
Joan M
Just celebrated our 2nd Wedding Anniversary at our local Lone Star which has played a vital role in our Marriage Proposal, Engagement Party, Wedding Photos and now Anniversaries. Thank you Lone Star.
Natasha O
LOVE the COUNTRY music!!!! And how you made a fuss of my mum on her birthday, the pav was divine :)
Andrea C
Lone Star, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways..... Nah, that'll take too long - Let's just say YOU ROCK!!! (And pretty please can I have a prize 'cos I'd wear a tee with pride....)
Toni H
Knowing the Lone Star Menu is part of what makes a Kiwi a Kiwi!
Trudi W
Your food is underwhelming and overpriced.... in opposite world.
After we got married we celebrated with a huge bunch of friends at Lonestar. Well that was 6 years ago and it would be wonderful for me and hubby to have a nice meal without the kids in tow.
Kelly W
Lone Star has been a great supporter of my Netball Club, our players can't thank you enough for your support.
Amy R
Cant wait for the 'Mothership' to re-open... so many memories there and so many more to come!
Dionne B
Please bring back oreo cheesecake!
Rachel B
Your new Dunedin store looks fab and there are so many great areas to relax in!
Carly C
Love Waitakere Lone Star!!!!Awesome food, awesome staff and always a wonderful evening!!!
Jessica S
We come every year on my birthday but missed my 30th this year as i was extremely unwell. Planning a huge dinner there when i'm better! Actually craving your rock the boat drooooooool!
Clare G
If you are going to spend a night partying, please be alert. NZ needs more lerts!
Irene F
My next visit to Lone Star I may need to order dessert first given all the raves about them... By the time I have eaten the gourmet main meal I never have room for the sweet stuff :D
Mel T
Redneck Ribs GET IN MY BELLY!! The perfect food to have on a romantic date!! Delicious
Alicia G
1 of my Favs & I have planned a dinner date for next Friday at the famous Lone Star. Would be fab to have some Credit so we can eat our little hearts out until we feel pop hehe <3
Emma K
aren't all mums working mums? I work harder at home than i do at work and get paid less money wise. I think they need to rephrase it.
ruth p
So excited to be celebrating my 21st birthday at Lone Star this Saturday night! Can't wait for the yummy food and great service xx
Chelsea S
My fiancé and I go every year to celebrate OUR birthday which happens to be on the same day June 14th (we were also born the same year, crazy huh). Be seeing you soon :) AM & KC
Anne-Maree B
Took my honey out for dinner here on a date and was the best decision ever :) i got the mean brownie points for here ;)
Lance T
Big Happy Birthday to our big 13 year old Zachery Ruri!!! We will celebrating in style this Friday night at Papanui Lonestar yeeaahh baby!!!
Sheree R
Thinkin bout shouting my inlaws out to lonestar to thank them for helping us move from whangarei back to gisborne xx
tiaana r
Ive just had a birthday but i ended up cooking the meal for the family..would've been nice to eat out!!
Tanya W
Tried to make some dixie chicken at home (it's SOOO yumm!) FAIL!!! Oh well I guess thats a good excuse to go out 4 dinner!
Tiffeny L
Thanks! You good bastards!! My parents got random voucher in mail and are off out to dinner for the first time in years, since my mum had a liver transplant so thank you amazing treat!!
Amber J
Omnomnom is all I have to say :0
Jack W
HAPPY HAPPY 7th BIRTHDAY to our beautiful daughter Nevaeh!!!! Looking forward to celebrating at Lonestar (0:
Jessica P
Best Service,Best Staff,Best Meals in the Whole Gisborne Area...AWWWWWSOM, AWWWWWSOM,AWWWWWSOM Family Outting.....Coming Again SOOOOOOOON
Pat W
i love lonestar!
maddie t
Coming to CHCH for Disney On Ice and then to Lone Star for my son's 8th Birthday he had the choice and chose you!
Debbie K
GREAT Service GREAT Food GREAT Cocktail What more do you want or need???
Amanda T
Can't wait for our new Lone Star branch to arrive.. giddy up cowboys, time to take Pukey by storm!
Tanya H
Going to dinner this week for our fist time at lodestar ! i HONESTLY cannot Wait mmmmmmmmmmm !
foa T
You guys are amazing! great service, yummy food. Its amazing coming in to dine out and feel so welcome and at home <3
Katelyn G
Julie m
I love the dixie chicken and would love to have a special night out again at Lone Star! You're the best restaurant in Hamilton
Sam R
So glad we chose to dine at Lone Star! Great food, great company, great service, a grrrrrrreat night out.
Nikki M
My friend visited from Scotland so we travelled round the North Island doing touristy things and ended up eating in Lone Star wherever we could - we're calling it the Lone Star Tour of NZ!!
Lyn L
I'm meeting my In-Laws for Dinner on Saturday but my partner can’t be present. I'm nervous.Because she just found out that we are engaged. My partner told her over the phone.
Celina K
We took our daughter and five friends for her 8th birthday. They all had a fabulous time, the free T shirt for her birthday made her night! Thanks to all the staff for making her birthday special
Terri B
Starsim S
thanks for the perfectly cooked eye fillet it was amazing xx
mary c
Tonights the night our tradition has been several yrs in the running my sisters birthday and off we go to lonestar for her fav meal Dixie chicken :D she loves it { tummy rumbles} yummo
terri h
Redneck Ribs or Rock the Boat Need a feed and don't like goat So here we come Lonestar staff Salmon or Chicken either is great Bring on the dessert and I'll be you're mate
Vicki B
My son turns 7 on Wednesday and he already knows where the best places there are to go out and eat! His #1 spot is lone star newplymouth
Amanda W
Trying to decide where to go for my 18th Birthday dinner with my family. Lone Star is my pick of the day! Looking forward to it!
Renae V
We have not been to Lone star since our honeymoon 20 years ago, would love to dine here (in Taupo) once again to relive the memory!
frank d
It's the last week of the school holidays and we ask our daughter what restaurant she would like to go to for dinner. Without hesitation her instant reply - Lone Star*
Jo P
How to score at lone star; "If this bar is a meat market, you must be the prime rib." -Anon
Sophie K
Home from Japan for a weeklong visit. First thing on the to do list? Dinner at the Loney! Can't wait to catch up with my mates over a huge plate of ribs.
Tash A
My birthday next weekend as well as mother's day what do i want?? dinner at lone star is sounding pretty damn good
Jenny A
Husband and I were struggling to decide where to go for my birthday dinner. He wants quantity, I want quality. How did we solve this? Lonestar of course; the best of both worlds!
Stephanie D
It's my birthday today and where am I heading? LONESTAR of course - loving the kid friendly atmosphere - nothing pretentious going on here compliments to the staff and chef =)
Mark B
So awesome to see Christchurch city Lone Star is reopening this year! The only place a rockin' ribeye comes out actually rocking... ;)
Leah J
Yay! My family friends booked a table of six! Marking the calender down the days! Woooooo
Ricky P
Brenda A
Tried out the new location Lone Star on Friday night and it was the best Lone Star experience I have ever had, it was perfect. Soo warm there! Thank you!
Sophie H
Remember, a Navel Destroyer is simply a Hula Hoop with a nail in it. Lone Star is the place you oght to be!
Morgan E
You are so awesome for no surcharges on public holidays! Specially on this special one, it means we can eat great food with friends and family on such a wonderful day. We love you lone Star!!! XXXX
Rebecca L
Rather than do THAT... I prefer to eat a STAKE!
Costa K
You guys rock but you REALLY need to be open 24//7!!! Midnight pregnancy cravings for your Dixie Chicken are unbearable!! We are expecting a new legend very soon!!
Rebekah W
A-lone tonight? Your never alone at LoneStar...
Ava K
Once a year I go off gluten free diet and gorge at Lone star the pain endured over the next few days is so worth it yuuuuumy!
Lanz T
Took some friends for Lunch few Weeks ago...Very impressed with new Restuarant...Will be back again very soon
Mark L
Monday days are difficult. But Monday nights are awesome thanks to you Lone Star!
Danielle G
Yahoo the kids are counting down the days to see Pukekohe Lone star open their doors!
Liz H
Really enjoyed my birthday at the lonestar! you guys are amazing and so were my ribs!!!!!
Abbey D
LoneStar you a bloody legend !!!
Malia J
Love the warm inviting amostphere of Queenstown's Lone Star
cheryl c
looking forward to spending my voucher I got for Christmas from some of my family! tonight's the night! let you know tomorrow how it went! Bye for now, Karen!
Karen G
The new location in Dunedin looks incredible!! Can't wait to pop in for some incredible food.
Kathryn T
this is what my lovely husband served up for tea last night, please give us a nice dinner out
jenny a
I NEED some more red neck ribs in my life, i'm a bit deprived!! #YUM
Julie L
Cant wait to have my birthday dinner here! My families going to love it, My 21st suprise dinner @ lonestar !! Cant wait :) Prawn Star HERE I COME! -funtime -familytime
Esther K
please let me have a night off cooking, my lovely husband cooked tea last night this is what we had...
Jenny A
Great atmosphere, friendly staff, yummy food, satisfied tummy!!! Thanks heaps guys, we will be back for more. Too much!!!!!!
Nadia J
Can't wait to come to Lone Star Rotorua to celebrate our son's 15th birthday next week - he's gonna love it!! (His brothers will be thrilled too. :-) )
Coralie H
Wish to say thanks for the great service and food each each we take our family on their birthday! New Lynn Lonestar rocks!
Rangi W
another great night. bugger our table was rocking but the food was perfect
nina s
Awesome time! Thanks guys, you made my Birthday a night to remember. True Stars :)
Mark B
Your cheesecake sounds and looks amazing, I am coming to try
Theresa T
lonestar is my favourite, and it is the favourite of my family. i m going tonight
chen w
Coming to Lonestar for my birthday(names anzac guess when my birthday is?!) CAN'T WAIT nom nom nom
Anzac I
I come from a small town with the nearest Lone Star 3 hours away. Feel free to make one in Westport :P you would make a profit off of me alone!
Dana B
Fraser C
Hot flame to lands gift hunger of empty desert met by the Lone Star
Darren M
Can't wait to celebrate my 18th here!! I love lone star :3
Jade T
was hoping to spend my husbands 48th birthday at the lonestar,never had a bad meal,and he just loves the ribs
sharon t
Thank you for sponsoring and supporting kids' sports!! My son was stoked to get a Lone Star voucher at his primary school cricket game and is looking fwd to using it!
Soi P
Lone Star a great place to eat. Is it possible to get the kids menu on the website. Go P.Nth
Karl D
I need to bring our large family of 10 to you so I can have the night off!
Raewyn M
So proud of both of my girls - eldest done fantastic at show and tell at Bubbles and youngest won some nappies - going to Lone Star to celebrate!!
Shelley W
i go to the home school gymnastics class this week i won a star of the week 20 dollar voucher i cant wait to come to lunch or dinner yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
hana S
Hi lone star is awesome Great for birthdays.
Cheyanne B B
LOOOOVE the colesaw. that is all.
Amy Z
Donna K
Off to LS Rotorua tonight, always a great experience. Andy and his crew are always providing a great experience.
Helen M
What a Fantastic place, like nothing I have experienced back home (from South Africa). Will Definitely be visiting again. Service is excellent and food was Top Class. See u soon Tracy
Tracy S
Very impressed with the newest Lone Star in Dunedin, recommending it to everyone! Our waitress added to the enjoyment, we even nicknamed her Jalapeno Jess! Goooooood burrito!
Emma P
Dixie Chicken & a glass of beauty
Sarah B
The crew at Lonestar Waitakere are super lovely! :) miss you guys xx
Caragh S
We are taking the family to our local Lone Star to celebrate our son's player of the day voucher for his Cricket- sponsered by Lone Star. Thanks for supporting our future sporting stars. x
Megan M
Ribs! Yum! Ribs! Yum! Ribs! Need I say more? K.Harris
kirsten h
Coming over on Saturday night with some friends to celebrate my 50th - love the feeds at Lone Star
John D
All I need to do is to decide what not to eat because I want it all...Nixter
Niki H
My kids love Lone Star. We are planning on visiting during Easter.
Karen V
Gidday, we love eating at the lone star, we cant wait to join everyone at the new lone star. love your meals. Cant wait see you soon.
gail k
Me and hubby are expecting our baby in a months time, and we would love to enjoy a lone star meal (which I may add he loves cause the meals are big lol) before our princess arrival!love lone star
Mereana V
Have never been to lone star but am very excited to go for the first time with my partner
Kahlua & Moro Bar Cheesecake Appreciation Day - Yes Please!!! xxYummyxx Nessa C
Vanessa C
Awesome that you guys don't charge extra for public holidays (and that you're open too)! Definitely hitting up your Rotorua Lone Star this Easter weekend. Cant wait!
Kieran R
Comin to urs for a feed on 6th April. Could really do with some of Mommas Good Chicken. Missus loves that too. Its her birthday. Come on be a Star!!!!!
Rob R
So excited to be going to The Lone Star this weekend! Never been and i've heard all about it! A lovely dining experience with hubby is just what I need!
Linda C
Oooh, the menu is making me hungry!! can't wait until next thursday for our girls night out for dinner! cant make up my mind... dixie chicken or the johnny cash stash... Mmmm! :)
amy h
Off to lone star on Wednesday :) cant wait for the food, but I am just as excited for my company.. Dan Ur a cutie xx cant wait to go out for tea with ya'll xx
Jasmine R
I feel like I am missing out on some good vibes every time I walk past! Can't wait to finally see what this new place is all about when I have a catch up dinner with the girls next week!
Phoebe N
7 sleeps until Spencer's 10th Birthday at Lonestar - happy birthday son for the 31st love mum,dad and Emily xx
Anne H
I'm a mum of 4 (between 4months and 7yrs) and i'm tired and would love a night off from cooking and cleaning up {yawn, rubs eyes}
Jenny A
Am coming to check out the new Lone Start in Dunedin this coming weekend for my 21st!! Excited! Love Lone Star! (:
Nicole H
we are all coming up to rotorua this weekend from Wellington, cant wait to dine with you, fantastic meals!!!!! Jacki and family
jacki r
Taking my girlfriend to Lone Star for her 18th birthday this week! It's been a tradition since our first date there more than 18 months ago.
Conagh F
I wish the delicious Oreo Cheesecake we had at Manakau a couple of years ago was permanent on the menu around the country please & thank you :-)
Rachel B
LONE STAR ROCKS! Cant wait to dine there again for another massive feed! The atmosphere and food Rock in Chch! Yum!
Kirsty-lee B
Lone Star - great food and plenty of it! It's that simple :-)
Karen B
I'm so excited to introduce my friends to Lone Star, that I am going to pay, just so they can experience it!!
Georgia D
Great menu, great food, great service by great staff, great setting and decor. We highly recommend the Lone Star to any one that is yet to try their restaurant as you won't be disappointed.
Rod S
i absolutly love your redneck ribs , ive been to various places to find good ribs and food but ive never found any that taste as good as yours Thanks for great food
Jamie K
Looking forward to my B'Day...counting the days to dine at Lone Star soon !
Dee C
Always awesome food. Love how they honour birthdays on the table too. Staff are great and friendly. Thanks Lone Star...
Debboe W
Had my 20th at the New Lone Star Dunedin! An amazing night,great service & of course the food was cooked to PERFECTION! Thank u Lone Star for making my special night with friends &family so great! xx
Tasha P
My 8 year old loves Lone Star, she's already requested it for her birthday. Can't wait for our next visit!
Wendy L
Love it Oh so tasy Never lets you down Everybody wants it Sensational Truly the best Awesome place to go Restaurant No 1.
Katrina B
After been pregnant and not to keen to eat out, day's after my Daughter was born I treated myself to a Dixie chicken, it was to die for! Hanging out for my next Yummy.
Tania L
cant wait to have my birthday dinner at loan star as the meals are sooo good.
Our son loves eating at Lone Star. Hubby and I have been looking for somewhere to dine for our 25th Wedding Anniversary this month and have now found exactly the place. Sharon H
Sharon H
Lone Star? Try Five Star! Succulent, satisfying and superior in every way. You can't beat "The Star''.
Daryl H
My daughter lost her step-mum not long ago and she always wanted to dine here,so we dined here for her,she would have loved it,one day we will bring all of her children here for her birthday.
Rach R
delicious delectable dixie chicken
Nicola H
I love the food, the customer service and the options for people to eat what suits them. I'm looking to celebrating my birthday with my family at your place :-)
Michaela P
lone star in gizzy is vry yummy me an my kids love going thea 4 dinna an it is wrth da money .ca nt wait2 go bk
crystal r
We stopped in just to order dessert but decided we would have stay and have dinner too. Sevice was great. Staff were very friendly and also gave us our privacy too.
Angela H
Bridgitte W
I love lone star & I can't wait to see the all new Dunedin restaurant!!
Vicki P
My two sons love Barney's Ribs!!.. Their new favourite dinner...& Lone Star is their favourite restaurant. So I'm taking them back there for my birthday tonight :o)
Patrick A
had a few birthdays at lone star, they were amaze balls have recommended to all my friends and fam! Actually booked in for this weekend yum can't wait! P.S they make the best cocktails :)
Monica C
Lonestar is my number 1 choice when choosing a venue for dinner!!! I have always experienced fantastic food, excellent service and no matter which lonestar I go to it is always fab!!!
Paula S
Just moved back to Dunedin after 8yrs & LS was my first dinner out. Loved the food, loved the atmosphere - warm fuzzy nostalgia! Thanks LS :)
Jade S
had yummiest dinner ..sat outside was devine atmosphere..and josh our waiter was such a lil cutie..well done Gizzy lones...def be back real soon:)
Lou H
Hi guys! Just a heads up: the service at Wellington is fantastic! Definitely recommending to friends and fam. Food was choice too. Looking at going again on the 24th for my 3 year anniversary! :)
Samantha K
We got engaged @ LS Rotorua !..Whats in the food? for years Drs said u cant have a baby.. we got our lil star SO thanx Lone Star yur magic!
Annemarie S
shaun B
Can wait to spend my first valentines with my bf here :P
Jaimee B
Meanest juices ribs in the world!! With a JD's choco pudding to die 4!! Lone Star 4 eva!!
Peta H
Eaten at pretty much every Lonestar in NZ and the service food and service is always awesome. Keep it up guys and gals. Love the NO Surcharge too! Bren J
Bren O
Looking forward to celebrating my birthday at Lonestar ... my favourite restaurant. Doubly excited by the news that there is no surcharge on Waitangi Day at Lonestar - you guys rock!
Paula R
Beer was cold, food was warm, staff were hot. That is all!
Bobby C
Yay... off to Lone Star Nelson , Yumm chicken nibbles ,Dixie chicken and salmon for dinner tonight.. thanku grab a meal xx
karen t
Gotta love Dixie Chicken!!!
Shelley B
Lone Star is the best place to eat in CHCH, great food, great people. Cowboy Bean Dip and Dixie Chicken are the best!
Amanda B
Traveled all the way from Colorado, USA. Can't wait to head back to Lone Star. My new favorite place in Wanaka!
Peter B
Loved Lone Star Dunedin the other night. Looking forward to the new restaurant... can't wait! :-) It looks soooo..... impressive!!! :-)
Desirée A
looking forward to taking my brother to lone star for his 18th birthday for a primo steak
Natasha R
Love love love lonestar have never eaten anywhere else like it in the world and it was even a deciding factor in convincing my uk born husband to emigrate to nz!
Tania P
I'm hungry
Jackied L
My WHOLE family forgot my birthday three weeks ago and I'm still waiting to go to Lonestar for dinner! I'm still hankering after my Lonestar cheescake - yum!
Sharon W
I went to Lone Star a couple months ago and had The Kiwi Joker, couldn't finish it but I LOVED IT!!!! I'll be having it again tomorrow night (27/1/13) with my lovely bf!
Laura D
Amazing food! Wicked service! Great staff! I kinda wish you weren't so good, then I wouldn't have to keep coming back... it's a fortnightly must!!
melita e
Lonestar Dunedin: Such a family friendly restraunt, 2 out of 3 kids even sleep while out! Thanks for a great night out
Sarah L
Every birthday in our family gets celebrated at our local Lone Star. The kids love the food and drinks (especially the Spiders!) and we've never had a duff meal.
Peter G
I love loan star P north, it is comming up my birthday and we always go there, great staff, great food, it is one of my number 1 places to go for dinner :), My son loves it to, kid friendly to:). .
michaela h
Feeling low in thinks I need a Rockin' Ribeye from Lonestar!
Waveney B
In Napier for weekend, had dinner at Lonestar tonight 20/1/13, the food and service were just awesome. Can't wait to come back!
Andrea C
Lonestar is the place to be to meet friends and Family. Nothing beats the taste of the Good ol' West. YyEEhhhaaa cowboy.
Ronelle C
do you not send out the birthday vouchers any more..5 of us went to papnui lone star last night..delicious salmon and 2 bubblies for me
trudy l
Star Light, Star Bright, I wish i may, I wish I might....... have tea at "Lone Star" every night ! :-)
Charlene R
My families all-time favourite! You cant beat LONESTAR!!
Shiree K
Aaron B
ohh man ,m exciting to come in Lone Star on this Saturday (12 jan 2013) with 46 other mates in takapuna.I heard lots of stuff about Lone Star & their hospitality ,food.Can't wait
sandeep k
Finger licking GOOOD!!!
Krystle G
It's a "lone start" when you dine alone, so grab your friends and come dine at the "lone star"
Jess F
I never thought I could fall in love with a meal, but Lone Star Dunedin's Johnny Cash Stash has done it for me! Wish I could resist the temptation and try something else on the menu...
Rosie C
Lone Star has some of the best and the yummiest food in the world
Elyshia S
No matter what town we are in, if we go for for dinner, lonestar is ALWAYS our number one choice. Big meals, good price, DELICIOUS and no one can beat the margarita slushys!!!
Amie M
I L.O.V.E ribs
Kathryn M
Cheers Taupo Lone Star for the drink on the house for me and my date here :-) our first ever time to a Lone Star and we are forever hooked!
Karina R
Over the past couple of months we have taken all our visitors from the BOP to Loan Star Petone, tonight is our one year anniversary and off to lone star we go, all I say is SAME AS LAST TIME THANKS.
Camela W
"S.M.I.L.I.N.G is life eternal" After a great meal at Lonestar, smiling will be worth alot more then eternal life!!! :)
Hera Awhina K
Happy childhood memories......Lonestar has the recipe to make them. Rhya McArdle
Lana M
My husband and I went to the Riccarton Lone Star last week for a dinner then movie date, we had so much fun that we never made it to the movies! Miriam
miriam w
Tasty as. Best ribs i've had in NZ and the Chief's chicken nibbles are none too shabby either. Keep up the great atmosphere and service ethos! - Billy T James
Toby K
First night without any kids. The husband has suggested we go out for dinner. Guess where we're going!?
Mel B
My boys love coming to the Waitakere Lonestar and having there meals and dessert. All the staff are lovely and helpful. The food and service is great!
Once I wished upon a STAR For a place to eat, not far. One call on the phone Booked a table, not a-LONE To share a delicious meal For a great price, such a steal.
Amz S
Every time my family and I go out for dinner we always want to go to lone star. The food is amazing and the waiters are very polite. LOne star you are the best!!!!
Jana A
Me and the Boys (10 yo and 12 yo) have a big road trip this Xmas to visit family and will be in Rotorua and Taupo, we will see you for some roadtrip foods. Merry Xmas!
Alistair B
Best Night ever at Gizzy Lonestar - Thanks Josh the Waiter You are the best - Merry Xmas :)
Adele D
Got my fam over from SA this week, we'll be heading in to Lonestar Newmarket for some steaks...
Gareth P
The Manukau wait staff are A M A Z I N G!! Such awesome people made our night out with our little 'angel' (cough) soo much easier!
Nikkita P
LOVE Lonestar! The Belly Dancer was the best thing I've ever should bring it onto the menu so I can have it more often!! YUMMO!
Loyal lonestar lover D
I'm on my way from Melbourne next week for Chrissy with the fam ! Lone Star is definitely on the itinerary ... The Rockin Rib Eye is Da Bomb DIGGITY ... x
Gemma R
The dixie chicken is my absolute fav! I love the Tex-Mex atmosphere that Lone Star has :)
Larissa B
oh my goodness i love the food there(and drinks)...its amazing and juciey. i would love to go back there again. you MUST go dont know what your missing. ;)
Jacinta O
I liked my Traffic Light drink and I liked doing the drawing competition, upstairs is awesome ! :O) Thank you for letting me eat your food From Olivia
Olivia P
Took my whole family! Luscious, juicy oh my gosh! It rocked Loney! Am def going again and soon!
Julie S
Eating at your resturant makes me happier than a two peckered dog .....yea hah
Lorraine H
Putting a smile on your dial changes your face value.
Lorraine H
hey guys at the Hamilton branch you guys are awesome and I enjoy your service every time :) See you on Saturday x x
Jahleen P
The last time I had Lone Star was 4 days before my son was born. 15 months later and I'm looking forward to the Lasoo of Hog, yehaaaa!
Brendon A
Should pay me advertising fee. The pork ribs are awesome juicy and delicious...
Sandra C
Great restaurant, really enjoyable and appreciate your consistency in providing a great customer dining experience every single visit.
absolutely LOVE barneys ribs :D
Breeana T
I absolutely love the Lone Star its my all time fav place to dine mmmm dixie chicken is the best
Melissa W
The best place to come for a meal by far in Hamilton! The Best Ribs by a country mile. Well done Hamilton, we will be back.
Paula, Gary, Caitlin and Matt w
love ur restraunt sooo much... wil be coming to visit with family from overseas tomorrow for lunch.. plz be good to us as u always are.... :D
jamie m
Not only was our waitress Georgia HOT so was her service and the food! I'll be back...:)
Tim F
I plan to undo the last 3 weeks in the gym at you establishment tomorrow night. Starting with the RIBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tame A
Thanks for the's great to know you'll be there to help create new ones.
Louise O
My nan's last request (& last meal) b4 passing away was a steak from the Lone Star.The staff let me take the meal away so I could feed it to her at the hospital. Service super and food fantastic!!
Deb H
Only way to celebrate 8 years of marriage is to have a hearty feed at lonestar!
Mike P
Yay! Just went to the "dry run"at Lonestar Taupo - the place looks awesome and the food fabulous. Its gonna be huge come opening night! Well done - we will be back for sure, Anna C :-)
Anna C
Its my birthday today and I am hoping to come an have dinner there tonight!! I love Dixie Chicken!
Shelley W
thanks heaps for an awesome night out on Saturday. we had a blast!!!
Kirsty K
love the food guys! always have a real good time at the lonestar! with family or friends! looking forward to having a meal there tonight! nomnom :D
Emily B
Awesome Restaurant!!! Can't wait to go again for my daughters birthday!!!!
Mel D
Fantastic friendly service & meals that are consistently good ... so good that you can't stop eating them but you'd wish you had cos they're HUGE!! but soooo finger lickin good.
Selina M
You lovelies dont just have great food but great service. Thank u for my happy memories. :-) cheers to good food and good times.
abby a
The food is YUMMY! Our 1 & 2yr old had loads of fun! It was such a wonderful experience that my partner and I are going to celebrate our 4th year aniversary there!! Cant wait to go back to lonestar!
Riah S
Really looking forward to happy hour tomorrow evening, a few cold ones coupled with some ribs and wings. Great start to the weekend!
Ben B
see you tomorrow night for my birthday dinner... can't wait!
Tracey R
I have never been to Lonestar, but have heard ALOT about it cant wait to try the ribs :)
Cindy S
Taking hubbies whole family out for dinner soon can't wait till the date is set and I can start to really look forward to it! Love love love Lonestar. have dreams to own our own one day
Rachael P
I Love you Lonestar :) My favs, lonestar loaf & dixie chicken. Nom Nom xx
Brianna A
I LOOOOOOOOVVVEEEEEEE your guys ribs :) :) :)
Renz M
had lone star for dinner last moday and going again this week - can't wait to have my fix of dixie it!
Kaaro M
OOOOooo I've just booked dinner for my hubby's birthday on the 24th Dec. I'm excited. The menu looks amazing.
Emma T
Cheers for the great night out on Friday, great bar staff who mixed fab cocktails and had fun with us!!
Michelle M
Can't wait to celebrate my December graduation with the Longhorn Cheesecake!!
Stacey M
i love lone star my fave dish is barneys ribs
rachel h
Hubby & my fav restaurant of all time Lone Star!! Love love love Dixie Chicken it's Divine!! :)
Aimee H
Thanks for dinner lone star, always delicious =)
mel w
I've never been to Lone Star but have only ever heard great things about it. I'm really hoping to go this year on my birthday (pls pls pls) :)
Nicki R
SO excited about the upcoming Toepaw Lone Star... it's even going to be open in time for my birthday dinner! YUSSS. Welcome to Taupo guys.
Sarah F
Cant wait to hit Queenstown this weekend and especially Loan Star. The baby back ribs are calling me.....
Megan L
night with my big gurl : ) gna tak her to Lone Star to atak thse MoNSter RibS to fill our tumtums before the Breaking Dawn2 Premier tonight at 12:01 wuuhuuu SuperDuPer satisfied : )
cheralee r
I enjoy the ribs. Yummy.
Karleigh J
Hands down the best steak at lonestar, always a welcoming waitress and environment!!
serina s
The staff have excellent body language reading skills and know when a couple are out on a date, so that a quiet table is given and space to get cosy and enjoy the meal- first Lone Star experience
Kylie S
Taking the out laws to lonestar waitakere tonight. Kids, hubbie, outlaws and I all thrilled and excited!
Marcella v
We luv you Tauranga Lone Star. My Aussie rellies couldn't stop saying how much they loved the mussels. We'll be back soon x
Helen S
Lonestar for dinner tonight!
Natalie C
Been a regular at Newmarket for 12+ years. Taking husband to manukau for surprise birthday dinner soon with several friends. Would be great to have a $50 voucher to use for our group!
Natalie P
We dined at the Lonestar in Queenstown when I was 8 months pregnant and we received the best service! Big comfy chairs beside a nice warm fire and a delicious meal to top it all off!
Tanya E
My Dad and I use to come to Lone Star on a Sunday night for a delicious meal, nothing like a bit of bonding time over dinner and I cant forget the amazing desserts! We must come again soon!
Leigh T
first time at lone star lastnight and i must say it definately wont be the last. Dixie chicken is superb mmmm numa num
elizabeth k
I intend to bring my partner here for his birthday this weekend. Would be lovely to have a free meal "hint hint" hehe
Christina B
OMG, can't wait for my birthday dinner at Lone Star Papanui, everyday my husband and I change our minds about what main we will have, g.yummo!
Rachael G
My fav in the Johnny Cash stash. I cant go past it! Oh and loving the new look out in the courtyard! Keep in the amazing meals!
Dana J
Have never tried lone star but now reading all these chalk scribbled notes and comments makes me want to go right now!
kylie w
LONE STAR 10 stars from me and my sister inlaw Georgina Walker. Was yummi tasty the food and always loving the bourbon and cola .Thank you.
Trinity-Rai G
I absolutely love Jonny Cash Stash! Nothing beats it! Can't wait to have one and a passionffruit margarita this weekend :)
Emma B
Not heard much about Lonestar, nor have I been to one, hope you have children's menu also :)
Shona C
Our daughter had kidney surgery. We were staying at the ronald mcdonald house and Lone Star Rotorua were awesome! Thanks heaps we had a great dinner and the kids love their t-shirts!
Natalie P
Lone Star makes me this happy: 8=====D
Kieran R
Excitement building now. Finally a place with great food and relaxed but stimulating atmosphere where you can trust the evening will be worth while. Good luck Taupo is a hard nut to crack
Rachel R
Hello,I've never dined @ this restaurant before but am looking forward to the delicious menu on saturday,cant wait to try the yummy steak =)
Moka-marina M
I'm from Brazil, and I enjoyed a great dinner together my husband ...:-)
Lidiane H
Lonestar we're looking for your help to make our evening special as the weather has spoilt our plans for this evening!!
Michelle B
Coming 2 auck 4 the weekend & first thing I do is find out where nearest lone star is! I luv it!
Bronwen G
Gimmee Gimmee Gimme some RIBS before midnight, ...wont somebody buy me some RIBS to take home!!! I SO L.L.L.L.L.O.V.E. L.O.N.E.S.T.A.R!! PLEASE MARRY ME!!
Jeanine C
Best lamb shanks i have ever tasted...told friends and they believe in them favorite dinner place and the service is awesome..thanks lone star.
earl m
See you later tonight, mmmmm can't wait
Lora C
OMG - love the dixie chicken. Try to have something different occassionally but always end up with the same thing :-)
Shirley L
Lone Star? More like 5 star! Always a treat after a long day of work :-)
Jen P
Love the Lone Star!!!! Favourite resturant hands down! Staff are awesome, and food is just amazing! Onomnomnom
Heather G
Teao J
First Time to Lone Star was for an 18th. Amazing food, amazing service, great time. Planning to go again this Saturday for a farewell party for a work colleague.
Rachael H
Can't wait to treat my treat my lovely partner for our anniversary
Steve A
Loved the place Great food exerlent service can'y beat it..
Chris R
Shayde S
yay! get to have a date night with hubby this week thanks to your $10 grabameal :)
Tracey R
The first time my husband told me loved me was during dinner at Lonestar 4 years ago. Now are taking our kids there for the first time later this week!
Tracey D
Banofee Pie & Wipped Cream......OOOH Yeah "Lonestar Legend".
viktoria b
Sexy Wife, 4 awesome kids and me moved to Welly 6 years ago, need to start date night and looking for place to Grab a Meal and relax. Would love to surprise the wife.
Kelvin R
Crystal R
Chicken Ceasr Salad and Mini Chief Drumsticks - I dream about them....
Tanya S
Went on a first date to Lonestar, wont be seeing him again, but will defo be coming back for some of that cheesecake :)
Emily M
COME ON Taupo!!!...We are starving!
Colin J
Dixie Chicken is sooooo legit
Lisa P
Just LOVE the lone star and get so excited whenever it is someone's birthday in my family!
Caitlin M
My friends and I had a great time at Lonestar riccarton. My dinner was super yummy Thanks Lonestar xxxx
Taliyah A
We are the Hicks from the Sticks, and don't offen get to dine out much at all.we have a boy turning 8 early nov and would just love to Dine at the Lone Star for the first time ever! :)
Kirstie S
Oh Heeey LoneStar, you big bunch of babes. Thanks for the always satisfying meals that call you back for more. You can not beat a lonestar feed. Never fails!
r h
My Partner & I just love lonestar meals are excellent you never go home hungry you have to roll home. Love the Mussels & Steak awesome thankyou
Tracey S
All as i can say is Lone Star beats any 5 star dineing out it is the best food and service on the planet Lone star you rock.Tracey
Tracey H
Go Gissy Lonie the most fun place to dine awsome service and what a wicked setting on the wharf
Trev M
This has got to be the best steak and chips in the universe Rack on Lone Star *****
Leonard S
Thanks for the great night at the loney.
karen m
It is when you are freekin hungry you would eat anything RIGHT? WRONGOOO cuse all i ever want to eat is finger lickin feel frikin good fillet. . k wairau
krystrim w
Lonestar ribs are the shit!
megan v
Your meals beat the flat shop every week! Thank goodness for studylink!
Kimberley H
Can honestly say I have been craving a lone star dixie chicken meal for this whole term! Can't wait till exams are over so I can treat myself! I LOVE YOUR FOOD!!! :)
Margot R
Mmmmm Lonestar, what more can I say - YUMMO
NIsha M
Cheers Lonestar Queenstown for another great meal and service. Just delicious !
Laura B
Love the steaks. Real food
Hudson P
We are heading to the lone star on the 9th of November for a friends birthday
carolyn B
Thanks Guys 2nd time at Lone Star we are a convert service was amazing staff were brill we had such great service with a laugh food was the best the family wishs to say thanks for a great night out
David H
Hi Lone Star Christchurch hubby and I use to be regulars at the one and only Iconic Manchester Street, we so miss you, we are red zone now crazy times hopfully you will rise from the ashes.
Sue O
We have been going to queenstowns lone star now for 18 years since our boys were little and now we still go as a family with our boys, partnership and grandson.
Fiona R
Thanks so much Lone Star for my free birthday dessert! It totally made my day!
Sara K
According to my boys Lone Star has "cool staff, yummy food and drinks and colouring". Keep it up Lone Star - great family dining and happy happy kids! Love ya Petonexx Catherine
Catherine W
Don't ever go past lone star for a meal for dinner you cant beat it yum yum
Deanne B
I'm craving some Johnny Cash Stash real bad!! Yeeow
Toni G
Had my birthday there the other night, loved my meal and the staff were soooo great. Thanks guys made my night
Crystal B
Had a great birthday thank you so much LOVED the Pav. My kids want to come back
Shelley W
THANKS to all the staff in NEW LYNN :) the food, the ambiance, the service 10/10
Arama G
Tk you NEW LYNN Staff for making my bday dinr lst nite truly special :) Jordan you were wonderful My 4yo dorta had such fun and lvd my bday pav - Thnx also 4 the t-shirts lol
Arama G
Don't mess with Texas!
Matthew B
Lone Star ALWAYS has fantastic meals! Looking forward to eating at an Auckland one next week after moving from Christchurch!
Elliott R
Fantastic Food, Quality Service, Great atmosphere, what more do you need. Thanks Lonestar!
Tim S
Been WAY too long since we have been in....and is the one place my children STILL talk about many years later and still want to come back to....
Sally M
amazing good quality food everytime and great for kids as well
Debbie B
I won a free dinner at lone star for my player of the day at netball. It was so nice. Thank you for giving free dinners for player of the days
Shakira A
Always generous size portions, good service,thats why where gonna dine in the nelson branch with friends next week,c u soon!
Liz F
Great meals and Great Beer, The Lone Star the only place in town that accepts cowboys for who they really are! (Leave horses and ropes at the door)
Olivia R
Amazing Food! Amazing Service! Amazing People!
Rosalina M
Always awesome :)
matthew S
LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your Dixie Chicken!!!!! Thanks for the awesome service guys you rock!!!!!
Suzanne G
Everything on your menu is excellent. I always have a hard time trying to decide what to eat. I am always the last to order....
Paula L
WOW, lone star is such a great plece to go and spend a relaxing dinner with the family, the staff are so friendly and the food is always so delicious! we will be back soon to have another great meal!
David W
Yummo! Looking forward to my birthday dinner tomorrow nom nom :)
Tineke H
*Can't go wrong with heading down to Loan star for a meal they have the best food around, always leave feeling very satisfied and very full... Love Loan star!! :)
Kylie o
Like a man once said " i'll be back "
Jeff A
What a awesum place!!, im gonna tell every1 to come herexox, just love, staff are awesum, everythings just PERFECT
Richy B
Love the LONE STAR LOAF. So amazing. And always a huge fan of the Johnny Cash Stash. Delicious!
Gemma S
Mmmmm Dixie Chicken! The best out there!!!! And don't forget about the coleslaw!
Lucy S
6yrs ago a wonderful person was taken from us tragically in an accident. she loved lonestar, keepin her spirt alive we are heading to you tomorrow evening on the 6th. Miss Moo we all miss you heaps.
sharron R
Not long until my weekly treat! Sunday nights are made fabulous with my lonestar date! :)
Sonya D
My favourite dish is Lasso of Hog..I can't get enough! My mouth is watering just talking about it! :)
Richelle P
It's My Birthday and My Family are real Hungry. I know that you are the Hunger Busters. lol
Tony M
My husband and I both like all red meat dishes a lot. Shank Williams and Red Neck Ribs are our all time favorites.
Alice X
love the loaded hog makes me feel like a hog so good.
robbie c
ribs are delish by far the best dish.. Get on the net he said score my free bread thats filling on its own but i wont moan.. chug it down with a beer thanks Lonestar, ill be back here!
sonia s
Decent, affordable & can shut the kids up! :-) Lone Star is #1. Excellent food & service.Best around town, which is why we are yo-yo customers.Always RETURN! Only wish they were open for lunch :-)
Jane E
A meal at lonestar always leaves a good taste in the mouth for the rest of the week. Makes you come back for more. Thanks to lonestar HAMILTON !!!
geetika s
Ahhh the Feel-Good Fillet, never disappoints! Thanks for a great evening. Lone Star is our birthday destination - Feels Good!
Tineke H
My partner&i both live in Whangarei,Northland.Althoughhve decided tht 4 our 1 yr anniversary ths yr we will tke a special trip 2 Auckland&dine at Lone Star 4 ths special occasion.
Latoya Y
Its my birthday and im HUUNGRY!
Henry G
After many sad faces over the last 5 days my partner finally said he'll take me back to lonestar! Lesson learnt today, if you ask/annoy somebody enough, your sure to get Lonestar!
Chloe' T
Going tonight for tea again, as it is my son's birthday. Hope you have the Salmon salad that was on the special board last Sunday.
Maree N
Took the family out for on my birthday,kids had fun drawing while waiting for there meals to arrive.. The meals were well per portion and the chicken meals were so tender & moist..YUMMY.. Moana P
Moana P
The pig burger is amazing!!!! I couldn't finish mine because it was so massive but hubby was more than happy to help me out. Cheers Lone Star
Rachel E
Holy COW!I hd a very tasty meal here at th Manukau.I lovd meating th staf.Th food was delicius nd Im nw curntly planin my work funtion to be at Manukau.I look forwrd 2 wine-ing and dinin myself.Yeehaa
Courtney R
We Dine out at the Lone Start some time ago with some friends.. an your meals, service an waiters were supa fabulous!! good ya Lone star! great place to be.
mark M
Best meal out in a long long time. The yummiest food in the Bay
Bronwyn S
Planning a combined early birthday dinner at Newmarket - can't wait :-)
Jess J
hiya, love the lone star.... just wondered if you could bring out a txt code or smart phone app for the grabameal deals as not everyone has a pinter at home :) cheers
kim r
Howdy! wana let ya all know were headin your way, me & my six mates & of course me mum's & dad's.Its a campervan trip & we'll be in your town on tues night 2nd of Oct,see ya all then!!! YEE HAA!
Madeline L
Real American Style Tucker on ya door step
Mark W
Always a great feeling to be able to eat at Lone Star wish I could go for often, a never forgetting experience..Your meals are soo amazzzing!!! did someone just say Lone Star! mmm I'm hungry! ;)
Rebecca h
Just read your September Newsletter emailed to me. Can't wait for the Taupo Restaurant to open. Love those ribs!
Sheryl B
There is nothing more to say... But "Mean LONESTAR mean" by mean MAORI mean :)
Paku B
Lone Star does everything but make you feel Lonely! (Cheesy comment, I know, but so are your nachos and those are very well loved - cheesy is not always bad!) Awesome place to dine =)
Sarah P
You know.What I love Best about LoneStar ?....You make every where else" so boring." I missed my birthday there this year, "Chemotherapy" got in the way, But I will be back for next years one,
Carole P
LASSOO OF HOG HUGE its BIG U feel like a pig Oinking crackle of a meal & 4 the $$ a real steal Cant wait 2 try more on their scrumptious menu at my favorite restaurant Nelson LoneStar Venue
kiri c
Fantastic place for a meal.The staff are first rate.The atmosphere is fantastic.Wish I could try dessert sometime.Meals are to big can't fit it in. Five stars Papanui.
Raewyn R
Love the Lonstar.. No Bull Kim H
Kim H
last saturday we went to fay shearer a friends 80th birthday at lone star in palmerston north had good time thank you
george b
zomg definitely going lonestar tonight for a chance to win free lonestar for a year!!! *droooools*
Amy Y
I love the generous serving of ribs and the yumny garlic bread.
Gina T
I love Lone star as the feeds are manly in fact ive never had a Desert here yet as i can never fit it in
craig k
Lone Star Petone all the way! Brillant staff and you cant beat the food. Its our own special place where we had our engagement party, celebrated our first valentines day as a married coupled
Jacqui D
What I love about Lone Star is the gigantic serving sizes. My record is eating a loaf of garlic bread all to myself (true story) in one sitting. I just love it!
frida s
Oh ma darling Oh ma darling Oh ma darling please be mine I am hungy I am starving Oooh Lone Star Please be mine
Wendy T
kahlua and moro cheesecake........mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Totally rocks my dessert world . Ady
Ady L
Love Loan Star! me and My Boyfriend have a long history of special moments at loan start. love it!
Rebecca T
Every time I go to the Lone Star I go away with the biggest smile and the fullest tummy, thanks for the wonderful wood and service.
Hayden J
We have had ribs all over the world...but the best ribs in the world are at Newmarket Lone Star :-) WE LOVE LONESTAR!!!
Ange F
Can u do sum grab-a-meals that don't have to b used TODAY. We live 3 hours drive from da nearest LS. Our trips are planned, not spontaneus. How abt sum deals for NEXT WEEK ? (It's my birthday then :-)
Jos B
Wow, the Texas Pig buger is fantastic!
Megan S
LOVE Loanstar !! My partner loves the spare ribs and i love the Marinated Chicken. BEST place to dine ever !! Friendly customer service aswell.
Sharnee O
Awesome food, awesome staff, great atmosphere and family friendly. Staff go out of their way to accomodate you. Can't beat this place for all of the above! 7 stars!!!
Tina M
We go to Lonestar all the time. Love it, love it, love it...... the ribs are awesome. Just the best food and good value for money..... xx
Leona P
I love Lonestars Dixie Chicken. Don't even need to look at the menu when I visit. Always tastes amazing! Thanks Lonestar!
Amy H
Aint been BUT would love to try out as have been told its got a great menu! Gotta bring the other half here when he arrives into the country soon so we can both enjoy what everyone else has!
Antonia K
Had a great time at LONESTAR (again!). Our baby (19yrs) birthday & her request to dine here. FAB food, presentation, staff & prices. Couldn't ask for better. Can't wait to dine at LONESTAR again.
maree c
My favourite restaurant for as long as i can remember!, any excuse to make it to Lone Star in Hamilton, best service and food this side of Texas!
jess t
You might be called a Lonestar but your the brightest star and the best restaurant on the mainstreet of Hamilton
Kathleen B
man o-sum food o-sum service ill be back.............
louie m
Your the brightest star on the streets of Hamilton as far as restaurants go, love lonestar
Kathleen B
When we are out of town, Tauranga, we look for Lone Star to guarantee a great meal of great quality and good honest price
Allen C
New to New Zealand with heaps to celebrate we chose Lonestar cos everyone says its awesome !
Janine P
my daughter won a lonestar voucher at school in nelson ,she was very lucky , we are waiting for the holidays , hopefully we have enough to take the rest of our family. thanks lonestar from vanessa
vanessa i
OMG, I love you Lone Star you are by far the best place in the world to eat xxooxx
Kerrie-ann P
Lovely Food Open 7 days Nothing too much trouble Excellent service Satisfyingly good Top Marks Amazing Value Return I must!
Derek F
So what if I have not yet been there..just looking at the scribbles by others..I am sure I will visit it soon..more so if I get the voucher which will introduce me to the 'lone star' world
anup g
Lonestar loaf is the best!Followed by the divine dixie chicken. I really couldnt but I just had to indulge in the free dessert to. So full but so worth it was so yummy!
Sue F
Best steaks this side of the US! I love this place!
Dustin P
we love going to the Lone star..its where the actions is..fantastic menu!! great service! an very happy the meals great! we will keep on going!!:-)
Kameel M
Lamb shanks are amazing! And the coleslaw is to die for. Best meal I have had in a long time and great service (: Staff know the specials and menu off by heart. Would love to come back again x
Emma E
Best place ever! Dixie chicken is to die for! could eat here every night :)
Ellie T
The head honcho chef Uwen at the Hamilton Lone Star is simply the best! Why eat anywhere else in town
Sylvia A
going tonight mouth is already watering
nathan d
I wish upon a wishing star to have a meal at Loan star,
Dena H
Ermeeerhgeerrrhd ^.^ Theeeee best RIBS! The food and customer service is bloody awesome. Can't beat Ol'Lone Star...
Kawa W
Always the best feed in town no matter which town your in! Love you Lonestar like one of the family! LOL
Krystal W
The only restaurant we go were the boys don't stop for drive through on the way home !!! Happy campers Thanks guys xx
sarah c
Went to Lone Star for my birthday with my children and grandchildren. it was a fabulous night, the food was amazing, the staff were friendly and even showered us with gifts - thanks Lone Star
Lesley H
Love lone star Ooh la la Very nice food Excellent service Lots of choice Yes please
Wendy T
went there for the first time thought it was the best awsome food and lots of fun..
teressa s
we love the meals and eat here about every month-I have not got my voucher yet for my birthday this month-thanks
izayah w
I love Lonstar meals - They're just like home cooked with plenty on the plate. Love the Jack Daniels dessert as well!!!!!!!
Shelley S
Went to Lone Star - Manukau. Excellent Food, Excellent Service All Around Awesome Night Out XX
Lisa-Marie G
The perfect place to celebrate, relax and enjoy awesome food with all the family! Paula R
Paula R
Me and my Family <3 love lonestar we sometimes go there for birthday we love ur RIBS :) we hope we can make it for father's day xoxoxo
Lauren G
Food at The Lonestar is consistently yum yum For us its always the pick of the best ~ good service, delicious food na fun evening Love The Lone Star
nicola f
Read your newsletter, love dining at Lone Star
Shona M
We never go out ! But love Lonestar so for my partners birthday we went in and had a fab meal + service and he got a free pav and my son got a free t shirt =) made our night
I get to visit NZ once or twice a year with work colleagues from all over the world and the common theme is 'let's all meet up at lonestar' back soon and I can't wait, great party loving team.
Peter B
The best place ever, is family orientated, wonderful staff, awesome food, great service. You know when you go to lone star you will leave full and satisfied on so many levels, lone star rocks !!
Karina G
Teapot cocktails! Fantastic way to see in New Years! Or any special occasion!
J + N C
my partner and i don't get out together much and he took me for a suprise birthday dinner... we had amazing service and the best time ever thank you so much ...:) The food is always surperb x yummo..x
Kelly T
I never can forget the Fajita I had in Lone Star.
Amir S
Any time I want a decent feed at a reasonable price you guys are the first choice every time .Your Buffalo Chips are the first thing I tell people about and the mrs loves the ribs See ya soon
Trev M
Lone star ribs, you dont need bibs.. Lone star ribs are fun to eat Ribs & Sauce..hmm. spicy and sweet! But, alas, I must confess It leaves your face an awful mess! Good times :-)
Eddy C
the most DELICIOUS restaurant to go to. Always walk away with a full tummy from the yummy food/drinks. Staff are AMAZING, always kind and helpful.
Maree C
The Ribs & Rockin Ribeye are sooo good that I haven't tried anything else on the menu yet. Maybe one day I'll be brave, close my eyes and point randomly at something on the menu and order that.
Sondja E
Always loved lonestar rotorua are fantistic aswell as riccarton. The staff the food the bar:) The Best FOOD EVER!!!!!!!!
Mariea H
Amazing food - check Quality for money - check Awesome staff - check What more could a person want??
Medz R
My mouth waters every time I think about "Johnny Cash Stash", Lone Star you are totes Amazeballs!
Antonia H
Thanks Lonestar Petone for Daddy's funtastic birthday dinner!!!! We loved that you make us all feel special! xx
Gillian K
Love the Bush Inn Lonestar. Great staff, fantastic food, and so many memories of happy occasions celebrated there. we come all the way from Brisbane now but its well worth it. see you next week.
victoria E
Bridgitte W
Awesome food. Can't wait until I can afford to dine at Loan Star Riccarton Again. Also Kostas Mark the head chef and the rest of the lads in the kitchen rock to. Loan Star Riccarton Rocks!!!!!
Rachael O
Me & family love the lone star we love the friendly staff, and food we dine 1 to 2 times wk, keep the great work up we love it.
Karla B
belinda r
Had an amazing night at Lone Star Papanui last night! Such a great enviorment and great service by our waitress Alice AND even gave our son a free T!
Sally G
u r my lonestar, my only lonestar, u make me happy when skies are grey. you'll never know guys how much i loooove it, please dont take my lonestar away. Hey !!
vanessa r
This our last time in The Lone Start 2011. My son dribble of Ribs and can't wait for ribs arrived and so pleased Yummy RIBS.
Tanya H
Food so delicous and speechless.Kids crazy Ribs and they love it of Tasty marlovous with 5 STARS *****.YuuuMMmmyyYY!!
Tanya H
“It’s absolutely unfair for women to say that guys only want one thing!! We also want to be dined...
Sasha S
Yeay - Looking forward to Fathers Day, going there for sure, Got to be in to WIN. Just have to have Lassoo of Hog and for my wife a rare to medium steak....yummy.
KathnRaymond W
Best darn place to eat in the Bay and that is all I have to say about that!
Jo C
We have never been to Lonestar in Napier so looks like its on the menu for DAD'S DAY i heard its worth it
Roslyn A
Lone Star is coming to Taupo. Awesome. We'll be there opening night.
Jacqui P
Fathers Day this Sunday. One guess where we're heading! Yippie KAI aye.
Philip R
Brilliantly divine cajun chicken for dinner at Lone Star Dunedin tonight; a great team and a great experience. Thank you.
Desirée A
Coming back home soon and first stop is Lonestar! Cant wait for the Chief Mini Drums and the Ribs.... then top it off with the cheesecake!!! How I missed you!
Jax C
Heading to Queenstown tomorrow... Looking forward to dinner and drinks at Lone Star!
Rebecca K
I LOVE Lone Star..the food, the staff and the decor! My bf also benefits when I go there (minus him), as I always get him a dessert takeaway =) cant beat the kahlua&moro cheesecake mmm
Hollie D
Every visit is a pleasure. Then you leave & all you wanna do is come back again. P.S: The Prawn Star is truly a star!
redge h
Its great to get a good size meal at a decent price! Hate places where you only get meat, fish or chicken with potatoes or chips for $30+ and have to pay extra salad or veg!
Sue F
Hey saucey, I dreamt about you last night... hoisin, orange & sesame seed that is :-P
Liz S
I'm from Auckland but my best Lonstar times are in Tauranga with the SKC Pipes and Drums. Got to know people heaps better while eating great food!!!
Ashley C
Lone Star! The brightest, sparkliest, yummiest star on our horizon for a l-o-n-g time. A great addition to Matariki. Long may it shine! :-)
Clare S
always love a good feed at lone star its gotta be good for ya
doug c
Awesome food! Amusing Nite! Great Staff! Back again in 2 weeks :)
Kerrie d
Love the fact that LoneStar treats kids like 'real people' and give them pictures & colouring pens to keep then busy. Service how it should be!
Trudy D
When is gotta be great head to the Lone Star, guaranteed to put a smile on the doal and some jelly in da belly :)
De B
I remember when I was a little girl and every time my parents said we were going out for dinner I would yell "Lone Star!". It is definitely one of my number one places to go!!!
Lydia M
Meghan ROCKS! (Riccarton Lonestar) Thanks for a wonderful evening on the 20th . She made the evning very special for the 11 yr old B'day boy :-)
Jaishree D
Thanks guys for the voucher! My wife won it for me off a facebook comp. Father's day is gonna be sweeter with Banoffee pie this year :)
Jason R
I last visited Lone Star in my 20s (live in Northland) coming to visit in November for my 40th. Have never forgotten the wonderful food, atmosphere and service I received there many moons ago.
Rhonda F
I'm from Germany and I visited Lone Star last week. I love the desserts-to die for. :) It was so good, I will be back next weekend with lots of friends. Longing for Lone Star eversince. :)
Martina P
its my mums 50th birthday this friday so we are all heading into lonestar to celebrate, havent been for ages and cant wait!! happy birthday mum!
carly t
Love the kids colouring pictures and my favourite dish is the ribs xxxx
Isabella M
Love working for Lone Star Petone!
Joshua W
about to try lonestar for the first time friday night, can't wait, have heard so many positive comments! yum yum
marina p
About to get my Lone Star fix for my birthday whoop whoop xoxox
Emma W
Can't wait for lonestar to be in taupo! Gonna be soo awsum. love lonestar garlic bread & dixie chick yumm :P
Brianna A
ohhmmyygossshh.. loved the ribs :D yum yum !
Reagan B
Happy 60th Birthday Jack Jones! Hope you enjoy your dinner at Lonestar! (Taking my Dad to Hamilton Lonestar tomorrow night, it's his 60th!)
My partner took me to the Riccarton lonestar and i LOVED it dixie chicken yum shame i always miss the deals on here.
Kcee G
My 2 year old says she "likes lone twinkle star"
Bex D
What a comfort to know that you have such a family friendly place to take the children for their birthdays.The staff in Napier are fantastic and really care about our family's dinning experience!
Lisa p
What better way to celebrate NZ's Olympic success than a great night out at Lonestar! Sue F
Sue F
Me and My partners 5year anniversary and we are celebrating our dinner date at Lone Star MANUKAU Cant wait to eat the yummy Ribs! Delicious
debbie t
we were on a mission to get a burger from a drive thru takeaway, then someone mentioned "why dont we go to Lonestar?" nek minnit 6 of us at Lonestar having the best darn meals ever!
Andrew R
My husband & I haven't been out for so long and Lonestar is our fave place to dine but we are broke as! Your service is always friendly and with a smile, would love to see you soon x
Diane P
Loved the service last time I was there at Manukau LoneStar, looking forward to coming back!
Lisa S
LONE STAR has the best meals in town. I would highly recommend Lone Star to anyone that is looking for a delicious decent meal with great service :)
Melanie S
Looking forward to dinner for the first time tonight at LoneStar Waitakere...have heard some good reviews but will be back here later on tonight to give feedback...Please be goooood!!!!
Pelema T
L - luscious O - opulent N - nectarous E - enticing S - scrumptious T - toothsome A - appetizing R - rare This is what I call delicious in a "LONESTAR" way!! Cheers
Yash A
It's not just the food, but also the ambience. It's not just the recipe, but the presentation too. It doesn't shout out loud a 5 star, but just a single lone star AND it has it all.
geetika s
Always have a great meal and a fantastic night at Lonestar. Thanks guys for your hospitality. Most of all thanks for amazing food! Anyone who hasn't dinned at Lonestar, is definitely missing a treat.
Alan H
I would love to celebrate my birthday with my brother, unfortunately as I'm a single mum dont go out to dinner, no $$ to go, last time I went to Lone Star was years ago.
Karen W
I will miss my celebration meals at the Christchurch Manchester Street Lonestar : ( Sorry to see it go, I loved the food and always feel more than satisfied. Leslie S
Leslie S
Went to Lone Star Riccarton for lunch with my best friend and god-daughter and came out with a free Lone Star T-Shirt for my god-daughter. Well stoked with the fantastic service. Thanks guys..
Nadia G
Oh wow, fantastic dinner at Dunedin. Looking forward to my next visit. Delicious food!!
Desirée A
Lone Star's where its at!!!
Allie T
Currently living in Oz - and seriously craving some Dixie Chicken!!! Do you ever share your amazing recipes????
Marijke W
Awesome, I am gluten free, and have angst !!! eating out , without having to always ask - Lone Star was simply AMAZ-ING!! - SERVICE BRILLIANT - Never felt so relaxed - ever!!! - food WOW!!
Wendy C
Pai mārika taku Lone Star kai! Ka mau te wehi! Tēnā rāwā atu koe. Ka kite anō. Paul
Paul Q
It would have been a missed steak not coming here and enjoying some amazing food and a good night out! Cheers guys! You have really raised the steaks...
Aziz A
Can I come to lonestar for my birthday again?????? it was so much fun last time!!
Xanthe W
Had the most amazing Dixie Chicken at Northlands Lonestar when we visited for my daughter's birthday. Thanks Lonestar, you never fail to amaze me with your delicious meals
Leanne L
Fantastic, I 'm looking forward to going to Lone Star Dunedin in the next week; can't wait! Great, tasty options, the only sad part is having two menu items; can't fit them all in at one time!
Desirée A
I love lonestar, I live in a small town and never get to go away much so when we get a date weekend I look up the nearest lonestar cos its awsome, reasonable price awsome service you rock
Kelly B
cant help it when the food tasts so good want to eat all of it no matter how full i am
mash m
I love how attentive, polite and efficient the staff always are. Theres not many places i am comfortable to take my kids but Lonestar are very accommodating. Great food & staff.. THANKS Lonestar:)
Kath K
Gonna have tea at Lonestar-Rotorua next saturday for Jahs birthday- menu sounds great, cant wait to try the Lemon/ Lime tart.We are getting a brand new Lonestar restauraunt in Taupo- yeah..
Karin Mihi D
My daughter has many food allergies and its very hard to tak her out for dinner. Lonestar catered to her needs. She loved it! Thanks
Lorinda L
so I'm currently trying to be healthy and not eat out toooo much! In the last two weeks I've been to lone star 4 times! thanks a lot guys :p
Darren D
Wow love how awesome your staff are for children! Son a very fussy eater - if he is happy then so are the other 3 in the family! Am going again ... and again.... and again....
Julie S
My fondest Lone Star memory? the pastry star I used to get on my kids meal! (Oh and the gosh darn amazing FOOD) yum a bit of drool just came out of my mouth thinking about Dixie Chicken!!!
Ashleigh L
You know you're onto a good restaurant when you don't regret one bit the fact that you ate so much it takes a massive physical struggle to haul yourself out to the car!
Ashleigh L
Lovin' LS Petone! Heading over there on Sat nite to celebrate my husband's birthday and my mouth's a'waterin' already for the Johnny Cash stash - yeah!
Melanie F
Howdy cowgirls & cowboys,good ole down to earth BIG meals, & the best music ,thanks all,ul gotta know Il be back!
liz f
Yeehaa Lonestar, you're SIMPLY THE BEST, BETTER THAN ANY OF THE REST!!!!!!
Deanna G
So I am a stay at home mum. Go on. Ask me what I do all say. I dare you!
Kim L
my ma and pa both fuddy duddies dined out courtesy of us in palmy 2 weeks ago they are sold on place, ambience, crowd everything rocked. well done lonestar.
Tiffany T
Wow! What amazing cowgirls you have working at Lonestar in good ole GIZZY TOWN! Excellent Service!
Linda C
If you can judge a restaurant by it's Creme Brulee, Lone Star is the place to be!!
Pascal K
Your Mars Bar and Kahlua cheesecake is DIVINE! Always has me coming back for more calories!
Megan B
Waitress: Hi there are you ready to order? ME: YIP!!! Give me the BEST ''Lone Star'' Kiwi Kai you have bro CHOICE
debbie t
Twinkle twinkle little "Lone Star" make my wish come ture. Please pick me , and my wee family !!
Sherrie P
Finally a place where I can use offensive language and sell my neighbours annoying cat!!!...oh drat, Lonestar won't let me so I can only recommend you eat there then
Paul C
According to my cultured pallet, and limited wallet, everyone needs to give Lone-Star North Shore a won't regret moseying down their way!!!
Paul C
LOVING Grab-A-Meal!!! I can't visit LONESTAR without having the bread to start - and I just scored mine free for tomorrow night. Booyah!!! Loving it... x
Selina R
bro get some steak and chips my way and some sexy L&P
Seven W
Twinkle twinkle Lonely Star, how I wonder what you are To eat at you I would go far then I'd drink deep at the bar
Sylvie T
Loooooove Lone Star! Its so hard finding a place to eat out being allergic to wheat and gluten, and it tastes so good you would never know its gluten free!
Elise P
Have you guys ever thought about opening for takeaway orders at lunch time????
Rach S
The Plunderers preferred watering hole!! Great stuff Craig and team.
Pete D
Whenever we dine at Lonestar...we are never left feeling aLone star...staff and menu are both fantastic..
Natasha W
Work party at the Lone Star, Invercargill. 60 of us ready to have a hoosle up with the cowboys, helping to work off those saucy scrumy Ribs. Yee haaaaa!!!!!!!!!
Helen S
We have a Lone Star rule, Hubby, the kids and I all have to order a different meal so we get to sample more than just our dish. Best rule ever made I reckon. Mmmmmm gotta love Lone Star :)
Deanna S
Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit! Those finger lickin redneck ribs will send me over the limit! YEEHAA! cant wait!
khris A
I'm sure Lone Stars Banoffie Pie is what will be served in heaven!! I best be good! :)
Anjulie F
I love all the Lone Stars and want to buy vouchers for family and NEED to have them available :) PLEASE!!
David D
Don't know why I stopped going Lonestar! Just had an amazin night and our waitress even let us taking home the garlic butter! Now THATS service! Time to go back!!
Paul V
We love Lone star ! We wear your Tshirts and drink in the bar.. The food is so yum it fills our tum..well see you soon because ..We love Lone Star !
Amber R
Dixie Chicken ... here I come... cant wait to devour you tonight !! -RT
Rachel T
Love to you, Lonestar! Your restaurants have a gorgeous country feel to the them, we often enjoy a nice night out with friends at the newmarket and gisborne city branches. See you again soon!
Tamara C
great food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
andrew p
Absolutly love Lone Star. The Rock the Boat was the best fish i've ever tasted and the Moro Kahlua die for!
Clare R
Invervegas Lonestar is the BOMB!! Best service & best food. Dixie Chick is to DIE for
Tammy C
There may be plenty of fish in the sea, but the best of it is at The Lonestar Papanui, with their to die for Rock the Boat! Also the best lamb shanks, ribs and desserts in town :)
Vicki B
I looked at the ribs and said "A mans gotta do - what a mans gotta do"
Peter C
Love, love, love the Magnificent Salmon. The risotto cake with it was to die for :)
Cherise M
I went dwn 2 Lonestar Even tho it was so far Twas worth the cold night air 4 the gr8 meal & atmosphere!
Kylie W
Lookin forward to a hearty meal on Friday for a Lone Star birthday party!
Rachel D
Took my husband out to Lone Star, had the most delicious meal's with a fabulous atmosphere and such amazing, lovely staff. Will definitely be back. Thankyou very much! XoX
samala k
What can I say.....Great food, Great service, Great price !!!
Lynn M
"Life is like a LoneStar meal, full and bursting with flavour!" Mrs G.
Gayle S
Quinn chose lone star for his birthday dinner he loves it! he is 9 now so we are all looking forward to it...
kay m
always a great time @ lonestar always a great feed.coming on frinite for dinner cant wait.xoxox
tarnz b
YES, we are having Lone Star for dinner tomorrow... yummm, CAN'T WAIT :)
Claudine B
i luv monster it is delisis. the kids menu is my favurit becos it has the pefecd amont of fod. her is a pictor i drew for lonstar
Eli H
HELP!!!! I'm having Lonestar withdrawls!!!! Please encourage my husband to bring me to you by paying for some of it. XX
Louise J
The crew at Napier are awesome, thank you for my tshirt and the yummy food and Olivia she was cool and thanks mum for taking me there on a school night.
Ben H
awesome time at lone star with my main man @Hamish Bevan Hamish loves your kids menu keep making more food for generations to come, great service, we are coming again soon.
Kumar P
Dont dine here often but when i do, your meals r always of a high standard and ever so yummy!!!!!!!!!! COOL!!!!
Deb h
Had a fantastic meal at Lone Star Dunedin Friday night. The team was great. Thanks for the divine taste palate.
Desirée A
Lone Star is the star shining in the night I love my dinner with my icecream just right One day I might win a good behaviour certificate from Gym Then I will beg my Mum to come in....
Poppy F
15 years I have been going for my birthday dinner @ The Lone Star! The high standard of food and lovely staff hasnt dropped a bit! Love you Lone Star x
Grace J
The Irish rugby team are just like the cream on the Lone Star Kiwi Pavlova ..... Soft, Pale and well whipped ! Go the All Blacks !
Alan J
I wanted a cocktail that you didn't have on your menu but you offered to make it for me anyway! I will be dining at Lonestar For the rest of my life! =)
Kim H
RIBS , me eat lots of. I like ribs and i eat all my dinner and lick up the plate. me come anytime very soon. keep your ribs tasting good and i be back for more. Kids menu - NUGGETS taste good.
Chuck N
i had a lovely time at lone star last night with my pals bruce Lee and chuck Norris.
jesus c
I'll top Chuck N's order. 4000 Ribs and I'll finish them in a femptosecond.
Kaylin T
I cant wait to go for dinner with the ladies. Great menu sounds like a great dinner to die for! I cant wait to see the yummy meals! Bring on the great meals for us and to surprise us!!!
Angie T
I am a Regular on Saturday evening at the Palmerston North Bar and I must say the Staff are AMAZING as I walk up the stairs my drink is being poured BEST service in town
Rori M
It's delightful, it's delicious, it's de-lovely! Lone Star - the brightest star :)
Jiayun F
Just wanted to say that I loved the way your Christchurch City restaurant was set out. I enjoyed looking at all the different pictures on the walls.. Lone Star you make my dining experience the BEST!
Johanna R
I have become aware that my old friend Mr. Chuck Norris, will be dining at your restaurant in the coming days. I would be most honored to feast upon your ribs with him, and then fight to the death.
Bruce L
Chuck N
Done Wellington and Queenstown, now looking forward to dining in our new hometown of Palmerston North. Yummy!
Monique P
nom nom lonestar tonight cant wait for there yummy ribs, only the best of the best
casey h
Looking fwd to bring the grandkids and hubbie there for my birthday. Kazza:-)
Carolyn g
As usual a totally amazing meal at Hamilton Lonestar* you guys are the best in town! HG
Hilary G
Going out for dinner isn't really going out for dinner if you dont order a lone loaf!
Kendyl R
Its my birthday today would love to win a voucher so i can take my family out for a neal thanks guys
Philip F
Hanging out 4 Lonestar! Its been a 6yr dryspell. My man's 40th is June 14th & I want him & our littlies to enjoy a Lone Star feast!! Watch out field days visitors - we're gonna get that table!!
Angela W
driving in my car heading to lone star love the johnny cash stash it always looks really flash i love lone star it's the best and everyone on this page knows the rest.
kama r
Looking forward to using my grab a meal deal!
Caraline M
Just moved to Tauranga and had to check if there is a LoneStar here. Was driving around for ageees till I found it. Nothing like finding a LoneStar to make you feel at home!
Liz W
I am looking forward to seein the cowboys and i'm coming as the indian to complete the theme!!
estelle s
I LOVE playing cowboy with my friends and thank you for the free ice-cream!!! You guys are so cool!!!
Ben D
Hi guys! I just want to say i love lone star! it so yummy yum yum! :D
Grayson C
Looking forward to a enjoyable eveining this coming Thursday at Lone star NP.. Heres to a great night out.
Melissa M
Nothing beats a birthday dinner at Lone Star!
Jacqui F
am so excited to go to lonestar because of my brother and sister choosing to go there for their birthday.
Bailey F
Queenstown Lone star best in the land for sure. Perfect meat and service from pistol Pete is hard too beat!
Mitch D
Looking forward to lonestar tonight. Its so nice to go out especially on a long weekend it willl be great to go with some great friends. Theresa
Theresa M
love the food always and the service is always the added bonus thanks
suzi g
taking my mama out to dinner next saturday night just 'cause. see you then lonestar petone :)
tracey m
Can't wait to hit Lonestar on the 9th of June for my best friends birthday dinner :) !
Holly W
heading 2 welly for a conference start of July! Lonestar is the place for the one night out we get yaaay here i come ribs.
Nicky C
Had some great food at Lone Star Dunedin tonight!! Already looking forward to coming back. Love your straight shooting range of absolutely divine, and flavour-filled food!
Desirée A
My wife and I went to Lonestar Nelson last night. Johnny Cash Stash and Lassoo, awesome meals. Longhorn Cheesecake - to die for. Service excellent. Thank you Lonestar
Brian R
I am coming to lone star for the first time on Sunday with my family to celebrate my 21st birthday. YAY :)
Susan C
Do you have any light/low fat options? A few more vege options would be good too please!
Sue F
how do you know when you have picked winners but i'll just keep on tryn never give up on my fav place to dine love you lone star xoxo
kama r
Lonestar Papanui always has the most friendly staff. Makes my dining experience there so enjoyable and always leaving with a big smile and full tummy :)
Toni W
My super cool daughter who turns 15 in June has chosen Lone star for her birthday dinner. MMm cant wait!! Dixie chicken here i come...
cherie d
cant wait to dine at lonestar riccarton tonight, always an awesome meal!!!!
kimberley s
"Lone Star"should be "Gold Star" Awesome food awesome service 10/10!
Sue F
yay i saved enough money to go to lone star on the weekend my partner and i had a wonderful meal just perfect thanks every1 at the rotorua lonestar MAGIC
kama r
we are a family of 7sometimes $$$ just are not there to take us all out, I would LUV to bring my BIG family along 1day to EAT AT the lonestar. i love the PLACE. friendly and u always leave smiling.
melanie m
yesterdays history, tomorrows a mystery, today is a gift and thats why we call it the present. My presents gonna be eating at lonestar this weekend yeahhhh :)
shona m
I really love your chicken dinner Lonestar u r a winner Your ribs r always cooked perfectly U r my fav place 4 tea A drink, a meal & dessert as well 2 all my friends this is what i'll tell!
Isabella S
aww I always miss out on the daily meal deals in chch... I can always rely on my fav cajun chicken and mango margaritas tho yum yum :)
Anita B
Am looking forward to dixie chicken this weekend. and a bottle of oyster bay sav wine. ummmm roll on saturday. lone star rocks my world
Angie T
I want to come but you dont have any in Timaru :(
Brendan W
Lonestar Petone...awesome!
Amanda C
my birthday
jo s
You should put out a Lone Star album with all the restaurant playlist music :)
Michelle T
"dfgdfsaga sdgagf afgafgszsrter fvzsdcv dseft gryyg hsbvsd eftrwhsw dfgdfgrwt yhrtghgf sdfgr tsgsfvgg dfsgsfs dfgsdfgs" What I am thinking after a meal at Lonestar - its just too much to bear!!!!
Ali V
my mouth starts to water every time i think of your dixie chicken mmmmmmmmmmm
kama r
Yes, I'm looking forward to coming in for a great dinner real soon! Oh, what to choose; its all so good!!
Desirée A
Yeeha Lone Star! Our family is making you our new place to celebrate birthdays after our visit last week!
Deborah W
Twinkle Twinkle LoneStar How I wonder what you are My first visit is about to come I've heard the food is real yum.See you on saturday night. if i see my comment posted i may die of fright
Lisa E
My partner and I are coming to Tauranga for a weekend away. I am reeeeeeally looking forward to going to Lonestar for tea! I know I'll be well fed!
Lisa H
my wee boy has to go to dunedin hospital for surgery and all he is looking forward to is the meal at lonestar the night before he has to be nill by mouth.
just me again lol can't wait to enjoy a wonderful meal at lone star yay!!!!!!
kama r
your ribs are so amazeing :) i think i could live off them and i dont care how much of a man i look when im munching them ::) xx
claire w
im gunna write on here everyday until i win lol me and my 3 kids are looking forward to dinner at lone star yum yum
kama r
i've been waiting for my partner to win big on the horses just so that he can take me to lone star but im still waiting lol i hope that he wins soon i'm hanging out for the dixie chicken
kama r
I try pretty hard each week to get player of the day in my hockey team because of the Lone Star vouchers that are awarded each week. I can't miss out on my LS Ribs!
Finn I
Yummy, tender, plentiful, tasty, tempting, delectable, moist, rewarding, friendly, inviting, divine, appetizing, enjoyable, enticing, exquisite, scrumptious. Choice, as our youngster said.
Michelle H
Our family ate at Lone Star for the first time yesterday and we loved it! The staff were friendly, the food was amazing and the atmosphere...perfect. We will be back!
Donna F
only one word.....incredible
steve t
Lonestar is the place to eat Lonestar is a real good treat All and all come on let's go On our way to lonestar home Smiles and service 10/10 Lonestar food is surely the B E S T .HG
Hannah G
Can't wait to ride into my local Lonestar for the first time after reading lots of these A+ comments, looking forward to experiencing the LoneStar style.
Stephanie R
My little brother dragged me down a street the other day wanting to show me his favourite place in the whole world, I presumed it was going to be a toy shop but instead it was the Tauranga Lone Star.
Renee J
Our family of 40 went to lone star last saturday, excellent service, amazing food. Everyone left very full and happy. Best dining experience. i love lone star soooooooo much.
Angie T
I love Lonestar Tauranga - great service, great food.
Maria B
The staff at Lone Star Palmy are awesome! I have a 8yo asperger's son & they are so wonderful with him! It makes a nice break for all of us to enjoy a meal out- something that was once unheard of!
Elisabeth H
Went for my birthday last week and meal was awesome and staff were wonderful. Love the fact that they get down and speak at your level. Wordfind for my 6 year old was great too :)
Rachel O
comin' to Lonestar for friends birthday this weekend and can't wait, have'nt been to Lonestar for ages and really lookin' forward to it!
Karina J
Cannot fault you guys!! awsum service awsum food!! cant wait till next time well spent ..garenteed great food..everytime!
chloe m
Birthday tomorrow and who needs to ask where I want to go for an amazing dinner out! Cant wait! I love food and I think the Lonestar chefs do too as it is always awesome
Aimee-Leigh B
Lonestar has the Best Banoffie Pie I have ever eaten!
Deanne K
Exceptional service, quality food, great atmosphere, what more can I ask for, Lone Star, Im coing back for more!
Margaret C
Hi. Have been several times to Lone Star with family and friends and have loved the experience! Great variety of food to choose from, and for all tastes! Thank you.
Navjot M
We love Lone Star... Its my partners birthday on the 30th & he has his name all over your Spare Ribs lol.. So please $50 towards our meals would be AMAZING!! :-) Pleaseeeee :-)
Sasha H
I've been to Lone Star a few times by myself when away for sports or work - now looking forward to introducing my children to the "Lonestar experience" next weekend up in the big smoke. :-)
Brenda D
Lonestars Mussels are the best, and you have to have the loaf with it to soak up the deliss broth.
Casey G
My family and I love go to Lone Star for every birthday! All 5 of us love the friendly atmosphere and superb food. Fantastic!!! :)
Freya D
I LOVE THE SPARE RIBS! :) They are to die for! Have told all my friends to go to Lonestar as they are the best! Would love to know the recipe for the sauce on the ribs! MMMM! :)
Sarah W
Lone Star has to be the best by far ♥ I can't wait to have my 21st dinner here in a few weeks!
Naidene B
In 10 weeks we're making the trek from Dubai to Napier simply for the best food, great service and a guaranteed good night out. No trip home to NZ complete without a Lone Star stop!
Susie B
Lonestar better be ready for Me and My boy. Heading there for a surprise birthday dinner next saturday. Woop Woop!!
Hannah M
LOVE ur dixie chicken, tastes great each and every time. Well worth every cent!!
Nicole A
Rotorua are the best! they rewarded our kids good behaviour by giving them t-shirts and pencils! keep the kids happy and everyone is happy.see you again for some more of those tasty ribs
Eve W
WHOOP WHOOP, Just booked holiday over da hill, Oh my old friend Dixie Chicken, oh I have missed you, mmmmm my mouth is watering already, just wish I didn't have to wait 2 weeks :(
Leanne W
“I feel sorry for people who don't drink. When they wake up in the morning, that's as good as they're going to feel all day.” – Frank Sinatra
Ruth M
hazel m
We love the Lone Star - since our honeymoon we have eaten there every year on our anniversary... MMMMM Jonny Cash Stash.... I drool in anticipation for this year!
Sarah H
Love the Ribs, everytime!
James N
best ribs eva cant wait 2 go there 4 my Birthday on friday
tama H
great food and Star attraction was the wonderful Kate D, she was awesome, exceptional people skills vibrant and infectious personality if your manager is reading this she deserves a Pay Rise !
Demetrius A
Wow Lonestar! delicciioouuussss
Taylor R
Im super excited to have my Birthday dinner at Lonestar next thursday night, a $50 vouchure wouldnt hurt though ;)
Delma O
As a Coeliac (gluten intolerant) the Honky Tonk Chicken is the only gluten free meal on the menu, and the chef gets the chicken perfect everytime, the staff are fantastic, thanks Lone Star, Debs
you know i can't eat ghost chips that's why i go to lone star!! there O for owesome
kevin m
I love lone star petone amazing mouth watering food great service ideal for everyone wanting beautiful food
Maddy B
Lone Star is the best restaurant i have ever been too in my was AMAZING and the service was fantastic,definitely lived up to expectations and beyond.
melissa f
Great Service, Great Food, Great Time. Awesome Thanks Lonestar Petone!
Rachel G
I saw a Lone Star sign in Pukekohe, is it for real?! I freakn hope so!!!!
Mazia B
Gis a $50 voucher please for tonight, we are all bloomin starvin for ya ribs!!!! Pretty please!! xxx
Brendan W
I was astonished at the first time I ate at the Lone beautiful and great service, so I want to come back with more friends...tks
Tofa M
I didn't think life could be more complete until I ate at Lonestar!!! Best meal I have EVER had and the most accommodating staff !! Absolutely Amazing !!!
Courtney F
From Wellington to Hamilton and all in between you guys provide the best meals the most awesome service and we always leave with a smile.
Kate H
We had the best meal eva on Tuesday night at Petone. Service was incredibly good even for Lone Star which is always great. We will be back!!
Jude P
Walk in with a smile walk out with a full tummy and a bigger smile great staff ,great food way to go guys love dinner at your place !!
Tania L
Lone star has the best meals ever!!!
paula h
Best place for happy birthdays memory's,that last a life time
Melanie C
Lonestar is definitely my family's Favourite restaurant by boys all love it, cant wait to come back and try some more of your delicious food
Kirsty K
Lone Star! L - Loud Laughs O - is for orsome! N - Notable Nights E - Extraordinary Eatings S - Sassy Staff T - Terrificly Tangible Tastes A - Absolutely Abundant R - Raise the Roof!
Rebekah L
Bout to debut at Lonestar for the first time... Heard good things and the missus is shouting so going for broke TC
Looking forward to my trip from Australia even more now I've discovered Lone Star! Can we fast forward three weeks? The drool is starting to make a mess on the carpet...
Pippa W
Hey there Looking forward to my tea tonight Yum Yum at Dunedin!
Sue W
This Texas Gal Loves y'alls name and wishes she could be there with her kiwi buds, The Shand Family! (I hope that's right to say :) Here's hoping my family can visit there, someday!
Melissa R
Love, love your DIXIE CHICKEN....
cheryl j
Yum yum yum, went to the lone star in riccarton and had the besssssst meal. Thanks to the team, you guys rock!!!! See ya again soon. Love it!!
Laura H
Lone Star ribs are the BEST!! :)
Christine W
DE - LISH! my favourtite restaurant ever!! ;)
Meri c
Confucius say: Happy memories made in heaven so follow the Lone Star!
Dawn H
our family loooves going to lone star as a special holiday treat! Lots of yummy food something to suit everyone. x
Raewyn C
Thanks for a superb meal, we loved the food, the wonderful service, excellent to see that Lone Star is reliable we look forward to the new CHCH city restaurant being built.stay staunch !
vicki s
Wow always good time at the Star! :) LINK
Steve A
wild wild west your Dixie chicken is da best! feel like a break? cant beat your famous lone star steak! Ordered the ribs? Lone star please supply bibs! xx
angela l
Love the grabameal idea, when are you gonna do a grababeerntaxi deal???!
Mark M
How to celebrate hubby finishing 10 years at university! LONESTAR YAY!
Linda O
lone star manakau is soo amazing:), yummmy foooddd and great service!
megan s
Anniversary coming up in a month! partner wants to go somewhere reaally fancy which means the price is going to be fancy only place i actually wanna go to is lonestar! wooot :) YUMM
Riley K
Drove to our daughters and fed her cats everyday while she was away and now she's back she is shouting us to a meal at our favourite place- Lone Star! Sue F
Sue F
Only 9 days to go til a Tory St surprise 60th dinner for dad!! Flying him up from Shaky Town (Chch) & Bros from Rotorua & Brizzy can't wait to see the look on his face!!!
Aimee A
Happy birthday Taryn Gray ! We love you ex oh ex oh gossip girl!!!
Danielle N
Going to Lonestar for Taryns birthday. Should be a meeeeeaaaaaannnnn Night!!! :)
Caragh S
yo, diz plz waz daz bezt. Your ribs were nourishing and delicous. i lvd dat scznt. I would dine at your franchise anytime. PEACE UT BO. YOLO.
Jordan H
Can't wait for mine and hubby's date night Friday - its my turn to pick the restaurant... Petone Lone Star here we come!! :)
Tania V
Zoe M
Couples night out tonight!!! 8 of us and the boys organised it hehehe very different to what us girls are used too!! They chose the one and only New Market Lone Star!! Whoop Whoop can't wait! =D
Krista C
Have just scored the grabameal deal, am going tonight with my partner, excited much. Just saw that someone had a Kahlua and moro hell yes!!! cant wait :-)
Mace P
Love Lone╰☆╮Waitakere, fast service, awesome meals, paired with churchroad Merlot thanks 4 another great meal. ck
ck s
My kind of place.Always dreamt of such a restaurant.
Ravin R
Had the kahlua and moro bar cheesecake tonight (3 April) for national appreciation day; would really like to appreciate it some more!! Fingers crossed, tastebuds ready... here I come..!
Desirée A
My 21st Birthday tomorrow and I got the selection of choosing ANY restaurant and I chose Lone Star of coarse :) Can't wait
Aprill R
Lonester * DUNNERS* rock!!!!!
monique a
Went to the local Lone Star for my birthday dinner with the family & had a great time! Ended up getting 2 mains because I couldn’t decide which one I wanted! Lucky they let you get a doggie bag!
Jennifer C
id much rather go out for dinner at lone star than to get a truck load of easter eggs for everyone,nom nom so much nicer i say
jacqui c
Wish I won the 25 million that way i could buy my own lonestar and make it 24/7 so i can eat there for breakfast, lunch, dinner and desert - YUM
Tohi T
Love your Dixie Chick meal, I always get amazed at the generous size portions you have, FAVOURITE dinning place ever!!!!
Michelle K
Went to Lonestar in Palmerston North - AMAZING service!! Go Lonestar
Laura W
Thanks so much for the [sur]prize.The t-shirt & voucher are much appreciated.We always enjoy the Lone Star & recommend it to friends.
Karen O
Hi Lone Star.Staying Gisborne 11 days.Dining @ Lonestar each night.Tonight Prawn Star & Longhorn Cheesecake.Very nice.Service excellent staff, helpful and efficient.Tomorrow night Lassoo of Hog.Cheers
Chris M
Lone Star - how i miss thee! Living in Gold Coast now, but i whenever I'm home, your the first meal i eat.Love your Ribs, Coleslaw, Lonestar loaf & buffalo chips!! nom, nom, nom-see you in May '12
Rina R
If I could live and eat here every day my dream would have come true! I imagine my normal boring cooked chicken at home with its just as boring side salad is your AMAZING Johnny Cash Stash!
Courtney D
the rib are the bomb diggity tu meke lol n the honky tonk chicken meal mmmmmmmmmmm delicious lone star manukau you guys are THE BEST well worth the wait and excellent customer services
Free Garlic bread thanks to Grab a Meal & Johnny Cash Stash on Saturday night before the Real Woman's Duathlon and it was AMAZING as usual and our waitress Bex was also awesome! SHOT Queenstown XXX
Tania M
i have never tasted a piece of steak that is as good!you guys cook it PERFECT!!! i wont even start on the redneck ribs...they are to die for!!!!Lonestar will always be my restaurant of choice!!
cj b
Tried the Creme Brulee - Shared with the Wife - Bad Move Should have eaten Alone - As for the Wife - Well -She can Damm Well get her own !!
David F
Lone Star Dixie Chicken Sauce -WOW -That Alone is well worth the long plane ride from England
Lindsey F
Yumm yummmm yum
katrina b
Simply the best! Only issue I have ever had Is what to order cos EVERYTHING is so darn good!!!!!
Dan C
wellington lonestar rocks like a rodeo!!
jackie k
Favourite restaurant in Christchurch/NZ, love the food and atmosphere! Thanx guys! Sara :D.
Sara D
Doesn't matter where you are If you just follow that Star You'll find a meal that can't be beat Lone Star - My all time favourite place to eat!
Lisa W
The other day I had the best dinna eva and my wife 'nd kids say we should come here more oftn. I agree kuz your ribz are da best nd tasty as. I fink we will come back here next week. Cheers bro.
Tyreece H
I eat all ur food till u have nein left + da riebs. r gudd =)
Faiekkk E
Om nomnom good now i run out door watch me
Trolll m
Give me a feed of RIBS anyday boy. that feed is MACHINE!
Sutty S
Love the food and service, great times. Not so cool that everytime I look on grab a meal all the Christchurch deals are gone. Always! Cheers, Tomo
Tomo T
Any time of the year, Any celebrations... Or just cause you been hanging out for a good meal , good atmosphere, staff =D lonestar is def the place to be .
amber r
the best ribs i have had in a while! great staff !! now fave place to eat in town!
merewalesi v
snippets of sob stories, concerns &happiness :D * stoked-six60 r heading sth soon * sad-parent's jack russells got put down *amazed -lonestar's nacho's r jam packd with unexpectedness. YUS! ❤ ♕
Kylie T
L ovely, friendly staff O h how I love the food! N eat atmosphere E nticing menu S crumptious sauces T asty buffalo chips A favourite place to dine R ich, but oh so delicious banoffie pie
Rachel R
Go to lone star atleast twice a month, never dissapointed!
Alice S
We dined at Lone Star Rotorua and found the service, presentation, meals and overall experience the best restaurant we've ever been too. Awesome Lone Star....keep it up!!!!
Karyn K
Go Ahead, Make My Day! ....(and my kids and my hubbys)
Elizabeth S
No lips, Big sips...Now for some more sticky good Ribs......
Haley A
I love the coleslaw
Belinda B